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Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

  • Clues: State #21

    - Clue #1: Despite Minnesota's claim as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, this U.S. state has the most, with more than 3 million.
    - Clue #2: The USA's 10 highest mountain peaks are all found in this state.
    - Clue #3: There's a "1959" above the sashimi-loving grizzly on this state's quarter.

  • Answer: State #21

    What is Alaska?

  • Clues: State #22

    - Clue #1: A gold medal went to this state's Grand Forks Herald for coverage of a flood and other disasters.
    - Clue #2: The geographic center of North America is in this state bordering Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    - Clue #3: Farms and ranches cover 90% of this border state's land.

  • Answer: State #22

    What is North Dakota?

  • Clues: State #23

    - Clue #1: When Daylight Saving Time began in 1918, Maricopa County in this state refused to use it and the state still doesn't.
    - Clue #2: To appreciate the wonder of this state's Antelope Canyon, you'll need a Navajo guide.
    - Clue #3: You have the right to know that Miranda v. this state was the talk of jurisprudence in 1966.

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  • Answer: State #23

    What is Arizona?

  • Clues: State #24

    - Clue #1: Like Davy Crockett, Sam Houston was a politician in this state, but resigned as governor in 1829 and ended up in Texas.
    - Clue #2: The battles of Shiloh and Collierville were fought in this state.
    - Clue #3: This state's geographic center is in the city of Murfreesboro.

  • Answer: State #24

    What is Tennessee?

  • Clues: State #25

    - Clue #1: March 2 is a holiday in this state, celebrating its 1836 independence.
    - Clue #2: "Smoky Mountain rain keeps fallin'" in one of this state's 10—yes, 10—state songs.
    - Clue #3: In 1997 legislation was passed in this state allowing astronauts to vote from outer space.

  • Answer: State #25

    What is Texas?

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