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Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

  • Clues: State #26

    - Clue #1: Nicholas Sparks has set many novels, including "Safe Haven" and "Nights in Rodanthe," in this, his home state.
    - Clue #2: One popular story is that men of this state fought so stalwartly it seemed their feet were stuck to the ground.
    - Clue #3: Part of the Black Mountains, Mt. Mitchell in this state is the highest point in the U.S. east of the Mississippi.

  • Answer: State #26

    What is North Carolina?

  • Clues: State #27

    - Clue #1: For great American music, this state that gave us Luke Bryan and R.E.M.
    - Clue #2: A favorite peach is the Elberta, named for the wife of a peach grower in this state.
    - Clue #3: This state was named for the King of England who reigned from 1727 to 1760.

  • Answer: State #27

    What is Georgia?

  • Clues: State #28

    - Clue #1: This state is massive enough to border three Canadian provinces.
    - Clue #2: Known for mining, especially of copper, this Western state has the USA's only palladium mine.
    - Clue #3: Appropriately, the city of Great Falls is the seat of Cascade County in this state.

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  • Answer: State #28

    What is Montana?

  • Clues: State #29

    - Clue #1: Head to the Willamette Valley to see the Belknap Covered Bridge in this state.
    - Clue #2: In October 2016 a jury acquitted sevenpeople who had occupied this state's Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
    - Clue #3: This state's flag is the only one with different designs on each side; one features a yellow beaver.

  • Answer: State #29

    What is Oregon?

  • Clues: State #30

    - Clue #1: An elderly lady in a gray dress haunts Frankfort's Liberty Hall, once home to this state's first U.S. Senator.
    - Clue #2: To ride the Bluegrass Scenic Railroad, you have to go to this state.
    - Clue #3: Naturally, Dierks Bentley sang of "Bourbon In" this state.

  • Answer: State #30

    What is Kentucky?

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