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50 photos of the health care system during COVID-19

  • Emotional limbo on the front lines of caring for the very sick with COVID-19

    Emergency medicine doctor Ali Raja poses outside the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in April 2020. At the time, the expanded intensive care center at the state’s largest hospital was packed with COVID-19 patients, while other floors and departments were almost deserted.

  • Mt. Sinai medical workers protest over lack of PPE while fighting coronavirus

    In New York City, Mt. Sinai employees hold up photos of fellow health care professionals who have died from the coronavirus during a protest. The medical workers were protesting the lack of personal protective equipment during a surge in coronavirus cases.

  • Tri-state EMS workers confront growing number of coronavirus cases

    A specialized bus called the Medical Evacuation Transport Unit carries coronavirus patients from one branch of the Montefiore Medical Center to another. These types of patient transfers were designed to help overwhelmed hospitals in Westchester County and New York City (then the center of the pandemic) even out caseloads.

  • A moment captured in Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco

    Supervising nurse Regina Truong looks out the window as she takes a break on the COVID-19 floor at Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco on Monday, April 6, 2020.

  • Crisis standard of care simulation

    As the pandemic grew, public health departments across the United States raced to finalize policies about how hospitals should make traumatic care choices, such as which patients to treat and which to let die. Here, Dr. James Rathmell listens during a Crisis Standard of Care team simulation to prepare for the possibility of rationing ventilators at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

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  • Death toll continues to rise

    Medical staff walk with bags of a deceased patient’s items removed from a refrigerated truck, outside Wyckoff Heights Medical Center on April 7, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Paramedics on the front lines of California’s homeless crisis

    Paramedics with the Los Angeles Fire Department wear face masks as a preventive measure while treating a homeless woman who suffered from seizures on the street. One of the busiest fire stations in the country, LAFD Station #9 served on the frontlines of both the coronavirus pandemic and the homeless pandemic in the western state.

  • After losing their jobs, many now are losing their insurance

    For many, the coronavirus pandemic has led not just to job loss but also to insurance loss. Pharmacists like Jack Whitley, pictured here, report a significant increase in the number of middle-class people seeking help from nonprofits in order to obtain medicines that had previously been covered by their insurance.

  • Long Island Nursing Institute holds "clap in" for nurses coming from outside areas to help in New York region

    Launette Woolforde, vice president of the Northwell System Nursing Education program, speaks to the media at the Long Island Nursing Institute in New Hyde Park, New York. Staff nurses and administrators had gathered to welcome and “clap in” nurses arriving from around the country to help treat coronavirus patients.

  • Essential workers keep American life going during coronavirus pandemic

    Angela Mireles, organizer of the Trailers for Nurses project, which matches trailers and RVs with front line health care workers who need a safe place to quarantine from loved ones, stands outside one of the donated trailers. These portable homes allow medical staff to remain close to their families while ensuring they don’t spread the virus.

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