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World's most dangerous countries

  • World's most dangerous countries

    Violence and possible dangers often lead news coverage of foreign countries, but just how treacherous are the most dangerous countries in the world? How many threats are real versus how many are only perceived as real? Whether you are looking to travel or move, researching the safety of your destination can help you stay protected, giving you the chance to enjoy the experience without worrying.

    Using data from Gallup’s Law and Order Index, Stacker compiled a list of the world’s most dangerous countries. More than 148,000 adults from 142 countries took the poll in 2017. Questions included experiences with theft and assault, confidence in the local police force, and feelings of safety at night. Each country was then given a score based on respondent answers.

    From countries recovering after deadly outbreaks of disease to those with decades-long civil wars and unruly police, read on to discover more about the world’s most dangerous countries. Stacker begins the list in Eastern Europe with Belarus.

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  • #68. Belarus (tie)

    Law and order index score: 77

    The landlocked Eastern European country of Belarus declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. According to World Nomads, petty theft is a problem for travelers.

  • #68. Bulgaria (tie)

    Law and order index score: 77

    The Orthodox Christian nation of Bulgaria sits north of Greece. More tourists visit the country each year than there are local citizens. The country is governed by a democratically elected president and parliamentary republic.

  • #68. Tanzania (tie)

    Law and order index score: 77

    According to the BBC, Tanzania has a stable political system despite a lagging economy. The East African nation can be dangerous for tourists who travel alone or who visit the countries borders.

  • #68. Turkey (tie)

    Law and order index score: 77

    Turkey is known for its delicious food. Following the 2016 coup attempt, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has cracked down on dissent in the country, meaning political-based violence is possible. The nation is also under threat from attacks by the Islamic State because of its Kurdish population and shared border with Syria.

  • #67. Latvia

    Law and order index score: 76

    Latvia gained independence in 1991 and is a member of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Eastern European country bordering Russia, is one of the world’s most dangerous places to drive. The number of road deaths in Latvia was 60% higher than the European Union average in 2016.

  • #66. Tunisia

    Law and order index score: 75

    The North African country of Tunisia is home to the ancient city of Carthage. Tunisia was part of the Arab Spring in 2011, which removed its president from power. Since, the country has been relatively peaceful, though the country is still under state of emergency after a 2015 suicide bombing. The most volatile parts of the country are near its borders.

  • #63. Greece (tie)

    Law and order index score: 74

    The Mediterranean country of Greece faces difficult economic issues, stemming from a debt crisis beginning in the 2000s. According to Safe Around, violent crime is low in the country, though petty theft is high due to the economic hardships Greeks face. The U.S. State Department warns against attending protests that often occur in cities like Athens.

  • #63. Pakistan (tie)

    Law and order index score: 74

    Pakistan struggles with a sluggish economy, which cannot meet the needs of the labor force. The country is a volatile place because of its ongoing border war with neighboring India and the terrorist networks present in the country.

  • #63. Niger (tie)

    Law and order index score: 74

    Niger’s political independence is unstable. The country is also part of a coordinated effort to stop the terrorist group Boko Haram, which makes Niger a target for retaliation. The United Kingdom advises against all travel to the northern parts of the country due to concerns of kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

  • #58. Zimbabwe (tie)

    Law and order index score: 73

    Former President Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for nearly 40 years with impunity and corruption. The country’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa is party of Mugabe’s party and is associated with a bloody history of crackdowns on political dissent. Travelers are advised not to go out at night because crime rates are high and police presence is minimal.

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