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Top LEGO set from the year you were born

  • Top lego set from the year you were born

    The toy bricks known as LEGOs have been a part of practically everyone’s childhood—to this day, LEGOs are still a massive part of the toy industry, with children and collectors alike still seeking the newest, greatest LEGO sets available. Whether these sets create new worlds or are based on existing licensed properties, these tiny plastic bricks have unlocked creative potential from people of every generation.

    We may take LEGOs for granted in this day and age, but the Danish toy company has a long, sometimes troubled history, with company founder Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred working to get their ambitious toy company off the ground. Starting in the early 1930s, the LEGO company began building a legacy that would last for the next eight decades and beyond.

    The LEGO website tells the comprehensive story of the company; with this knowledge, Stacker put together a list of important events in LEGO history from 1932 onward. After the company’s first official LEGO brick set in 1949, the rest of the list pulls information from Brickset and details the top-rated sets from each year. Learn how LEGO’s products have evolved through time—did you have any of these famous sets?

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  • 1932: Ole Kirk Kristiansen starts his business in Billund, Denmark

    Ole Kirk Christiansen was a master carpenter, who began a business in Billund, Denmark, selling wooden toys and household furniture items like ladders, ironing boards, and stools. Christiansen was joined by his son, then 12-year old Godtfred Kirk Christiansen.

  • 1934: LEGO is named

    After two years, the company started by the Christiansens is branded as “LEGO.” The name is formed by the Danish phrase "leg godt," which means “play well.” In Latin, the word means “I put together.”

  • 1935: LEGO creates its first wooden duck

    The first toy under the LEGO name was a wooden duck model on wheels. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen relayed a story where his father would chastise him for not applying enough varnish to the the ducks, expecting a high level of quality.


  • 1936: LEGO gets a motto

    Ole Kirk Christiansen’s motto, “Only the best is good enough,” is adopted by the company. Godtfred cut the motto out of wood and hung it in the company’s workshop.


  • 1937: Godtfred Kirk Christiansen begins creating models

    At age 17, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen began creating models of his own. Having learned the company values from his father, he set his sights on eventual leadership.


  • 1938: Growth continues for LEGO

    Nothing hugely notable occurred in 1938, however, it's clear the company was experiencing growth based on the information included in the next slide. 


  • 1939: The LEGO Factory has 10 employees

    At this point in the company’s history, the LEGO Factory had 10 employees. In 1934, the company only had six or seven.


  • 1940: Godtfred Kirk Christiansen becomes manager at LEGO

    Godtfred Kirk Christiansen became a manager at his father’s company in 1940. This was partially due to his plans to study in Germany being halted by Germany’s occupation in Denmark.


  • 1941: Business as usual for LEGO

    There is no major news to report on from 1941 for the folks at LEGO.

  • 1942: LEGO Factory burns to the ground

    On March 20, 1942, a fire destroyed the LEGO woodworking factory. The major setback discouraged Ole Kirk to the point where he almost chose to not rebuild, but with the support from family and employees, the company resumed toy production by the end of the year.


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