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Top 100 country songs of all time

  • #40. 'Ain't Nothing 'Bout You' by Brooks & Dunn

    - Artist: Brooks & Dunn
    - Billboard rank: #40

    This romantic single, a sharp departure from the duo’s usual honky-tonk style, spent six weeks at the top of the country charts. "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You" even crossed over to the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001.

  • #39. 'You're The Only World I Know' by Sonny James

    - Artist: Sonny James
    - Billboard rank: #39

    This 1965 declaration of love was Sonny James’ second #1 single, and it kicked off a decade of popularity. From 1965 to 1974, 22 of James’ songs reached #1—including a string of 16 straight hits.

  • #38. 'Rose Garden' by Lynn Anderson

    - Artist: Lynn Anderson
    - Billboard rank: #38

    Lynn Anderson’s 1970 recording of Billy Joe Royal’s 1967 song has an unlikely success story. Anderson had to fight to record it, because critics thought of it as a “man’s song.” Her single reached the top of the country charts, then crossed over to the pop charts, where it peaked at #3.

  • #37. 'Watching You' by Rodney Atkins

    - Artist: Rodney Atkins
    - Billboard rank: #37

    This heartwarming, upbeat song about a father's close relationship with his child was named the #1 song of 2007 on Billboard's year-end chart. 

  • #36. 'Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys' by Sara Evans and Deana Carter

    - Artist: Sara Evans and Deana Carter
    - Billboard rank: #36

    Though the song was originally recorded in 1973 and has been covered by several country stars to-date, it’s the 2003 Sara Evans and Deana Carter version that climbed the charts. The song serves as a warning to the loved ones of cowboys, while also paying tribute to the hardships of the job. 

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  • #35. 'Don't Blink' by Kenny Chesney

    - Artist: Kenny Chesney
    - Billboard rank: #35

    “Don’t Blink” is Kenny Chesney’s 13th #1 country hit. The song tells the tale of an encounter with an elderly man, who is sharing the secret to a fulfilling life.

  • #34. 'This Is How We Roll' by Florida Georgia Line (featuring Luke Bryan)

    - Artist: Florida Georgia Line (featuring Luke Bryan)
    - Billboard rank: #34

    This 2012 party anthem combines the vocal talents of up-and-coming country legends Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan, who went on to win the CMA's coveted "Entertainer of the Year" award in 2014 and 2015. "This Is How We Roll" reached #1 on the country charts, and even cracked the Billboard Hot 100's top 15 songs.

  • #33. 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere' by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett

    - Artist: Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett
    - Billboard rank: #33

    This 2003 duet between two musical legends won the CMA's "Vocal Event of the Year," and was named the #3 song of the decade on Billboard's country chart. The song is about friends at work who leave early to start drinking, because "it's 5 o'clock somewhere."

  • #32. 'Islands In The Stream' by Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton

    - Artist: Kenny Rogers duet with Dolly Parton
    - Billboard rank: #32

    This popular 1983 duet topped the Billboard Hot 100, and was one of the best-selling singles of the year. A pop crossover, the song follows the course of a couple’s fiery relationship, and was written and produced by the Bee Gees. 

  • #31. 'Give Me Wings' by Michael Johnson

    - Artist: Michael Johnson
    - Billboard rank: #31

    “Give Me Wings” was Michael Johnson’s third country hit, and his first of two hit country singles. The song is about a man whose love needs more space, to his dismay. 

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