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Can you answer these real Jeopardy questions about movies?

  • Clue #6

    Creators of “Casper” say this film's logo plagiarized one of their characters.

    - Category: Ghosts
    - Value: $200
    - Date episode aired: November 18, 1985

  • Answer #6

    What is “Ghostbusters”?

    Know your paranormal trivia? Then you might know the answer to this question about two movies where ghosts and other supernatural forces play a starring role.

  • Clue #7

    In “Jezebel,” Davis shocked New Orleans society by wearing a dress of this color to the ball.

    - Category: Bette Davis
    - Value: $400
    - Date episode aired: May 23, 1990

  • Answer #7

    What is red?

    Legendary actress Bette Davis had such an impressive career, "Jeopardy!" dedicated an entire category to her in this 1990 episode. The color scheme used on the movie poster for “Jezebel” might give viewers a clue about the answer to this question.

  • Clue #8

    Kevin Costner starred in this 1989 film based on the novel “Shoeless Joe.”

    - Category: Film Facts
    - Value: $400
    - Date episode aired: June 31, 1990

  • Answer #8

    What is “Field of Dreams”?

    This sweetly sentimental tale of a dreamy corn farmer who follows the advice of voices that no one else can hear is beloved by movie-goers, as its 86% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes can attest.

  • Clue #9

    This 1955 movie musical featured Rod Steiger in a dream ballet choreographed by Agnes de Mille.

    - Category: Movie Musicals
    - Value: Final Jeopardy
    - Date episode aired: Jan. 16, 1992

  • Answer #9

    What is “Oklahoma”?

    Rod Steiger plays the menacing, disturbed farmhand Jud Fry in this movie musical. The dream ballet he appears in is an equally dark portrayal of desire, fear, and lust.

  • Clue #10

    “A Streetcar Named Desire” earned this actress her second Oscar, at 38.

    - Category: Thirtysomething
    - Value: $600
    - Date episode aired: Nov. 25, 1993

  • Answer #10

    Who is Vivien Leigh?

    After taking home her first Academy Award for her iconic portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara in “Gone With The Wind,” Leigh took on another legendary leading role: Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” She actually appeared in both the London production of the Tennessee Williams play and the film adaptation.

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