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Resources for homelessness in every state

  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development

    Massachusetts provides an easily located and accessible directory of resources for individuals who are homeless and need support services. Numerous emergency and longer-term housing supports are available. Resources for the food-insecure are easily accessible and widely available throughout the state.

  • Michigan: Michigan State Housing Development Authority

    The Michigan State Housing Development Authority provides assistance to “extremely low-income households” who meet all application requirements. Their 811 Project Rental Assistance program lists two locations that provide housing, making a total of 12 units available. More resources are available through localized community programs.

  • Minnesota: Disability Hub MN

    Services for homeless or disabled individuals are easily accessible in Minnesota through the Hub, a comprehensive database organized by the state. Resources are separated by county, and individuals seeking assistance can connect with support workers through online chats, by email, or by calling during business hours.

  • Mississippi: Mississippi United to End Homelessness

    Mississippi offers an easy-to-access guide to resources for those with unstable housing. Applications for emergency shelter and long-term housing are available, as well.

  • Missouri: Missouri Department of Social Services

    Missouri offers housing programs that are grant-funded through federal programs. Emergency shelter service inquiries can be utilized by calling 211. Food services, as well as those for victims of domestic violence and for veterans, are also available.

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  • Montana: Poverello Center, Inc.

    Montana’s resources can be utilized by calling 211 or directly reaching out to state organizations. Programs offer resources from housing to food, clothing, and employment services. There are also local religious mission programs that offer support.

  • Nebraska: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides homeless services and can be contacted directly. The state program disperses funds and resources to counties, and services available include help for medical treatment and financial assistance.

  • Nevada: Nevada Homeless Alliance

    According to The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, 7,169 individuals, including 1,285 youths without adult supervision, were homeless in Nevada in January 2019. The Nevada Homeless Alliance connects individuals needing support with providers. Services include emergency shelter and employment assistance.

  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

    The state of New Hampshire provides information about local housing and assistance programs through a 211 hotline. There are six shelters providing specialized programs for youth, substance use treatment, pregnant women, and female ex-offenders.

  • New Jersey: New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub

    New Jersey residents experiencing financial and housing issues during the pandemic can now utilize resources through a newly created COVID-19 Information Hub. Included are links to resources for cash assistance, housing, and medical care.

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