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34 spooky dessert recipes for this Halloween

  • Dead Velvet Cake

    - Link to recipe

    To begin, make a red velvet cake according to the box, and split into two pans. Concoct the blood in a small saucepan using water, corn starch, and corn syrup, with vanilla and red food coloring added after removing from heat. When the cakes have cooled, carefully cut the domes off and place a layer of blood between them before stacking and frosting. Finish with a plastic knife or cleaver for extra effect.

  • Monster Mouths

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    An answer to the processed foods that are so popular at Halloween, these mouth-watering mouths are vegan and paleo, and dairy- and gluten-free. Spread peanut butter across the open mouth, insert slivered almonds as teeth and smear with strawberry jam for blood and a couple of cranberries for the illusion of a fly in its mouth. Brush or drip a little lemon juice on the outside of the apples to keep them from browning if leaving them out for a party.

  • Hidden Eye Halloween Cupcakes

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    These average-looking cupcakes hide a spooky surprise beneath their vegan and dairy-free coating. After making and allowing the cupcakes to cool, carefully cut a hole in the top of each to drop a scoop of strawberry preserves and a gummy eyeball. Replace the top of the cupcake and frost, decorating them with sprinkles and sugar characters.

  • Perfect Pumpkin Pie

    - Link to recipe

    Whisking just seven ingredients together is all it takes to create this Halloween classic dessert. Get creative to step up the spooky factor by using fondant and food coloring for a variety of decorations. The pie takes about an hour to bake and aside from being delicious, and the health benefits from eating pumpkin are wide-ranging.

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