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How transgender protection laws differ by state

  • Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, all public and state employees, individuals seeking housing or public accommodation, and those who want fair lending practices receive the benefit of equal rights protected by law. Legal protections for health care policies offer equal protections, as well. Transgender individuals, along with anyone else who identifies under the LGBTQ umbrella, are protected by state hate crime laws.

  • Michigan

    The state of Michigan has legal protections in place to preserve the rights of transgender individuals to adopt or foster children, yet laws protecting those same individuals when in need of housing and employment are not statewide. There are no laws against LGBTQ "conversion therapy," nor are there laws in place that protect transgender students from bullying in school.

  • Minnesota

    Minnesota has wide-ranging legislation in place to protect the rights of individuals who are transgender. From health care to employment or parenting, the 210,000 LGBTQ individuals in the state are legally provided equal rights. However, "conversion therapy" is still legal in the state.

  • Mississippi

    Mississippi has no laws protecting transgender individuals from employment or housing discrimination. There are no laws or policies in place to protect transgender youth, and educators are not allowed to discuss LGBTQ issues in school. According to the MAP, only 6% of the population is protected from anti-discrimination laws.

  • Missouri

    Same-sex couples can adopt children in Missouri, but the same can’t be said for individuals who are transgender. The state has strong religious exemption laws and no major protections for LGBTQ youth. The MAP notes that only 18% of the population is fully protected, while 8% is partially protected.

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  • Montana

    Montana has nondiscrimination policies in place for transgender individuals who work for the state, but not for those in private industry. There are no transgender laws protecting young people in the state, though there are some health care policies in place that ban Medicaid from denying medical coverage to transgender people.

  • Nebraska

    Nebraska has no laws in place to protect the rights of LGBTQ individuals looking to adopt or foster children. Employment and housing laws to stop discrimination do exist in some local jurisdictions, but not statewide. Transgender youth have no laws protecting them, and there is no legislation in place to prevent health care companies from discriminating against transgender individuals.

  • Nevada

    The MAP says that Nevada’s residents are protected by anti-discrimination legislation. Parents of any gender identity are protected, and so are the youth in the state. Laws are in place to ensure transgender individuals can aquire birth certificates and driver’s licenses without having to name their genders, instead using an “X.”

  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire has many anti-discrimination laws in place that protect transgender individuals, though the state has no laws in place to protect the right to change one’s gender on a birth certificate. Transgender individuals in the state are covered under hate crime laws, but there is no current ban on the "panic defense."

  • New Jersey

    New Jersey has passed a substantial amount of anti-discrimination legislation to protect the rights and lives of transgender people. Though state employees do not have laws in place to ensure that they receive transgender-inclusive medical treatment, individuals are legally allowed a birth certificate without a named gender.

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