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50 images of parenthood in the animal kingdom

  • Woodpeckers

    Pictured: Middle spotted woodpecker feeding its baby in a tree.

  • Alaskan seals

    Pictured: Alaskan seals play on the ice.

  • Snow monkeys

    Pictured: Snow monkey mother and baby.

  • Lions

    Pictured: A pride of lions interact with young cubs in Serengeti, Tanzania.

  • Hippos

    Pictured: Hippopotamus family swimming in Uganda.

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  • Warthogs

    Pictured: Warthog family grazing on the savanna.

  • Reindeers

    Pictured: Reindeer family grazing.

  • Ducks

    Pictured: A mother duck defends her chicks on a Washington pond.

  • Eagles

    Pictured: Adult bald eagle with two chicks in a nest on the side of a cliff on Vancouver Island, Canada.

  • Camels

    Pictured: Camel families in the desert.

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