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Best cities to get married in America

  • Best cities to get married in America

    Marriage is a major commitment that requires unconditional love, understanding, and an aptitude for listening. Perhaps most intimidating of all, it means an eternal back and forth of “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” But before one ever reaches the landscape of marital dinner decisions, there’s the question of a wedding. There are a million choices to make: the dress, the color scheme, the menu, and whether or not to invite that one problematic relative. And then, of course, there’s the question of location.

    Some couples choose a destination wedding, and for others, staying local and close to family is the priority. Either way, the setting is crucial. It impacts weather—get ready to be flexible, venue options—like these stunners, for instance, and food options—if you’re catering to southerners, do not mess up the potato salad.

    Stacker wants every wedding to be a cloud nine dream day, and has pored over data comparing 182 American cities to find the cheapest, most convenient, high-quality wedding destinations in the country. That data comes from WalletHub, and is based off of three overall criteria (cost, facilities, and local activities or attractions) determined by 23 metrics (venue cost, available entertainment, etc). Come say “I do” to Stacker’s list of the best places to get married in America.

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  • #50. Indianapolis, IN

    Total score: 46.13
    Costs rank: 63
    Facilities and services rank: 55
    Activities and attractions rank: 52

  • #49. Tempe, AZ

    Total score: 46.17
    Costs rank: 61
    Facilities and services rank: 69
    Activities and attractions rank: 42

  • #48. Louisville, KY

    Total score: 46.23
    Costs rank: 39
    Facilities and services rank: 72
    Activities and attractions rank: 54

  • #47. Birmingham, AL

    Total score: 46.68
    Costs rank: 26
    Facilities and services rank: 48
    Activities and attractions rank: 79

  • #46. Tulsa, OK

    Total score: 46.71
    Costs rank: 20
    Facilities and services rank: 96
    Activities and attractions rank: 59

  • #45. Reno, NV

    Total score: 46.79
    Costs rank: 103
    Facilities and services rank: 42
    Activities and attractions rank: 34

  • #44. Kansas City, MO

    Total score: 46.9
    Costs rank: 57
    Facilities and services rank: 68
    Activities and attractions rank: 37

  • #43. Greensboro, NC

    Total score: 46.93
    Costs rank: 2
    Facilities and services rank: 95
    Activities and attractions rank: 103

  • #42. Charlotte, NC

    Total score: 47.93
    Costs rank: 54
    Facilities and services rank: 44
    Activities and attractions rank: 50

  • #41. Columbus, OH

    Total score: 47.95
    Costs rank: 43
    Facilities and services rank: 62
    Activities and attractions rank: 41