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The biggest high school in every state

  • The biggest high school in every state

    High school can be rough. Peer pressure, crushes, cliques... and we haven’t even gotten to the schoolwork. We get it — we wouldn’t want to go back either. But not everyone has grown up just yet, including the roughly 11 million high school students across the United States. High school is the time when kids learn not only academics, but also start to discover their personal interests, and who they are as people. Certain kids will thrive more in larger or smaller environments, and schools of different sizes prioritize particular programs over others.

    Parents want to help their child any way they can, and choosing the right high school is among the choices parents can make to help their child grow. High school students already face a lot of stressors, and choosing a school shouldn’t be one of them - it's important to know the options.

    Here at Stacker, we traded notes and worked together to analyze data that ranks the biggest high schools in every state, according to Niche — which ranks schools based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Education concerning student performance on SAT/ACT tests, teacher quality, college readiness, and district ratings. Keep reading to find the biggest high school in your home state.

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  • #50. Wyoming: Kelly Walsh High School

    School district: Natrona County School District No. 1
    Students: 1,747
    Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

  • #49. Wisconsin: Arrowhead High School

    - School district: Hartland, WI
    - Students: 2,527
    - Student-teacher ratio: 16:1

  • #48. West Virginia: Cabell Midland High School

    - School district: Cabell County Schools
    - Students: 1,939
    - Student-teacher ratio: 13:1

  • #47. Washington: Chiawana High School

    - School district: Pasco School District
    - Students: 2,393
    - Student-teacher ratio: 20:1

  • #46. Virginia: T.C. Williams High School

    - School district: Alexandria City Public Schools
    - Students: 3,503
    - Student-teacher ratio: 13:1

  • #45. Vermont: Champlain Valley Union High School

    - School district: Champlain Valley School District
    - Students: 1,279
    - Student-teacher ratio: 14:1

  • #44. Utah: Granger High School

    - School district: Granite School District
    - Students: 2,929
    - Student-teacher ratio: 24:1

  • #43. Texas: Skyline High School

    - School district: Dallas Independent School District
    - Students: 4,790
    - Student-teacher ratio: 16:1

  • #42. Tennessee: White Station High School

    - School district: Shelby County Schools
    - Students: 2,330
    - Student-teacher ratio: 22:1

  • #41. South Dakota: Roosevelt High School

    - School district: Sioux Falls School District
    - Students: 2,193
    - Student-teacher ratio: 18:1

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