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Best-selling book series of all time

  • #5. Choose Your Own Adventure

    - Author: Various authors
    - Number of copies sold: 250 million
    - Original language: English
    - Number of installments: 185
    - Published: 1979–1998

    The Choose Your Own Adventure interactive gamebooks, set in locations from outer space to under the sea, invite readers to make choices that set the direction of the story and its conclusion. The earliest books had almost 40 possible endings. Rooted in game theory and role-playing simulations, the best-sellers have influenced video games and teaching methods

  • #4. Berenstain Bears

    - Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain
    - Number of copies sold: 260 million
    - Original language: English
    - Number of installments: Over 300
    - Published: 1962–present

    Stan and Jan Berenstain began their careers as magazine cartoonists. When both their sons became big fans of the Dr. Seuss books, the couple created a children's book of their own. The Berenstain Bears live in a big treehouse and impart lessons about responsibility, respect, family, and learning right from wrong.

  • #3. Perry Mason

    - Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
    - Number of copies sold: 300 million
    - Original language: English
    - Number of installments: 82 + 4 short stories
    - Published: 1933–1973

    The public first met Perry Mason solving crime in “The Case of the Velvet Claws” in 1933. The popular books portray the lawyer, his secretary Della Street, and detective Paul Drake as they unravel mysteries to find their clients innocent. Perry Mason was featured in six movies and a hugely popular television series with Raymond Burr that aired for nine years.

  • #2. Goosebumps

    - Author: R. L. Stine
    - Number of copies sold: 350 million
    - Original language: English
    - Number of installments: 62 + spin-off series
    - Published: 1992–present

    The imaginative “Goosebumps” books promise fright and fun as characters fend off mad scientists, mummies, monsters, ghosts, and killer snowmen. Fans love to debate which of the books, with titles like “It Came From Beneath the Sink! and “Stay Out of the Basement,” was the scariest.

  • #1. Harry Potter

    - Author: J. K. Rowling
    - Number of copies sold: 500 million
    - Original language: English
    - Number of installments: 7 + 8 supplements
    - Published: 1997–present

    The fantasy world of Harry Potter and his friends revolutionized children's literature. Kids clamored to read about the wizardry and witchcraft, and fans lined up for hours to purchase each new installment. Author J. K. Rowling began writing “Harry Potter” as a single mother on benefits in Scottish coffee shops that were warmer than her chilly apartment.

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