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Most conservative colleges in America

  • #10. Biola University

    - Location: La Mirada, CA
    - Students: 3,882 (student to faculty ratio: 14:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 72% (ACT: 21-28; SAT: 1060-1300)
    - Tuition: $40,488
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 73%; six year median earnings: $43,100

    Biola University is an evangelical Christian university near Los Angeles. Standing for the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Biola not only maintains four university centers—the Center for Christian Thought; the Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts; the Center for Marriage and Relationships; and the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Today—but it also has a center for messianic Jewish studies in New York City. In addition, the university offers an online database for the sharing of videos and learning materials on academic material from a Christian perspective.

  • #9. Maranatha Baptist University

    - Location: Watertown, WI
    - Students: 591 (student to faculty ratio: 11:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 73% (ACT: 20-25; SAT: 1080-1260)
    - Tuition: $21,910
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 50%; six year median earnings: $31,600

    A small Baptist university in Wisconsin, Maranatha Baptist University requires students under the age of 23 to live on campus, unless commuting or living with their parents. Daily church services are a part of campus life and the university has a college conservative club, but no equivalent for liberal or progressive views.

  • #8. Utah State University

    - Location: Logan, UT
    - Students: 17,188 (student to faculty ratio: 20:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 89% (ACT: 21-27; SAT: 1000-1220)
    - Tuition: $7,870 (in-state); $21,520 (out-of-state)
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 50%; six year median earnings: $42,400

    A public land grant university, Utah State University is the most conservative non-religiously affiliated university on this list. The high population of Mormon students, however, plus the presence of the largest non-regular curriculum seminary in the United States and no Greek system on campus, offer a conservative college atmosphere.

  • #7. Colorado Christian University

    - Location: Lakewood, CO
    - Students: 1,840 (student to faculty ratio: 16:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 94% (ACT: data not available; SAT: data not available)
    - Tuition: $21,856
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 50%; six year median earnings: $36,900

    Originally known as the Denver Bible Institute, the interdenominational Colorado Christian University requires traditional undergraduate students to sign a “Lifestyle Covenant.” This covenant requires students to attend church services, to stay in compliance to all laws, and to engage in behavior cohesive to community living. Violation of the covenant is subject to immediate suspension or expulsion.

  • #6. Franciscan University of Steubenville

    - Location: Steubenville, OH
    - Students: 2,011 (student to faculty ratio: 14:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 83% (ACT: 23-28; SAT: 1080-1300)
    - Tuition: $26,430
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 78%; six year median earnings: $36,100

    The Rev. Sean Sheridan, president of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, resigned after it was reported that the school initially offered support to an English professor who assigned a pornographic book to his graduate course in 2018. The argument, that the assignment could help students deal with their faith by showing two sides of an issue, was silenced by later news that Sheridan's office tried to stifle staff from speaking about the issue to the media. This reflected the attitude of the Catholic university, where the human life studies minor explores aspects of the “Culture of Death”—a concept suggested by Pope John Paul II that opposes “sexual irresponsibility,” a reference to LGBTQ+ sexuality.

  • #5. Bob Jones University

    - Location: Greenville, SC
    - Students: 2,306 (student to faculty ratio: 13:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 86% (ACT: 20-27; SAT: 960-1180)
    - Tuition: $16,500
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 67%; six year median earnings: data not available

    Founded by evangelist Bob Jones Sr. in the 1920s during the Presbyterian Church's Fundamentalist-Modernist schism, Bob Jones University was created specifically to combat secularism in higher education. A traditionally conservative school, the university has spawned controversy by embracing accreditation only recently, having an interracial dating ban as late as 2000, previously supporting racial segregation, and actively engaging in Republican politics. Possession of pornography, alcohol, or drugs, or demonstrating for a cause the university does not support, are all grounds for expulsion.

  • #4. Cedarville University

    - Location: Cedarville, OH
    - Students: 3,109 (student to faculty ratio: 14:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 71% (ACT: 23-29; SAT: 1130-1350)
    - Tuition: $30,070
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 72%; six year median earnings: $40,200

    A private Baptist university in Ohio, Cedarville University distinguishes itself by requiring all students to take a 15-credit-hour minor in Bible studies, as well as attend weekday church services. The university's academic freedom policy strictly controls the media, literature, and art used in classrooms and on campus, which has led some to call the rules censorship.

  • #3. Brigham Young University

    - Location: Provo, UT
    - Students: 28,156 (student to faculty ratio: 20:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 52% (ACT: 27-32; SAT: 1210-1410)
    - Tuition: $5,620
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 83%; six year median earnings: $56,800

    Fully owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young University is known for its strict honor code, prohibiting extramarital sex, profanity, tobacco, caffeine, tea, alcohol, and recreational drugs. The school also mandates courses in Bible studies, in LDS scripture and doctrine, and in church history.

  • #2. Brigham Young University - Idaho

    - Location: Rexburg, ID
    - Students: 17,230 (student to faculty ratio: 25:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 95% (ACT: 20-25; SAT: 990-1180)
    - Tuition: $4,018
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 59%; six year median earnings: $39,900

    Previously known as Ricks College, Brigham Young University-Idaho adheres to the same Latter-day Saints code of conduct for its students as the original Brigham Young University. The rules include strict adherence to a dress code, no extramarital sex, an no recreational use of drugs or alcohol. Since almost all of the university's students are members of the LDS church and all students must receive an ecclesiastical endorsement to enroll, the school maintains a religious atmosphere.

  • #1. Liberty University

    - Location: Lynchburg, VA
    - Students: 26,892 (student to faculty ratio: 18:1)
    - Acceptance rate: 30% (ACT: 21-27; SAT: 1040-1240)
    - Tuition: $21,310
    - Outcomes: graduation rate: 47%; six year median earnings: $35,200

    The evangelical Christian university Liberty University was co-founded by Southern Baptist evangelist-turned-political-advocate Jerry Falwell. First-year students are required to take three Bible studies courses, and the university's honor code prohibits premarital sex and interactions between members of the opposite sex in private. The university is also known for teaching creationism alongside evolutionary biology, and for having strong anti-LGBT policies.

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