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Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

  • Clues: State #31

    - Clue #1: This state saw the birth of America's first hospital andfirst circulating library.
    - Clue #2: On March 28, 1979, a nuclear plant in this state suffered a massive core meltdown.
    - Clue #3: The Union burned the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge to keep the rebels from advancing on Harrisburg in this state.

  • Answer: State #31

    What is Pennsylvania?

  • Clues: State #32

    - Clue #1: This state's 24-hour record for snowfall is 40 inches in Orono on Dec. 30, 1962.
    - Clue #2: This state's House of Representatives includes seats for three non-voting members, including one representative of the Penobscot Nation.
    - Clue #3: West Quoddy Head in this state is the easternmost point of land in the contiguous United States.

  • Answer: State #32

    What is Maine?

  • Clues: State #33

    - Clue #1: Pierce Downer gave his name to Downers Grove, 21 miles west of the Loop in this state.
    - Clue #2: Missouri, Kentucky, and Wisconsin all border this state and all have communities with the same name as its capital.
    - Clue #3: Known as "The Liberty Bell of the West," the Kaskaskia bell is found on an island in this state.

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  • Answer: State #33

    What is Illinois?

  • Clues: State #34

    - Clue #1: With close to 130, including Cheboygan Crib and Isle Royale, this state has the most lighthouses.
    - Clue #2: The Grand, at whose rapids a city sprang up, is this state's longest river.
    - Clue #3: Though it touches no ocean, this state has oneof the 10 longest shorelines in the U.S.

  • Answer: State #34

    What is Michigan?

  • Clues: State #35

    - Clue #1: Bill Bradley and Albert Einstein are in this state's Hall of Fame.
    - Clue #2: Built in 1764, the USA's oldest surviving light is Sandy Hook, where the Atlantic meets New York Bay in this state.
    - Clue #3: Fort Dix in this state is bordered by McGuire Air Force Base andNaval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst.

  • Answer: State #35

    What is New Jersey?

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