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30 best episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway?

  • 30 best episodes of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'

    “Whose Line is it Anyway?” is the show where “everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.” The series, adapted from the British show, brought improvisational comedy to American audiences in 1998 and has been cracking us up ever since. The original version of the American show was hosted by comedian and sitcom star Drew Carey, who convinced ABC to give it a chance, and featured Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady, alums from the British version. They performed alongside a rotating guest performer, with familiar faces like Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams joining in on the fun. The show ran from 1998 to 2007 and was revived in 2013 with the same original cast. Comedian Aisha Tyler took over the host’s chair, and the show still includes a celebrity guest each week.

    These guests join the cast in improvisational games, some of which require audience participation. In “Scenes from a Hat,” the audience contributes funny scenarios pulled from a hat at random. In others, like “Party Quirks” or “Let’s Make a Date,” three performers are pre-assigned roles that the fourth has to guess: are they guests at the host’s party, contestants on a dating show, or something completely different? Other popular games include “Hoedown” (each participant sings an improvised verse in a hoedown-style song), “Greatest Hits” (with cast member Wayne Brady performing songs from an album made up by two other contestants), and “Film, TV and Theatre Styles” (with two performers given a scene and several different film styles to perform).

    Altogether, there are 14 seasons and 339 episodes of bizarre, hilarious, and entirely improvised comedy, which can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out where to start. Stacker compiled a list of the best 30 episodes of “Whose Line is it Anyway,” based on IMDb user ratings. Episodes from Drew Carey’s years hosting (1998 to 2007) as well as Aisha Tyler’s (2013 to the present) were considered; each episode required a minimum of 30 IMDb user votes as of August 2019 to be ranked. Ties were broken in favor of the episode with the most votes.

    Whether you’re a longtime fan or just looking for a laugh, read on to discover the best episodes of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

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  • #30. Show No. 210

    - Season 2, Episode 19
    - IMDb rating: 7.7
    - IMDb votes: 30
    - Air date: Jan. 13, 2000

    This episode featured frequent recurring guest Greg Proops—comedian and voice actor in “Bob the Builder” who has appeared on the show 70 times—alongside Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Ryan Stiles. This episode marked the return of “Questionable Impressions,” a game where performers only speak in questions and use a different impression every time they re-enter the scene. The cast members and Proops also played “Scenes from a Hat,” “Weird Newscasters,” and “Three-Headed Broadway Star,” and closed out the episode with a puberty-themed “hoedown” alongside host Drew Carey.

  • #29. Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva

    - Season 1, Episode 5
    - IMDb rating: 7.8
    - IMDb votes: 30
    - Air date: July 30, 2013

    Olympic synchronized swimmers Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva and guest comedian Jeff Davis (who’s appeared on the show 40 times) joined Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles in the first season of the revived show. The four comedians gave their take on an escape movie while playing “Hollywood Director” (shedding some clothes in the process) and acted out a skiing mishap in “Forward/Reverse.” Mochrie, Brady, and Davis performed an entire scene sideways, Koroleva and Killman acted as props for Stiles and Mochrie in “Living Scenery,” and danced along to Davis and Brady’s boy band-style “Duet.”

  • #28. Show No. 220

    - Season 2, Episode 5
    - IMDb rating: 7.8
    - IMDb votes: 30
    - Air date: Oct. 8, 1999

    Comedian, country singer, and actor Charles “Chip” Esten, who played Deacon Claybourne in “Nashville,” joined the regular cast for this episode—one of more than 40 appearances on the show during both runs. During the episode, Mochrie and Stiles recreated a scene from “Gone With the Wind” in the audience-generated game “Whose Line?” and all four performers sang a “Hoedown.” They also played “Weird Newscasters,” “Duet,” “Scenes from a Hat,” and “Questions Only.”

  • #27. Show No. 225

    - Season 2, Episode 18
    - IMDb rating: 7.8
    - IMDb votes: 32
    - Air date: Jan. 6, 2000

    Game show host Brad Sherwood was the second most-featured guest in the show’s history after Greg Proops, appearing in 69 episodes. In this episode, the crew teamed up to deal with a mosquito crisis in “Superheroes,” raised money for sitcom stars in a game of “Telethon,” and also played “Film, Theatre and TV Styles,” “Song Titles,” “Sound Effects,” and “Three-Headed Broadway Star.”

  • #26. Show No. 113

    - Season 1, Episode 11
    - IMDb rating: 7.8
    - IMDb votes: 48
    - Air date: Jan. 13, 1999

    Highlights of this episode included recurring guest Greg Proops’ Bill Clinton impression, as well as Wayne Brady singing about postal workers in “Greatest Hits.” The cast also played “Dating Service Videos,” and rounded out the episode with “Film, Theatre, and TV Styles,” “Weird Newscasters,” and “Helping Hands” with host Drew Carey.

  • #25. Show No. 101

    - Season 1, Episode 4
    - IMDb rating: 7.8
    - IMDb votes: 61
    - Air date: Aug. 26, 1998

    Brad Sherwood joins the crew in rapping about meeting someone in a park. Later, Sherwood plays the host in a game of “Party Quirks,” and Colin Mochrie pretends to be a skier who can’t stop running into things. Other games in this episode included “Weird Newscasters,” “Duet,” “Animals” “Props,” “Moving People,” and “Foreign Film Dub.”

  • #24. Show No. 201

    - Season 2, Episode 4
    - IMDb rating: 7.9
    - IMDb votes: 32
    - Air date: Oct. 7, 1999

    In this episode, Wayne Brady chose between Greg Proops’ exorcist, Ryan Stiles’ club bouncer, and Colin Mochie’s fanatic Canadian hockey player during “Let’s Make a Date.” Other games featured in the episode included “Film Dub,” “Three-Headed Broadway Star,” “Film, Theatre, and TV Styles,” “Greatest Hits,” and “World's Worst.”

  • #23. Misha Collins

    - Season 2, Episode 13
    - IMDb rating: 7.9
    - IMDb votes: 33
    - Air date: June 16, 2014

    Misha Collins took a break from fighting evil on the CW’s “Supernatural” to join the second season of the “Whose Line” revival. He became the subject of a “Duet” by Wayne Brady and recurring guest Brad Sherwood (in Russian folk style) and pretended to be “Living Scenery” for two friends’ motorcycle trip to Las Vegas. Sherwood acted as the fourth man in the rest of the episode’s games, “Let's Make a Date,” and “Scenes from a Hat,” and finished off the episode with a cheese-themed “Hoedown.”

  • #22. Show No. 206

    - Season 2, Episode 3
    - IMDb rating: 7.9
    - IMDb votes: 33
    - Air date: Sep. 30, 1999

    As the episode’s winner, veteran guest Greg Proops looked on with delight as Drew Carey joined the cast in a “Hoedown” about the Village People (known for their hit “YMCA”). The cast also played “Weird Newscasters,” “African Chant,” “Scenes from a Hat,” “Change Emotion,” and a round of “Greatest Hits” featuring an exterminator.

  • #21. Show No. 209

    - Season 2, Episode 1
    - IMDb rating: 7.9
    - IMDb votes: 38
    - Air date: Sep. 16, 1999

    The second season of the original American series opened with Wayne Brady officially joining the regular cast. Featuring frequent guest performer Chip Esten as the episode’s fourth participant, the cast performed a song about lumberjacks in love during “Three-Headed Broadway Star,” and played “Let's Make a Date,” “Props,” “Stand Sit Lie Down,” “Greatest Hits,” and “Hoedown.”

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