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Resources for homelessness in every state

  • Hawaii: University of Hawai’i at Manoa

    The University of Hawai’i at Manoa has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for homeless people throughout the state. Among the available options are programs to help house those with mental health issues and free medical services for the uninsured.

  • Idaho: Idaho Housing and Finance Association

    Homeless individuals in Idaho are able to access aid through federal programs. The average wait time for a response to a rental assistance application is 12-24 months. For financial education, legal support, immediate eviction mediation, and housing support, organizations like Jesse Tree may be able to help in a matter of days.

  • Illinois: Illinois Department of Human Services

    Help is available in Illinois through its Department of Human Services. The state connects individuals with services to prevent homelessness, provide emergency COVID-19 housing, and protect homeless youth.

  • Indiana: Indiana Coalition for Homeless Intervention & Prevention

    A comprehensive list of local services is provided in the Indiana Coalition for Homeless Intervention & Prevention’s Handbook of Help. Services for veterans, the Latinx community, LGBTQ individuals, and more are listed within.

  • Iowa: Iowa Finance Authority

    Resources for housing assistance arrive from federal funds and are dispersed throughout Iowa by the Iowa Finance Authority. The Iowa Department of Human Services’ Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) provides limited coverage to a handful of counties. Local housing programs with additional services are available, as well.

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  • Kansas: University of Kansas Medical Center

    The University of Kansas Medical Center provides an online list of housing facilities throughout the state. These include programs for homeless veterans and mothers with children who are in need of immediate assistance.

  • Kentucky: Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky

    Nearly all the residents of Kentucky, besides those in Jefferson and Fayette Counties, are able to apply for emergency shelter vouchers through the Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky. The organization provides information to connect with legal and eviction prevention services.

  • Louisiana: Louisiana Balance of State Continuum of Care

    Federally funded agencies in Louisiana list ways to contact and connect with local resources in the state. Various municipalities provide localized services, some of which include emergency housing, street outreach teams, and services for victims of domestic violence.

  • Maine: Maine State Housing Authority

    The Maine State Housing Authority lists emergency shelters by county. Its Stability through Engagement (STEP) program provides short-term rental assistance to individuals in order to assist them in finding more stable, permanent housing.

  • Maryland: Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

    Calling 211 in Maryland will help connect homeless individuals with needed resources throughout the state. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development website also lists contacts for veterans services, as well as a concise, printable street card to make services easier to access for homeless individuals in Baltimore.

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