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Which state is this Jeopardy clue about?

  • Clues: State #36

    - Clue #1: One of the world's largest tractor factories can be found in this state's city of Waterloo.
    - Clue #2: This state's first paper was the Du Buque Visitor, which began publishing in 1836.
    - Clue #3: Check out some bridges of Madison County near its county seat of Winterset in this state.

  • Answer: State #36

    What is Iowa?

  • Clues: State #37

    - Clue #1: On Dec. 7, 1787, in a 30-0 vote, this state ratified the Constitution, the first state to do so.
    - Clue #2: Caesar Rodney's horseback ride backs this state's quarter, the first issued.
    - Clue #3: Dover is home to Wesley College and to this state university.

  • Answer: State #37

    What is Delaware?

  • Clues: State #38

    - Clue #1: Creech Air Force Base in this state is known as the home to the Predator drone.
    - Clue #2: "If you follow the old Kit Carson Trail until desert meets the hills," you'll know "Home means" this state.
    - Clue #3: 702 and775 are area codes in this state.

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  • Answer: State #38

    What is Nevada?

  • Clues: State #39

    - Clue #1: "In Cold Blood" recounts the murder of the Clutter family in a small town in this state.
    - Clue #2: This state follows "Bleeding" in an 1850s nickname.
    - Clue #3: "Home On The Range" is this Midwest state's official song.

  • Answer: State #39

    What is Kansas?

  • Clues: State #40

    - Clue #1: The Point of Arches on Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park in this state makes quite the postcard.
    - Clue #2: Using the Trans-Canada Highway, it's only about an hour from Lynden in this state over the border to Vancouver.
    - Clue #3: A channel called Rich Passage separates relatively rich Bainbridge Island from this state's Kitsap Peninsula.

  • Answer: State #40

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