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Top 100 country songs of all time

  • #10. 'Daddy Sang Bass' by Johnny Cash

    - Artist: Johnny Cash
    - Billboard rank: #10

    This 1986 hit is the most successful of Johnny Cash’s melancholy songs. The narrator’s family attempts to stay close, despite the passing of his brother. It stayed #1 on the country charts for six weeks.

  • #9. 'Amazed' by Lonestar

    - Artist: Lonestar
    - Billboard rank: #9

    The country group Lone Star’s 1999 hit spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard country chart. A remix of the song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single is a powerful declaration of a man’s love for his romantic partner, whose every move leaves him “amazed.” 

  • #8. 'Somebody Like You' by Keith Urban

    - Artist: Keith Urban
    - Billboard rank: #8

    Keith Urban’s 2002 single, which Billboard dubbed the #1 country song of the first decade of the 21st century, is a simple love song. The narrator has finally found a woman who makes him forget about life's troubles.

  • #7. 'Convoy' by C. W. McCall

    - Artist: C. W. McCall
    - Billboard rank: #7

    C. W. McCall’s 1975 song hit #1 on both country and pop charts. The song, laced with trucker slang, follows a group of truck drivers through a protest.


  • #6. 'Love's Gonna Live Here' by Buck Owens

    - Artist: Buck Owens
    - Billboard rank: #6

    Buck Owens’ 1963 hit held the top spot for 16 weeks, a record that stood for a jaw-dropping 49 years. The song follows the narrator’s recovery from a breakup, and excitement about falling in love in the future.

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  • #5. 'There Goes My Everything' by Jack Greene

    - Artist: Jack Greene
    - Billboard rank: #5

    Jack Greene’s song about a tough breakup peaked at #65 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966 and spent seven weeks at the top of the country chart.

  • #4. 'Take Your Time' by Sam Hunt

    - Artist: Sam Hunt
    - Billboard rank: #4

    This 2014 recording became Hunt's second consecutive single to reach #1 on the country charts. The narrator seeks a romantic encounter with someone he meets in a crowd.

  • #3. 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes

    - Artist: Hunter Hayes
    - Billboard rank: #3

    Hunter Hayes broke a record held since 1973 as the youngest male artist to reach #1 when “Wanted” topped the Hot Country Songs chart. His second single, a love song, helped him win the CMA award for Best New Artist in 2012.

  • #2. 'Walk On By' by Leroy Van Dyke

    - Artist: Leroy Van Dyke
    - Billboard rank: #2

    Leroy Van Dyke’s most successful song spent 37 weeks on the country chart in 1961, with a record-breaking 19 in the #1 spot. It was one of the first country-rock songs that inspired bands like The Eagles.


  • #1. 'Cruise' by Florida Georgia Line

    - Artist: Florida Georgia Line
    - Billboard rank: #1

    The duo’s 2012 single set an all-time record of 56 weeks on the country charts, tying Taylor Swift’s record. The remix, which featured rapper Nelly, hit #6 on the Hot 100. In 2013, “Cruise” became the best-selling song by a country duo in digital history.

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