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Classic Halloween costumes from 1865 to today

  • Sputnik and a Soviet officer

    A couple dressed as Sputnik and a Soviet officer attend a party on Oct. 31, 1957, in Los Angeles.

  • Royalty, a clown, and a cheetah

    Students (Michelle Gordon, Jimmy Dallarosa, and Wendy Meyer) at Secrest School Plans Carnival in 1969 trying on costumes.

  • A knight and her friends

    A group of children wearing Halloween costumes wait in a trick-or-treat line to receive apples from an officer at a police precinct, circa 1960.

  • Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat

    Kirk, 6, and Carey Tressman, 7, wear costumes with reflective tape to keep them safe while trick-or-treating in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1960.

  • Boy from Mars

    Four-year old William Caban, dressed as a boy from Mars, visits a Los Angeles police station on Oct. 31, 1961.

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  • A scarecrow, jack-o’-lantern, and some friends

    A group of children dressed for Halloween stand together on a porch at a house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Oct. 21, 1961.

  • A record player and a ghost

    Five-year-old Stephen Knapp, dressed as a record player, and 7-year-old John McNichol, dressed as ghost, ask for contributions to UNICEF along Newbury Street in Boston on Oct. 31, 1974.

  • A gypsy, Groucho Marx, and a witch

    Four children in Halloween costumes get ready to trick or treat, circa 1975.

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb

    A girl dressed as Mary from “Mary had a Little Lamb” for Halloween, circa 1970s.

  • C-3P0 and Darth Vader

    Louis Seltvitella as C-3P0 and Jim Webb as Darth Vader walk downstairs at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Oct. 31, 1977.

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