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Breweries to try this summer in every state

  • Breweries to try this summer in every state

    Hot, humid, muggy summer days call for one thing: a cool, crisp beer shared with friends, preferably over a plate of great food. As more and more craft breweries open across the U.S., it can become increasingly hard to distinguish good from great, and average from awesome.

    Stacker has done the work and dissected hundreds of beer and brewery reviews, beer championship awards, and expert feedback to recommend the breweries worth checking out this summer in every state. From microbreweries obsessed with IPAs, to breweries helping save Sumatran tigers, and world record-breaking beer gardens, Stacker has located and listed every brewery worth a look during this hot season.

    Familiar with the beer scene in your own state? Read on to see if your own local favorite has made the list, and pick out a few new names to try!

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  • Alabama: Avondale Brewing Co.

    Located in a Birmingham building that has previously hosted a bank, firehouse, and secret bordello, Avondale Brewing Co. was ranked one of the best local breweries in 2015 by Birmingham Magazine. Their flagship Belgian-style farmhouse ale is affectionately named Spring Street—after the main thoroughfare in Birmingham’s historic Avondale neighborhood—and is brewed with a unique combination of house yeast, a four malt blend, and Slovenian hops.


  • Alaska: Anchorage Brewing Company

    With three of the top 10 rated brews from Alaska, Anchorage Brewing Company is not one to miss visiting if you find yourself in the U.S.’s most northern state. Situated in Anchorage, this brewery is best known for their barrel fermentation with brettanomyces and souring cultures—producing beer that combines the best of new and old brewing techniques. This is particularly present in their most popular brew, A Deal with the Devil: a barleywine style beer aged eleven months in Cognac barrels and brewed with galaxy hops.


  • Arizona: Helio Basin Brewing Co.

    Hailing from Phoenix, Helio Basin Brewing Co. was named one of the best local breweries in the U.S. in 2017. Their signature 602 brew boasts crisp, clear notes—a beer brewed specifically for hot summer days.


  • Arkansas: Ozark Beer Company

    Founded by two former summer raft guides, Ozark Beer Company has become one of the most successful brewing companies in Arkansas, and is a name that is recognized in most major beer distributors across the U.S. Consistently ranked high for the brews, Ozark is found in Rogers and is known for their American Double/Imperial Stout, BDCS.


  • California: Stone Brewing

    Award-winning powerhouse brewery Stone Brewing cannot be missed. Found in San Diego, Stone is known for their hops, high alcohol content, and very strong-tasting beers. Named “Best Brewery in California,” their IPA is popular nationwide with its strong hops and crisp notes.  



  • Colorado: Avery Brewing Co.

    Avery Brewing Co. was one of the U.S.’s first craft brewers, housed originally inside the city of Boulder. Due to demand and the influx of visitors, this award-winning brewery has since moved out to Gunbarrel, a few minutes away from its original home. While all of their brews are notable in their own right, Avery’s White Rascal has received accolades time and time again—helping to secure this brewery a spot on the list of the best breweries in the U.S.


  • Connecticut: Connecticut: Thimble Island Brewing Company

    Opening their doors in 2012 with two untrained brewmasters at the helm, Thimble Island Brewing Company has exceeded expectations and has quickly become a favorite of the state. As the largest self-producing microbrewery in Connecticut, Thimble Island currently offers four staple brews—including their noteworthy flagship American Ale, an original amber.


  • Delaware: Dogfish Head

    Dogfish Head is another American household name, known for their Dogfish 60 Minute IPA and consistently pleasing brews that can be found in grocery stores and beer distributors nationwide. Located in Milton, Dogfish Head continues to top the rankings, expand their production, and supply beers and brews to over 30 states.


  • Florida: Cycle Brewing

    Found in St. Petersburg, Cycle Brewing is sure to quench your thirst on those hot, muggy Florida days. Their owner Doug Dozark’s perfectionism has lead the company to six world-ranked imperial stouts, and plans to continue their progress by continuing their award-winning staple beers and limited releases.


  • Georgia: Reformation Brewery

    Tired of overly sweet, fruity craft beers or flavor combinations that start to fall outside the normal realm of beer? Reformation Brewery is definitely for you. Located in Atlanta, Reformation opened their doors in 2015 to bring the focus back to European-style beers, with an emphasis on quality that has brought their Belgian-style ale Cadence awards and recognition