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How COVID-19 has impacted American nursing homes

  • COVID-19 deaths in Indiana nursing homes are 58% of state total

    Oct. 7 - The number of nursing home deaths surpassed 2,000 in Indiana, one of the states where nursing homes were hardest hit. Officials say deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities comprise about 58% of the state’s COVID-related fatalities. The state’s first nursing home death was reported on March 20; for 35 consecutive days, from mid-April to late May, at least 20 long-term care residents died every day across the state.

  • New Jersey recalibrates ratio of nursing home residents, aides

    Oct 23 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill requiring nursing home operators as of early 2021 to increase the number of aides and set a ratio for the number of residents per aide. Industry lobbyists had long blocked the measure prior to the pandemic.

  • Performance payments issued to nursing homes

    Oct 28 - The Department of Health and Human Services distributed a first round of $333 million in performance payments to more than 10,000 nursing homes as recognition for showing significant reductions in COVID-19 cases and deaths between August and September. More than 77% of the 13,795 eligible nursing homes met the criteria for infection control. To be eligible, nursing homes had to have an infection rate lower than that in their county and a mortality rate of less than 10% among residents that contracted COVID-19. Over the summer, the Journal of the American Medical Association Network published a study finding the staffing performance at facilities is one of the best predictors of coronavirus cases.

  • CMS toolkit seeks to ‘rebalance’ long-term care

    Nov 2 - The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services unveiled a toolkit for ways that states can practice “rebalancing”—moving money to community programs and away from brick-and-mortar nursing homes. The moves are argued to be less costly and more popular among the public.

  • COVID-19 cases in nursing homes on rise again across U.S.

    Nov. 10 - The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, representing more than 14,000 nursing homes and assisted living facilities, issued a report warning that COVID-19 cases are increasing in nursing homes. It said a rise in nursing home cases was linked to a spike in the general population. It also says nursing home residents are so vulnerable that they account for just 8% of COVID cases but 40% of the deaths.

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