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Least fit cities in America

  • Least fit cities in America

    The fitness industry in the United States is booming, with more than 57 million people working out at 36,540 heath and fitness clubs across the country. The total revenue for the industry topped out at $27.6 billion in 2016 and is expected to hit $87.5 billion globally in 2018.

    Despite these dramatic numbers, not all cities across the U.S. are following the trend. The American Fitness Index (AFI) ranked 100 of the largest cities in the U.S. from most to least healthy using an index that included personal and environmental health factors. While some places boast a supremely healthy population, others fall behind on the curve due to lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, and the resulting obesity-related health conditions. Environment also comes into play, with the study factoring in a city’s walk score, options for public transportation, and number of farmers markets. Learn all about the methodology here.

    Stacker took the bottom 50 cities from this list and ranked them from most unhealthy to least. To come up with the data, the AFI provided the overall index score, the personal health score, and the community health score for each city. Read on to find out where your city stacks up.

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  • #50. Garland, TX

    2018 Fitness Index score: 48.9

    City population: 234,588

    Personal health score: 61.9

    Community health score: 34.2

  • #49. New York, NY

    2018 Fitness Index score: 48.6

    City population: 8,537,673

    Personal health score: 43

    Community health score: 54.9

  • #48. Hialeah, FL

    2018 Fitness Index score: 48.2

    City population: 236,385

    Personal health score: 59.1

    Community health score: 36

  • #47. Irving, TX

    2018 Fitness Index score: 48.1

    City population: 238,284

    Personal health score: 53.7

    Community health score: 41.9

  • #46. Richmond, VA

    2018 Fitness Index score: 47.7

    City population: 223,170

    Personal health score: 31.2

    Community health score: 66.3

  • #45. Fort Worth, TX

    2018 Fitness Index score: 47.6

    City population: 855,897

    Personal health score: 63.1

    Community health score: 30.2

  • #44. St. Louis, MO

    2018 Fitness Index score: 47.4

    City population: 311,404

    Personal health score: 29.7

    Community health score: 67.2

  • #43. Glendale, AZ

    2018 Fitness Index score: 47.3

    City population: 245,849

    Personal health score: 52.1

    Community health score: 41.8

  • #42. Charlotte, NC

    2018 Fitness Index score: 47.2

    City population: 842,029

    Personal health score: 64.7

    Community health score: 27.5

  • #41. Houston, TX

    2018 Fitness Index score: 46.9

    City population: 2,304,388

    Personal health score: 51.8

    Community health score: 41.5