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Most conservative colleges in America

  • #30. Harding University

    - Location: Searcy, AR
    - Students: 3,945 (student to faculty ratio: 14:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 72% (ACT: 22-28; SAT: 1050-1280)
    - Tuition: $19,385
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 67%; six year median earnings: $38,600

    The largest private university in Arkansas, Harding University is associated with the Churches of Christ. The university requires students to attend morning chapel services, to complete eight credit hours of Bible studies, and to take a Bible study class if the student has eight credit hours of courses scheduled in a single semester. Individuals of opposite genders are banned from being in the same dorm room at the same time under any circumstance, extramarital or homosexual sex is prohibited, and alcohol consumption is not allowed on campus.

  • #29. Oklahoma Baptist University

    - Location: Shawnee, OK
    - Students: 1,835 (student to faculty ratio: 15:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 65% (ACT: 20-26; SAT: 960-1150)
    - Tuition: $26,840
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 59%; six year median earnings: $37,700

    Oklahoma Baptist University is a private Baptist liberal arts college owned by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Unlike other religious schools, Oklahoma Baptist University requires freshman to take a course in ancient Greek and sophomores to take a 12-credit-hours series of courses on the history and literature of Western society from Rome to the present. Literature Prof. Benjamin Myers defended the requirement, writing, “Knowledge of Western civilization—a true knowledge of its change and continuity over time—gives the student room to breathe intellectually, morally, spiritually, and emotionally. It frees the student from the tyranny of the moment, from merely fashionable, inevitably superficial ways of being in the world.”

  • #28. Crown College

    - Location: Saint Bonifacius, MN
    - Students: 698 (student to faculty ratio: 19:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 51% (ACT: 18-25; SAT: 830-1100)
    - Tuition: $25,430
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 67%; six year median earnings: $32,800

    Crown University is a small private Christian college west of Minneapolis. Affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, among the most popular majors are biblical studies and religious education.

  • #27. Tarleton State University

    - Location: Stephenville, TX
    - Students: 8,429 (student to faculty ratio: 19:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 50% (ACT: 18-23; SAT: 950-1130)
    - Tuition: $7,367 (in-state); $17,111 (out-of-state)
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 46%; six year median earnings: $41,600

    A public state school affiliated with the Texas A&M University system, Tarleton State University is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. Despite having transgender-friendly policies on campus, members of the LGBTQ+ community have argued that the school's environment has made them feel unwelcome.

  • #26. Palm Beach Atlantic University

    - Location: West Palm Beach, FL
    - Students: 2,350 (student to faculty ratio: 12:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 97% (ACT: 20-26; SAT: 980-1200)
    - Tuition: $29,950
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 53%; six year median earnings: $39,400

    A private Christian university, Palm Beach Atlantic University was founded in 1968 by the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach. While the school is no longer affiliated with the church, students must attend chapel services 24 times a year.

  • #25. Grove City College

    - Location: Grove City, PA
    - Students: 2,315 (student to faculty ratio: 13:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 80% (ACT: 23-32; SAT: 1070-1250)
    - Tuition: $17,254
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 83%; six year median earnings: data not available

    A former teacher's college, Grove City College is a nondenominational Christian liberal arts school. Students are required to attend 16 chapel services per semester, and the school is regularly affiliated with conservative and libertarian think tanks.

  • #24. Lee University

    - Location: Cleveland, TN
    - Students: 3,854 (student to faculty ratio: 16:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 85% (ACT: 21-28; SAT: 1000-1240)
    - Tuition: $16,730
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 52%; six year median earnings: $33,600

    A part of the Appalachian College Association, Lee University is a Christ-centered, private institution that offers its students undergraduate and graduate programs both on campus and through distance learning. Lee University is committed to the “conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal religious position of its sponsoring denomination,” the Church of God International Offices in Cleveland, Tn. Part of the school’s mission statement notes “the foundational purpose of all educational programs at Lee is to develop within the students knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability, and skills which will prepare them for responsible Christian living in a complex world.”

  • #23. Anderson University - South Carolina

    - Location: Anderson, SC
    - Students: 2,550 (student to faculty ratio: 17:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 79% (ACT: 21-26; SAT: 1040-1230)
    - Tuition: $26,970
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 57%; six year median earnings: $34,300

    A highly selective private school, Anderson University is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. The school requires students to take two Bible courses to graduate: “Introduction to the Bible” and “The Teachings of Jesus.”

  • #22. Southeastern University

    - Location: Lakeland, FL
    - Students: 4,288 (student to faculty ratio: 17:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 53% (ACT: 18-24; SAT: 950-1170)
    - Tuition: $25,360
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 40%; six year median earnings: $33,200

    A private Christian university, Southeastern University first started in Alabama as Southeastern Bible Institute before relocating to Florida. It is the largest Assemblies of God school currently in operation in the United States.

  • #21. University of North Georgia

    - Location: Dahlonega, GA
    - Students: 12,712 (student to faculty ratio: 19:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 78% (ACT: 20-25; SAT: 910-1130)
    - Tuition: $5,569 (in-state); $19,657 (out-of-state)
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 29%; six year median earnings: $40,600

    A public university in the University of Georgia system, the University of North Georgia is one of the six senior military colleges in the nation. Military tradition has it that “Reveille” is played every day at 7 a.m. on campus, during which all on campus are expected to face the flag; “Retreat/To the Colors” is played each day at 5 p.m. when everyone engaged in outdoor activities must stop to salute the flag.

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