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50 images of parenthood in the animal kingdom

  • Sheep

    Pictured: Sheep family sleeping.

  • Cotton-top tamarins

    Pictured: Cotton-top tamarin mother and infant in Colombia.

  • Alpacas

    Pictured: Alpacas meeting a newborn.

  • Porcupines

    Pictured: Porcupine mom and babies in the grass.

  • Llamas

    Pictured: A cria runs after her mother in Bolivia.


  • Buffalo

    Pictured: Buffalo family grazing.

  • Arctic foxes

    Pictured: Arctic foxes playing in autumn.

  • Ring-tailed lemurs

    Pictured: Ring-tailed lemur family in Madagascar.

  • Tigers

    Pictured: Tigress moving young cubs in forest.

  • Dolphins

    Pictured: Dolphin and calf swimming in New Zealand.

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