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50 images of parenthood in the animal kingdom

  • 50 images of parenthood in the animal kingdom

    The offspring of megapodes (chicken-like birds) are unlikely to ever meet their parents. After western fence lizards lay their eggs, they simply cover them up and move on with their life—frankly, experts aren't even sure if these reptiles are aware they've laid an egg. And the Labord's chameleon lays their eggs leading up to winter, but dies before those eggs even hatch. While there are some species in the animal kingdom who don't have much to do with their kids after reproduction, that's not the norm; some species stick around the nest for years. 

    For the first couple years of life, orangutans rely on their mom for just about everything and while they are likely to leave home after about six or seven years, the females may visit their mother until about age 15. Female African elephants usually stick with their herd throughout the entirety of their lives while males tend to spend roughly a third of their life with their herd. And orca females stick with their pod from birth to death, with males leaving to mate but ultimately returning. 

    Stacker put together a collection of photos capturing parenting moments in the animal kingdom. Scroll through to see a humpback whale swim alongside its calf in the Pacific Ocean, a deer keep a watchful eye while she feeds her baby in Nepal, and a sloth hang around with her cub in the Costa Rican jungle. 

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  • African rhinos

    Pictured: An African rhinoceros mother and baby graze the savanna.

  • Ostriches

    Pictured: An ostrich family crosses the savanna.

  • Koalas

    Pictured: A koala mom and her joey munch on some leaves.

  • Elephants

    Pictured: A mother elephant helps her calf get a drink of water.

  • Zebras

    Pictured: Mother and baby zebra on the plains of Tanzania.

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  • Polar bears

    Pictured: A curious polar bear famliy sits on the ice in the Arctic.

  • Kangaroos

    Pictured: A kangaroo joey hitches a ride in mom's pouch.

  • Ibex

    Pictured: A newborn ibex bonds with his parents.

  • Horses

    Pictured: A wild foal naps in the Italian Dolomites with family.

  • Gorillas

    Pictured: A baby gorilla clings to his mother.

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