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34 spooky dessert recipes for this Halloween

  • Eyeball On A Stick

    - Link to recipe

    Simple to make, as well as gluten- and dairy-free, these vegan sweet treats will make people stare. Stuff a lychee with any flavor of preferred preserves and push a blueberry in for a fruity pupil. The toothpick through the top helps hold everything in place—but also adds a nice visual touch.

  • Bloody Skeleton S’mores

    - Link to recipe

    The graham cracker coffin encapsulates a marshmallow skeleton on a bed of chocolate to create the perfect s’more. Drizzle red icing over the top of the skeleton for a bloody, sugary punch. A 20-second stint in the broiler is all the cook time it takes before guests dig into these treats.

  • MMMonster Jigglers

    - Link to recipe

    Grape and lime gelatins carefully poured together create the body of this mini-Frankenstein, while little licorice bolts and decorating gel bring it to life. Take them to the next level by substituting boiling tonic water and placing them under a blacklight—watch the quinine in the water glow in the dark.

  • Chocolate Orange Panna Cotta Graveyards

    - Link to recipe

    These spooky graveyards require some time to dig correctly since the chocolate panna cotta needs to chill for 90 minutes before pouring its orange counterpart on top. Tilt the glasses in an egg carton while they set to create extra flair with a diagonal design for a jiggly, pudding-like treat. Top it off with some crumbled cookies for dirt and add candy skulls to complete that six-feet-under look.

  • Monkey Brain Cake

    - Link to recipe

    This Indiana Jones-inspired dessert requires some baking and artistic talent to execute, but the result is something that’s almost too creepy to eat. Fondant, edible glue, dusting powder, and the requisite brush are some of the more unique ingredients. Raspberry and grape gelatin are mixed to create a brainy color while gluing fairy floss at the end adds edible hair.

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  • Zombie Eyeballs

    - Link to recipe

    Rice Krispie treats are a simple-to-make, party favorite, with just butter and marshmallows needed along with the breakfast cereal. Use an ice cream scoop to form them into a ball and drop a dollop of melted green chocolate on one side. Finish with a candy eyeball and some sprinkles for a fun Halloween dessert.

  • Eyeball Lava Cake

    - Link to recipe

    Creepiness jumps to a new level when someone cuts a piece and raspberry jam "blood" gushes out of this bundt cake. Soften blue taffy in the microwave and flatten with a rolling pin to create the iris of the eye, while doing the same to black candy gummies to form the pupil. Draw lines with red decorating gel for a bloodshot effect that will make people stare.

  • Little Jar of Souls

    - Link to recipe

    Gummy worms inside a murky, gelatinous mixture make these souls ready for harvesting. Each container of gelatin mix makes two servings, so plan accordingly if there’s going to be a crowd. 

  • Cupcake Graveyard

    - Link to recipe

    The tombstones are made of chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies with frosted vanilla lettering. Several household items can be fashioned as a substitute if pastry bags aren't accessible. Spook them up using gummy worms or candy ghosts for an added touch.

  • Spooky Monster Halloween Cake Balls

    - Link to recipe

    Making these gluten- and dairy-free cake balls require xanthan gum and desiccated coconut. Spirulina and turmeric powders mixed with white chocolate create bright yellow and grass green coatings for these spongy cake balls. Top them off with Halloween-themed sprinkles and some candy eyeballs.

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