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Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

  • Clues: State #46

    - Clue #1: Famous for his iconic “Love” series, this pop artist who took his last name from his home state died at 89.
    - Clue #2: Eight years after beating Birch Bayh to win a Senate seat repping this state, Dan Quayle got elected veep.
    - Clue #3: In this state when it's noon in Poseyville, it's 1 p.m. in Muncie, which is on Eastern Time.

  • Answer: State #46

    What is Indiana?

  • Clues: State #47

    - Clue #1: The name of this state is slang for maple syrup.
    - Clue #2: Hop aboard the Green Mountain Flyer for a scenic tour of this state's fall foliage.
    - Clue #3: At about 4,400 feet, Mount Mansfield in the Green Mountains is the highest point in this state.

  • Answer: State #47

    What is Vermont?

  • Clues: State #48

    - Clue #1: Oops, you crammed for the multistate bar exam, but this state with laws deriving from the Napoleonic code doesn't use it.
    - Clue #2: The Catahoula leopard dog, bred to find livestock in swamps, is its state dog.
    - Clue #3: In 1986 the beignet became the official doughnut of this state.

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  • Answer: State #48

    What is Louisiana?

  • Clues: State #49

    - Clue #1: Weel Lunk, "Place of the Skull," for a white man's noggin stuck on a pole, may have given Wheeling in this state its name.
    - Clue #2: This state says it has the first brick-paved street in America—on Summers Street near the Kanawha River in Charleston.
    - Clue #3: The words "Battle Born" appear on the flag of this state that entered the Union during the Civil War.

  • Answer: State #49

    What is West Virginia?

  • Clues: State #50

    - Clue #1: This state's Chincoteague Island, off its eastern shore, is known as a playground for wild ponies.
    - Clue #2: In 1967 it was Loving v. this state in a decision on interracial marriage.
    - Clue #3: In 1985 this state elected Lt. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder as its first African-American statewide officeholder.

  • Answer: State #50

    What is Virginia?

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