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Cultural events now available from home

  • Cultural events now available from home

    The “new normal” due to COVID-19 has required humankind to experience life 6 feet apart from one another, causing a social shift in how people engage in cultural events. Stacker compiled a list of 100 cultural events available online as of April 2020, using a selection of news, art, and culture websites to put together a combination of plays, Broadway shows, concerts, art exhibits, talks, book clubs, zoos, and other events you could watch or participate in online.

    Collective cultural sites around the world are ensuring fans of every type of art can get their fill during the quarantine. Take, for example, London’s WhatsOnStage, which updates its musical theater streaming daily with hits including “Wasted,” a three-women performance depicting literary siblings Emily, Anne, and Charlotte Bronte as if the writers were high and promiscuous.

    For museum lovers, touring London’s most-renowned galleries is an option. From the British Museum’s “A History of the World in 100 Objects” podcast to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Design a Wig game, there are countless events to engage in globally right from your living room.

    Music addicts can tune into beats at global quarantine dance parties or celebrity DJs’ live streams. While Rolling Stone dubs DJ D-Nice’s Instagram club nights a hit, the magazine also features the “In My Room” series, with artists such as Sting and Joan Jett performing from their personal space.

    Dance fans can drop in on the New York City Ballet, which offers two performances weekly as well as livestream movement instruction and podcasts. For modern dance lovers, the renowned Alvin Ailey dance troupe also has an all-access website that streams full-length performances and classes. As for audio and visual arts, leave it to Google to let viewers experience culture in 360 degrees, with art, natural history, and space exploration among just a few of the exhibits offered from all angles.

    Read on for one of the most-comprehensive lists of cultural events available during the COVID-19 self-quarantine.

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  • New York Philharmonic performances

    - Type of event: Orchestra
    - Available on: NY Phil Plays On portal

    Through the NY Phil Plays On portal, patrons can view performances from home rather than concert hall seats during social distancing. From video segments of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 7” to radio broadcasts of Franz Liszt’s “A Faust Symphony,” the website also entertains and educates music listeners with past featured festivals.

  • American Film Institute’s AFI Movie Club

    - Type of event: Film
    - Available on: AFI

    The movie club for the American Film Institute (AFI), founded in 1965, is made up of industry leaders who created an exclusive movie club they now share during social distancing. There are dozens of classics in the database to choose from, as well as the “First 100 Years” film series, which breaks down the history, credits, synopsis, and genre of each major motion picture. Memberships range from the base-level patron option to the director’s chair choice, which offers VIP access to festivals and entrance to the AFI Conservatory.

  • Alvin Ailey Dance Theater performances

    - Type of event: Dance
    - Available on: Alvin Ailey’s website

    The iconic New York dance company founded in 1958 created Ailey All Access, offering everyone a chance to stream full-length performances for free during social distancing. The website also provides online classes, including modern, tap, yoga, salsa, and Pilates. Also, the troupe’s “Dancer Diaries” and “The Show Must Go On” series on YouTube give viewers a chance to get acquainted with performers off stage.

  • First filming of ‘Peter Pan’

    - Type of event: Broadway
    - Available on: Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime and Playbill are making many Broadway musicals available during social distancing, including classics like the 1954 motion picture “Peter Pan.” The rendition is one of many films based on the classic children’s story. Along with Peter Pan, the Playbill Club gives customers a chance to take advantage of children’s theater-related classes online.

  • BAM Hamm archives

    - Type of event: Performance art
    - Available on: BAM’s website

    The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Hamm archives feature dance performances, festivals, interviews, discussions, and concerts for free. Some featured festivals and interviews include ‟DanceAfrica 201l” and “Paul Simon with Phillip Glass in 2008.” BAM also opens up some of its archives to interested film junkies at different costs.

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  • Archived Chichester Festival Theatre shows

    - Type of event: Theater
    - Available on: Chichester Festival Theatre’s website

    Chichester Festival Theatre offers free entertainment for young people, including the “Beauty and the Beast” feature adapted from the original fairytale. The theater, located in West Sussex, England, also offers free family-friendly events weekly, including remote puppetry at home, marble maze craft, and musical theater dance.

  • The Gentle Barn’s virtual tours

    - Type of event: Animal sanctuary
    - Available on: Gentle Barn’s website

    Virtual tours at the Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary let children remotely connect to donkeys, cows, dogs, emus, and more. If requested, personal two-hour tours are available for a $400 donation for families or groups who want to have a more intimate and engaging barnyard experience. Additionally, the Gentle Barn offers grade-level, science-based educational programs for students.

  • Hubble Control Center

    - Type of event: Virtual tours
    - Available on: Google Arts & Culture

    Google Arts & Culture 360 videos let laymen into the Hubble Control Center, giving visitors a glimpse of the day-to-day management of the famed telescope in a short clip. For even more out-of-this-world videos and reports on the NASA instrument, visit the organization’s website, which allows visitors to view and identify constellations and explore various educational resources.

  • DJ D-Nice’s ‘Club Quarantine’ Instagram parties

    - Type of event: DJ party
    - Available on: Instagram

    New York City native DJ D-Nice’s Instagram dance parties are rocking the house, according to Rolling Stone. One of his Saturday night parties saw the most elite guests including Michelle Obama, presidential candidate Joe Biden, Rihanna, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. The turntable parties first started as a small gathering for friends, according to DJ D-Nice, who now welcomes all to boogie down.

  • John Hodgman’s ‘Get Your Pets’ comedy show

    - Type of event: Comedy
    - Available on: Instagram

    Livestream comedy is all the roar during quarantine, with John Hodgman’s “Get Your Pets” featuring one-on-one interviews with animals. The former “Daily Show” humorist and widely-published author broadcasts his show from Brooklyn, New York. An emu, turtle, owl, and chameleon have been guests on the show, which streams weekdays at various times.

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