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Movies with the most 2020 Oscar nominations

  • Movies with the most 2020 Oscar nominations

    The 92nd Academy Awards feature notable snubs and surprises, as well as a few records. The biggest successes came for the violent comic book story “Joker,” and for the South Korean horror-inspired black comedy “Parasite.” “Parasite” only has six nominations, but it’s a standout as it’s rare for a foreign-language film to secure nods beyond Best Foreign Language Film. Parasite scored that nomination in addition to one for Best Picture, while its director, Bong Joon Ho, became the first Korean person nominated for directing.

    “Joker” is the 24th film to receive 11 nominations across Oscar history, while also leading in nominations this year. It has a long-shot chance to tie the record for most wins ever. It would need a clean sweep to share that honor with “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” which is in a three-way tie with “Ben-Hur” and “Titanic.” “Joker” is three nods shy of nomination record-holders “All About Eve,” “Titanic,” and “La La Land,” with 14 each. This year’s films didn’t break records for the most nominations ever, though there are four Best Picture nominees with 10 or more nominations.

    Since the Oscars aren’t known for honoring blockbuster comic book movies, major wins for “Joker” could mark an upset. However, the cultural buzz around its nominations has spawned controversy. This year marked significant snubs for women, including Greta Gerwig in the Best Director category. “The Farewell” was also snubbed, with no nominations for Best Picture, actress Awkwafina, or writer-director Lulu Wang. Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Lopez also stood out as persons of color whose stellar performances were overlooked in acting categories.

    This year’s nominations had several records, including for streaming titan Netflix, which dominated with 24 total. We also saw records for the living person with the most nominations ever, composer John Williams. Also, seven people earned double nominations, including Scarlett Johansson and Cynthia Erivo, the single person of color nominated in an acting category.

    Stacker compiled the full list of Oscar nominations released on Jan. 13 and ranked them according to most nods. The 92nd Academy Awards take place on Feb. 9, 2020. Read on to find out all the buzz around the records, snubs, and nods for the ranked films.

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  • #18. The Lion King (tie)

    - Director: Jon Favreau
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 55
    - IMDb user rating: 7.0
    - Runtime: 118 min

    The live-action remake of Disney’s popular animated classic is nominated for Visual Effects. “The Lion King” seamlessly recreates the look of live-action footage through photorealistic CGI. Some fans considered the lack of nomination for Beyoncé’s “Spirit” for Best Original Song a notable snub.

  • #18. The Lighthouse (tie)

    - Director: Robert Eggers
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 83
    - IMDb user rating: 7.9
    - Runtime: 109 min

    Robert Eggers’ visually stunning “The Lighthouse” received a single nomination for Cinematography. The film, about two lighthouse keepers alone on a remote island in the 1890s, is shot in black-and-white as a means to capture both the era and the bleak, eventually nightmarish, experience of the men. Cinematographer Jarin Blaschke used rare film stock, custom filters, and antiquated lenses to achieve the film’s distinctive look.

  • #18. The Edge of Democracy (tie)

    - Director: Petra Costa
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 81
    - IMDb user rating: 7.4
    - Runtime: 121 min

    Netflix (leading the Oscar nominations with 24 total) has two films nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Critic David Ehrlich at IndieWire describes “The Edge of Democracy” as a “haunting portrait of Brazil’s recent slide back into the open jaws of dictatorship.” The documentary is crafted as a political thriller as it follows the rise and fall of Brazilian Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva.

  • #18. The Cave (tie)

    - Director: Feras Fayyad
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 84
    - IMDb user rating: 8.3
    - Runtime: 107 min

    “The Cave” director, Feras Fayyad, was previously nominated for a Best Documentary Feature Oscar for “Last Men in Aleppo” (2017). “The Cave” returns to the same subject, the Syrian War, this time examining an underground hospital. The film presents the experience of the women doctors who work there and the devastating circumstances that surround their patients during wartime.

  • #18. Rocketman (tie)

    - Director: Dexter Fletcher
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 69
    - IMDb user rating: 7.4
    - Runtime: 121 min

    Taron Egerton, who played Elton John in the musical biopic, “Rocketman,” was favored for a Best Actor Oscar nomination after he won the Best Actor Golden Globe (Musical or Comedy). But he was passed over for a nomination, in what was considered one of the season’s major snubs. The film’s single nomination is for Best Original Song. Elton John (Music) and Bernie Taupin (Lyrics) are nominated for “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again,” which has a strong chance of winning.

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  • #18. Richard Jewell (tie)

    - Director: Clint Eastwood
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 69
    - IMDb user rating: 7.7
    - Runtime: 131 min

    “Richard Jewell” marks Kathy Bates’ third nomination for Supporting Actress since her Best Actress win in 1990 for “Misery.” In “Richard Jewell,” directed by Clint Eastwood, Bates plays Bobi, the mother of the man wrongly accused of the Olympic Park Bombing. Adam Sandler, who played Bates’ son in “The Waterboy” (1998), tweeted congratulations to his movie “mama” while referencing his own snub in the Best Actor category for “Uncut Gems.”

  • #18. Missing Link (tie)

    - Director: Chris Butler
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 68
    - IMDb user rating: 6.7
    - Runtime: 93 min

    “Missing Link” received one nomination for Best Animated Feature. The well-reviewed story about Bigfoot was a box-office disappointment but scored a surprise Golden Globe win for Best Animated Movie despite going up against heavy-hitter franchises “Frozen 2,” “Toy Story 4,” “The Lion King” remake, and the third “How to Train Your Dragon.” The studio that made “Missing Link,” a small company based in Oregon, focuses on stop-motion animation with techniques much-admired by industry pros. It could garner another sneak attack win at the Oscars, though the Academy may be more likely to honor “Toy Story 4.”

  • #18. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (tie)

    - Director: Joachim Rønning
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 43
    - IMDb user rating: 6.8
    - Runtime: 119 min

    “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” scored its single nomination for Makeup and Hairstyling. The first film, “Maleficent,” was a nominee for Costume Design in 2015. The movie features distinctive makeup that enhances star Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones and ears to create the look of the powerful fairy. Makeup designer and co-nominee David White designed looks for multiple fantasy characters inspired by natural environments with “each having its own color palette, textures, and style,” according to Variety’s Zoe Hewitt.

  • #18. Les Misérables (tie)

    - Director: Ladj Ly
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 78
    - IMDb user rating: 7.7
    - Runtime: 102 min

    According to the Academy Awards Database, France has the most nominations of any country for Foreign Language Film, now called International Feature Film. “Les Misérables,” a modern-day adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel, but inspired by the 2005 Paris riots, marks France’s 38th nomination in this category. France has won nine awards and three special awards for Foreign Language Film with the last in 1992 for “Indochine.”

  • #18. Klaus (tie)

    - Directors: Sergio Pablos, Carlos Martínez López
    - Nominations: 1
    - Metascore: 64
    - IMDb user rating: 8.2
    - Runtime: 96 min

    Netflix’s first animated feature, “Klaus,” a story about the origins of Santa from Sergio Pablos Animation Studio in Madrid, is nominated for Best Animated Feature. The nomination came as a surprise and, according to Petrana Radulovic writing for Polygon, may have taken the place of the expected nominee “Frozen 2,” the blockbuster from Disney that was considered a shoo-in for this category.

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