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Great gifts for dads this holiday season

  • Great holiday gifts for dads

    Dads are notoriously hard to holiday shop for. When asked what they want, many will give a noncommittal shrug and mutter something about fishing, football, or grilling. Trying to figure out what your Dad will actually use and love can be a guessing game, especially when you've already used up most of your guesses on the past several Christmases. Every year, you’re faced with the same familiar, daunting task of hunting down the perfect gift for your perfectly unique dad.

    To take some of the guesswork out of this year's shopping endeavors, we worked with Paradigm Gift, a gift-giving app that lets users swipe to find present ideas. Using data on trending gifts, we’ve identified 30 top dad gifts for this holiday season ranging from exciting, shared experiences to trendy, high-tech gadgets (father-friendly, of course). 

  • #30: 3-Meal Kit

    Retailer: Blue Apron
    Estimated Price: $60.00

    Blue Apron's subscription meal delivery service lets you cook at home without the work of meal planning and grocery shopping. With their meal e-gift cards, you can choose the amount that you spend, with $60 covering a one-week delivery of three two-person recipes. This can be a fun, easy way of adding new delicious recipes like Cumin & Sichuan Peppercorn-Glazed Pork or Roasted Chicken & Maple Butter to your dad’s cooking repertoire.

  • #29: Beer Membership

    Retailer: Craft Beer Club
    Estimated Price: $42.00

    For dads who love beer, Craft Beer Club memberships offer an excellent way of tasting small-batch brews from across the country. Each carefully-curated craft beer shipment contains a dozen 12-ounce beers and included reading on the beer’s history and ideal pairings.

  • #28: Water Purifier

    Retailer: Grayl
    Estimated Price: $60.00

    Outdoorsy dads know the importance of staying hydrated while camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting. This handheld water purifier that producers clean water from any freshwater source in under 15 seconds.

  • #27: Ceramic Mug

    Retailer: Ember
    Estimated Price: $79.99

    Coffee- and tea-loving dads can all agree: there’s nothing worse than when that piping hot drink gets cold. One of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2017, this ceramic-coated stainless-steel mug uses an app to keep your dad’s favorite beverage at the perfect temperature for up to an hour (or longer if used on the included charging coaster).


  • #26: Echo Dot

    Retailer: Amazon
    Estimated Price: $24.99

    The Echo Dot brings Amazon’s Alexa voice interface to any room in your house at a more affordable price than the traditional Echo. With hands-free access to weather and news readouts, cooking timers, streaming music, and over 15,000 skills, the Echo Dot can bring a level of convenience and information access your dad might not realize he was missing.

  • #25: Travel Iron

    Retailer: Collar Perfect
    Estimated Price: $34.99

    Whether he travels for work or leisure, every jet-setting dad needs a travel iron to keep his clothes looking sharp. This travel iron is great for collared shirts, and its dual-sided feature cuts ironing time in half. Crisp shirts and pants are just a swipe away.

  • #24: Amazon Key

    Retailer: Amazon
    Estimated Price: $250.00

    For the dad who loves his Amazon Prime membership, the Amazon Key makes shopping online even more convenient. This nifty gadget lets your Amazon delivery person drop off his package inside his home, so he’ll never have to worry about people stealing his orders off the front step again.

  • #23: Automated Floss Dispenser

    Retailer: Flosstime
    Estimated Price: $39.99

    The hardest part of flossing can be remembering to keep up the habit, and this automated floss dispenser offers a smart solution to help your dad’s oral health and help him maintain that beautiful smile. The floss dispenser even frowns when he’s skipped a day, so you’ll know he’s being kept in line.

  • #22: Universal Bike Mount Kit

    Retailer: Quad Lock
    Estimated Price: $69.95

    This waterproof bike kit is a convenient add-on for any cycling dad. By attaching any smartphone securely to the bike via adhesive, the Universal Bike Mount Kit gives riders access to navigation, music, and fitness tracking right at their fingertips.

  • #21: Nest Cam Outdoor

    Retailer: Nest
    Estimated Price: $148.70

    The Nest Cam Outdoor is the latest extension of the smart home revolution, offering dads the ability to monitor and record activities to help keep their home safe. With real-time video feeds, movement and sound alerts, and the ability to speak directly from your smartphone to the Cam, use cases can range from the remotely accepting deliveries to scaring off intruders.

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