News by the numbers: Oct. 5–11

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October 12, 2020
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News by the numbers: Oct. 5–11

Stacker distills the week's news from around the world into key facts and figures. Click through to read more about some of the biggest headlines of the last week.

WHO estimates 10% of global population may have had COVID-19

On Oct 5, the World Health Organization (WHO) said its best estimates suggest 10% of the global population—roughly 760 million people—may have been infected by COVID-19. The WHO’s estimate is 20 times more than the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases globally.

[Pictured: Tedros Adhanom, director-general of WHO.]

Derek Chauvin posts bond on a $1 million bail

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin posted bond last Wednesday on a $1 million bail—an amount which could have been as much as $100,000. Hundreds of people took to the streets Wednesday evening protesting Chauvin’s release. A judge has since changed the conditions of Chauvin’s bail to allow him to leave the state for his safety.

California records its first “gigafire”

Experts have coined the word “gigafire” to describe the expansive scale of wildfire destruction California is experiencing. The term applies to a fire that burns at least 1 million acres of land. On Monday, the record-setting August Complex fire in California became the state’s first gigafire.

34 White House staffers, contacts contract COVID-19

Thirty-four White House staffers and “other contacts” have been infected by COVID-19, according to an internal FEMA memo dated Wednesday of last week. Meanwhile, President Trump returned to the White House last Monday after being released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 the week prior.

[Pictured: Larry Kudlow, director of the United States National Economic Council.]

Hurricane Delta makes landfall as a Category 2

Hurricane Delta on Friday made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 2 storm. Hundreds of thousands of people across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas were left without electricity and two people have been reported dead. This marks is the second time in six weeks that the same region was hammered by a hurricane: Hurricane Delta approached the coast as many people were still recovering from Hurricane Laura.

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