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Most famous actress born the same year as you

  • Most famous actress born the same year as you

    One game that never gets old is guessing the ages of celebrities. Is Sandra Bullock over or under 50? Was Elle Fanning born this century? Learning the age of your favorite stars may surprise and delight you.

    Stacker generated a list of the most famous actress born in each year starting in 1918 using data from IMDb’s STARmeter and filing names through Wikipedia’s monthly page views from November 2017 through October 2018. Stacker analyzed the results of that list to compile a database of the most famous actresses born the same year as you were. Try not to get down on yourself when you find out that Millie Bobby Brown is only 14 years old.

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  • 1918: Rita Hayworth

    Birthday: Oct. 17, 1918 (Died: May 14, 1987)

    Notable work: "Gilda," "Cover Girl," "The Lady from Shanghai," "The Loves of Carmen"

    Acting credits: 65

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 1,514,083

    Rita Hayworth was one of the original bombshells of Hollywood and her career had men catcalling for more than three decades. Hayworth first achieved notoriety as a femme fatale in “Gilda” and her famous hair-flip cemented her as a sex symbol for the ages. Though she never won any major awards—she was only nominated once for a Golden Globe—she still earned the adoration of millions of fans for her iconic roles in “Cover Girl,” “The Lady from Shanghai,” and “The Loves of Carmen,” which coincidentally is her real middle name.    

  • 1919: Eva Gabor

    Birthday: Feb. 11, 1919 (Died: July 4, 1995)

    Notable work: "The Rescuers," "Green Acres," "The Aristocats," "The Rescuers," "Down Under"

    Acting credits: 82

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 432,969

    Eva Gabor is probably best known for her essential role as Lisa Douglas on the hit TV series “Green Acres.” Though one could argue she’s just as famous for marrying five times and for being the sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor. While Eva Gabor never won any major awards, she’ll forever be remembered as the European voice in Disney’s animated classics “The Aristocats” and “The Rescuers.”   

  • 1920: Maureen O'Hara

    Birthday: Aug. 17, 1920 (Died: ‎Oct. 24, 2015)

    Notable work: "The Quiet Man," "Miracle on 34th Street," "The Parent Trap," "Bagdad"

    Acting credits: 65

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 794,856

    Nicknamed “The Queen of Technicolor,” Maureen O’Hara was a red-headed screen heroine who gained fame for a trio of hit films (“Rio Grande,” “The Quiet Man,” and “The Wings of Eagles”) acting with John Wayne. O’Hara starred in more than 50 movies including classics “Miracle on 34th Street” and “The Parent Trap,” and was finally awarded an honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in 2014.  

  • 1921: Lana Turner

    Birthday: Feb. 8, 1921 (Died: June 29, 1995)

    Notable work: "Peyton Place," "The Bad and the Beautiful," "The Postman Always Rings Twice," "Imitation of Life"

    Acting credits: 60

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 847,961

    Lana Turner’s illustrious film career spans 50 years; she wooed audiences with her sultry and stunning performances in classics like “The Bad and the Beautiful," and “The Postman Always Rings Twice." She may be more infamous, however, for her personal life in which she was linked to everyone from Frank Sinatra and Mickey Rooney to Tyrone Power and Sean Connery. Turner's closest brush with award stardom came when she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in “Peyton Place” in 1957.

  • 1922: Betty White

    Birthday: Jan. 17, 1922

    Notable work: "The Proposal," "The Golden Girls," "Lake Placid," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

    Acting credits: 115

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 3,914,756

    While most people might know Betty White from her once-in-a-lifetime role on “The Golden Girls,” what they should really focus on is the fact that she’s been on TV since the 1940s in a career that has spanned more than 80 years with more than 100 credits to her name. White is a five-time Emmy award-winner (“Golden Girls,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and “Saturday Night Live”) and 16-time Emmy nominee. But she’s also won a Grammy, an American Comedy Award, a BAFTA, a People’s Choice Award, multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many others.

  • 1923: Estelle Getty

    Birthday: July 25, 1923 (Died: July 22, 2008)

    Notable work: "The Golden Girls," "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot," "Mannequin," "Stuart Little"

    Acting credits: 35

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 1,093,190

    Another classic actress from “The Golden Girls” fame people might be surprised that Estelle Getty is actually younger than her co-stars Betty White and Beatrice Arthur (she played Bea’s mother on the show). Getty started acting on TV later in life, but she won both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Sophia Petrillo on “The Golden Girls.” Other classic roles include “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,” for which she won a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress, and the lovable Grandma Estelle in “Stuart Little.”   

  • 1924: Lauren Bacall

    Birthday: Sept. 16, 1924 (Died: Aug. 12, 2014)

    Notable work: "To Have and Have Not," "The Big Sleep," "The Mirror Has Two Faces," "Murder on the Orient Express"

    Acting credits: 73

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 1,496,749

    Born Betty Joan Perske, Lauren Bacall started her career as a model before rising to quick fame from her leading role in “To Have and Have Not” in 1944. As a screen siren she captivated audiences in “How to Marry a Millionaire” alongside Marilyn Monroe and as a noir staple in multiple movies like “Key Largo,” “The Big Sleep,” and “Dark Passage” with then husband Humphrey Bogart. Bacall is an Honorary Oscar winner as well as a two-time Golden Globe winner and multiple Emmy Award nominee.  

  • 1925: Angela Lansbury

    Birthday: Oct. 16, 1925

    Notable work: "The Manchurian Candidate," "Anastasia," "Beauty and the Beast," "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"

    Acting credits: 112

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 1,913,510

    Synonymous with her role on “Murder She Wrote,” Angela Lansbury was a giant of the big screen for 40 years before she started solving cases as Jessica Fletcher. Notorious as the overbearing mother in “The Manchurian Candidate”—she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress—Lansbury was also the recipient of an honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement. Because of her decades of work, Queen Elizabeth II made Lansbury a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2014.

  • 1926: Marilyn Monroe

    Birthday: June 1, 1926 (Died: Aug. 5, 1962)

    Notable work: "Some Like It Hot," "The Seven Year Itch," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "The Prince and the Showgirl"

    Acting credits: 33

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 4,814,380

    The ultimate blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, is perhaps the most famous actress from Golden Age of Hollywood. Trading on her extraordinary sex appeal, Monroe starred in classic films like “Some Like it Hot,” “The Seven Year Itch,” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” which judging by box office results was pretty accurate at the time. Monroe won three Golden Globe awards, two of which were Henrietta awards—which are no longer given out—and one for “Some Like it Hot” in 1960.    

  • 1927: Janet Leigh

    Birthday: July 6, 1927 (Died: ‎Oct. 3, 2004)

    Notable work: "Psycho," "The Manchurian Candidate," "The Fog," "Touch of Evil"

    Acting credits: 85

    Wikipedia page views over the past year: 1,079,572

    It’s nearly impossible to forget the notorious shower scene in “Psycho,” just ask Janet Leigh who admitted she was so traumatized that she only took baths thereafter. Leigh, who won a Golden Globe for that role as well as an Oscar nomination, also starred in “The Manchurian Candidate,” “The Fog,” and “Touch of Evil.” Leigh was once married to the famous actor Tony Curtis, whose daughter just so happens to be Jamie Lee Curtis of “Halloween” fame.

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