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Best public elementary school in every state

  • Best public elementary school in every state

    Parents want the best for their children. From better job prospects to a brighter future, it all starts with a great education. Early developmental stages are vital for discovering strengths and areas of interest, which is why identifying the right elementary school for your child is so important.

    Don’t get us wrong, though. By the best schools, we don’t mean schools in the trendiest cities or schools with the latest smartboards. We mean schools that prioritize education by preparing kids for the future and teachers that lead students to a brighter tomorrow.

    At Stacker, we analyzed Niche’s database of schools to help determine the best public elementary schools in every state. All schools were ranked using data from the U.S. Department of Education analyzing state test scores, graduation rates, student performance, teacher quality, district ratings, and college readiness (full methodology here). Read on to discover the top elementary schools in every state.

  • Alabama: Dean Road Elementary School

    School district: Auburn City Schools

    Students: 475 (Grades K-2)

    Student-teacher ratio: 15:1

    Reading proficiency: 96%

    Math proficiency: 93%


  • Alaska: Bayshore Elementary School

    School district: Anchorage School District

    Students: 450 (Grades K-6)

    Student-teacher ratio: 16:1

    Reading proficiency: 74%

    Math proficiency: 74%


  • Arizona: Great Hearts Academies - Chandler Prep

    School district: Chandler, AZ

    Students: 695 (Grades K-12)

    Student-teacher ratio: 14:1

    Reading proficiency: 76%

    Math proficiency: 79%


  • Arkansas: LISA Academy North Elementary School

    School district: Sherwood, AR

    Students: 304 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

    Reading proficiency: 82%

    Math proficiency: 87%


  • California: El Carmelo Elementary School

    School district: Palo Alto Unified School District

    Students: 407 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 20:1

    Reading proficiency: 85%

    Math proficiency: 88%


  • Colorado: Peak to Peak Charter School

    School district: Boulder Valley School District

    Students: 1,444 (Grades K-12)

    Student-teacher ratio: 21:1

    Reading proficiency: 70%

    Math proficiency: 55%


  • Connecticut: Green's Farms School

    School district: Westport School District

    Students: 455 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 11:1

    Reading proficiency: 88%

    Math proficiency: 79%


  • Delaware: Newark Charter School

    School district: Newark, DE

    Students: 1,787 (Grades K-9)

    Student-teacher ratio: 10:1

    Reading proficiency: 93%

    Math proficiency: 84%


  • Florida: Pine View School

    School district: Sarasota County Schools

    Students: 2,186

    Student-teacher ratio: 17:1

    Reading proficiency: 99%

    Math proficiency: 99%


  • Georgia: Big Creek Elementary School

    School district: Forsyth County Schools

    Students: 941 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

    Reading proficiency: 82%

    Math proficiency: 89%