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Big colleges where alumni struggle to pay their loans

  • 50 big colleges where alumni struggle to pay their loans

    In 1789, U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin famously penned the following in a letter to the French physicist Jean Baptiste Le Roy: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In contemporary times, the expression has been colloquially adapted to serve as a placeholder for any third thing which can be deemed “certain” in life, and in the year 2018, it can be said that nothing in this world can be certain except death, taxes, and student debt.

    Approximately 7 in 10 college graduates leave their school with an average of more than $37,000 in student debt, money which could otherwise be put toward a down payment on a home, a new car, or important early-stage capital in growing a startup. Though this national average is a good marker for the state of student debt at the national level, it is a phenomenon that varies greatly from school to school.

    Using data from Department of Education’s College Scorecard, Stacker compiled a list of the 50 big colleges where alumni struggle most heavily in paying back their student loans. For the purposes of this story, Stacker only considered schools with more than 5,000 undergraduate degree-seeking students that offer bachelor’s degrees, and disregarded online-only colleges. Colleges with online degree plans in addition to full-time students were included. The colleges are ranked according to their respective seven-year repayment rates, or the percentage of graduates who have at least $1 toward their loan principal within seven years of graduation, with the schools yielding the lowest repayment rates higher on the list. Read on to see which major universities’ graduates have the most difficulty absolving their debt.

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  • #50. University of Michigan-Flint

    Location: Flint, MI
    7-year repayment rate: 68.54%
    Median debt: $27,000
    Undergraduate population: 6,255
    Admissions rate: 73.58%


  • #49. Georgia State University

    Location: Atlanta, GA
    7-year repayment rate: 68.28%
    Median debt: $23,699
    Undergraduate population: 24,421
    Admissions rate: 56.65%


  • #48. City University of New York (CUNY) Lehman College

    Location: Bronx, NY
    7-year repayment rate: 68.26%
    Median debt: $10,200
    Undergraduate population: 9,874
    Admissions rate: 29.95%


  • #47. Thomas Edison State University

    Location: Trenton, NJ
    7-year repayment rate: 68.25%
    Median debt: $10,750
    Undergraduate population: 12,283
    Admissions rate: N/A


  • #46. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Location: New York, NY
    7-year repayment rate: 68.01%
    Median debt: $10,000
    Undergraduate population: 12,545
    Admissions rate: 36.55%


  • #45. Baker College

    Location: Flint, MI
    7-year repayment rate: 67.66%
    Median debt: $23,971.50
    Undergraduate population: 22,816
    Admissions rate: N/A


  • #44. Marshall University

    Location: Huntington, WV
    7-year repayment rate: 67.5%
    Median debt: $23,134.50
    Undergraduate population: 8,780
    Admissions rate: 87.9%


  • #43. Valencia College

    Location: Orlando, FL
    7-year repayment rate: 67.06%
    Median debt: $8,250
    Undergraduate population: 37,925
    Admissions rate: N/A


  • #42. Texas A&M University-Commerce

    Location: Commerce, TX
    7-year repayment rate: 66.72%
    Median debt: $20,514.50
    Undergraduate population: 7,857
    Admissions rate: 47.44%


  • #41. Florida State College at Jacksonville

    Location: Jacksonville, FL
    7-year repayment rate: 66.64%
    Median debt: $10,500
    Undergraduate population: 21,565
    Admissions rate: N/A