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Most conservative colleges in America

  • #20. Weber State University

    - Location: Ogden, UT
    - Students: 11,311 (student to faculty ratio: 21:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 100% (ACT: data not available; SAT: data not available)
    - Tuition: $4,892 (in-state); $14,679 (out-of-state)
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 33%; six year median earnings: $43,300

    A public university located north of Salt Lake City, Weber State University was founded by, but is not currently affiliated with, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its closeness to Salt Lake City and history with the church makes it popular with LDS members.

  • #19. University of Mississippi

    - Location: University, MS
    - Students: 17,511 (student to faculty ratio: 18:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 84% (ACT: 22-29; SAT: 1070-1290)
    - Tuition: $8,300 (in-state); $23,564 (out-of-state)
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 60%; six year median earnings: $41,100

    Located in Oxford, “Ole Miss” is Mississippi's largest university. A part of the university is its struggle with its Confederate history. Since 1997, the university has been engaged in rebranding its image, including removing the Confederate flag and use of the mascot “Colonel Reb” from its stadium, and banning the playing of “Dixie” by its marching band. Still, race remains a divisive issue on the campus.

  • #18. Evangel University

    - Location: Springfield, MO
    - Students: 1,461 (student to faculty ratio: 15:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 99% (ACT: 19-25; SAT: 960-1200)
    - Tuition: $10,750
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 48%; six year median earnings: $34,400

    The Assemblies of God-affiliated Evangel University is a private Christian university with a seminary on campus. It is the nation's first Pentecostal school of arts and sciences.

  • #17. Southwestern Assemblies of God University

    - Location: Waxahachie, TX
    - Students: 1,492 (student to faculty ratio: 16:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 28% (ACT: 17-24; SAT: 900-1080)
    - Tuition: $19,994
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 44%; six year median earnings: $33,200

    The last Assemblies of God university remaining in Texas, Southwestern Assemblies of God University is a private Christian university in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. The school offers degrees in liberal arts, Bible studies, and Assemblies of God ministries. The school's mascot is Judah the Lion, a play on the “Lion of Judah,” a Jewish national symbol thought to symbolize the tribe of Judah.

  • #16. Cornerstone University

    - Location: Grand Rapids, MI
    - Students: 1,260 (student to faculty ratio: 15:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 67% (ACT: 19-25; SAT: 920-1160)
    - Tuition: $25,360
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 53%; six year median earnings: $36,400

    A nondenominational Christian university, Cornerstone University was once the Baptist Bible Institute. Cornerstone has a seminary program on campus. However, what makes the school noteworthy is an open and public adherence to Christian ideology. It is not uncommon to see public praying in the quad, and most school activities center around faith.

  • #15. Samford University

    - Location: Birmingham, AL
    - Students: 3,266 (student to faculty ratio: 12:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 83% (ACT: 23-29; SAT: 1080-1280)
    - Tuition: $30,490
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 76%; six year median earnings: $46,300

    Originally known as Howard College, Samford University is a Christian college. With a divinity school on campus, Samford is a high-ranking school on the national “Best Value” charts. The student body is 82% white, 62% Republican, and 46% conservative, per Niche data.

  • #14. Oklahoma Christian University

    - Location: Edmond, OK
    - Students: 1,846 (student to faculty ratio: 14:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 63% (ACT: 20-27; SAT: 990-1220)
    - Tuition: $21,670
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 54%; six year median earnings: $36,800

    The Christian liberal arts university Oklahoma Central University started out as Central Christian College by the founder of Florida Christian College. All students must take at least 16 credit hours of Bible studies to graduate. Students also must adhere to the “Oklahoma Christian Covenant,” which calls for the school community to be a Christian one, despite being open to all faiths. Daily church service is mandatory.

  • #13. Ouachita Baptist University

    - Location: Arkadelphia, AR
    - Students: 1,500 (student to faculty ratio: 12:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 71% (ACT: 21-28; SAT: 1020-1260)
    - Tuition: $25,870
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 64%; six year median earnings: $38,400

    Arkansas Baptist State Convention-affiliated Baptist college Ouachita Baptist University requires unmarried students under the age of 22 to live on campus, unless they have family in the area. Visits to rooms of students of opposite sex are limited to specific hours, and national fraternities and sororities are not allowed on campus.

  • #12. LeTourneau University

    - Location: Longview, TX
    - Students: 1,301 (student to faculty ratio: 12:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 47% (ACT: 21-28; SAT: 1060-1310)
    - Tuition: $29,320
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 60%; six year median earnings: $47,700

    An interdenominational Christian school, LeTourneau University has distinguished itself by having both a commitment to scientific research and biblical scholarship, which works as a cohesive curriculum. The school requires from nine to 12 hours of theological studies. It is also one of the few religiously based schools to offer online courses.

  • #11. Oral Roberts University

    - Location: Tulsa, OK
    - Students: 2,866 (student to faculty ratio: 15:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 93% (ACT: 20-26; SAT: 990-1210)
    - Tuition: $26,792
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 57%; six year median earnings: $34,900

    An evangelical university, Oral Roberts University was founded in 1965. LGBTQ activities are officially against the school's honor code and the school has received large endowments from the family of Mart Green, founders of Hobby Lobby. The company was a party in the U.S. Supreme Court case Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, which allowed an exemption from the employer requirement to fund insurance policies that provide emergency contraceptives on the grounds of religious freedom.

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