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Quiz: Do you know your world flags?

  • Do you know your world flags?

    Some flags are easily recognizable the world over—here's looking at you, United Kingdom—but others, not so much. Whether it's a tiny nation whose flag you rarely see or a larger country with unusual iconography or a "special administrative region" that dodges categorization, there are plenty of world flags that fly under the radar. And that's not even counting the surprisingly similar flags, like the nearly identical banners of Chad and Romania or Indonesia and Monaco.

    How well do you really know your world flags? You might think you can recognize them all—or at least the major world powers, anyway—but this slideshow quiz could prove otherwise. Stacker compiled a list of 50 world flags as the ultimate test for trivia lovers. See if you can guess which flag belongs to which nation before clicking through to the answer slide. Anyone who can correctly identify all 50 flags earns some serious bragging rights—at least on social media.

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  • Country #1

    Adopted in 1997, this flag features a white, five-petaled bauhinia flower in the center of a red backdrop. The flower symbolizes harmony, and the color red is also very important to the people of this "special administrative region."

  • Hong Kong





  • Country #2

    The color red also features prominently on this country's flag, which also has a crescent moon in the upper left corner. The moon symbolizes growth and progress—two things this relatively young country needed to thrive.

  • Singapore



  • Country #3

    This country's flag actually has a smaller flag—hat off to the United Kingdom—within it. The constellation Southern Cross also appears against the royal blue background.

  • New Zealand



  • Country #4

    You might recognize this country's flag from a well-known brand of pocket knives. The white cross on a red backdrop is one of the best-known flags and takes inspiration from the war flag of the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Switzerland



  • Country #5

    A member of the public came up with the design for this country's flag in a nationwide competition in 1901. Like New Zealand's flag, the Southern Cross and Union Jack make an appearance here, but there's also a symbolic seven-pointed star.

  • Australia



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