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History of Monopoly through 50 unique editions

  • 2006: Here and Now Edition

    This is an updated version of the classic Monopoly board game. Players start with $15 million rather than $1,500, and income tax totals $2 million rather than $200. New touches include interest on credit card debt of $750,000. Utility providers are now service providers, and the railroads are replaced by airports such as Chicago O’Hare and New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

  • 2006: Pirates of the Caribbean Collector’s Edition

    This version is based on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, in particular “Curse of the Black Pearl” and “Dead Man’s Chest.” Pirate’s Dice and Aztec Gold replace Chance and Community Chest cards. Ships stand in for the railway stations and the tokens have a nautical theme, including such items as a pirate hat, Davy Jones’ chest, the Black Pearl cannon, and a pirate skull.

  • 2006: Electronic Banking Edition

    Here is the classic Monopoly game with a modern twist. As with any version of Monopoly there are tokens, houses, hotels, and Chance and Community Chest cards, but this new edition has debit cards instead of cash. Players wheel and deal their way around the board with electronic transfers in Monopoly’s banking card system. Other updates: a Segway and a tin of Altoids among the tokens, airports instead of railroads, and such properties as Times Square and Texas Stadium.

  • 2006: 007 Collector’s Edition

    This version of Monopoly is based on James Bond Agent 007. It features cars, villains, the Bond women, and M16. Players compete to own the Bond movies, from “The Spy Who Loved Me” to “Goldfinger” to “Casino Royale.” The pewter tokens represent memorable moments from the films, including Oddjob’s Bowler Hat, the Aston Martin DBS, the 007 logo, and the Lotus submarine car. Play the game in 60-minutes with the speed option.

  • 2007: Horse Lover’s Edition

    The name of this game says it all. It features pictures of the most prized breeds that horse lovers can buy and sell as they make deals in the world of equestrians. The tokens are horse themed too—a saddle, oats, a horse trailer, a horse shoe, riding boots, a bale of hay, and a horse.

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  • 2008: Retro Game Edition

    This version replicates the 1935 edition and contains the original colors, artwork, and wooden houses and hotels. The tokens include the cannon, the thimble, the iron, the top hat, the shoe, and the battleship, some of which have been retired. Occasionally, the tokens have been replaced through polls among players. In 2015, for example, a cat was added.

  • 2008: My National Parks Monopoly

    This unique My Monopoly version of the game allows players to custom design their game, choosing from among 100 of the country’s national parks, selecting the Great Smoky Mountains to put down on Boardwalk, for example. Add in wildlife as well, including the grizzly bear and the bald eagle. The pewter tokens represent the parks, among them a canoe, the Statue of Liberty, a bison, a ranger hat, a cannon, and a bicycle.

  • 2009: Seinfeld Edition

    The popular sitcom “Seinfeld” is played on the Monopoly board with the show’s unforgettable characters, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Players draw yadda yadda yadda cards and land on Jerry’s Apartment, Monk’s Restaurant, The Chinese Restaurant, and the Non-fat Yogurt Shop. The New York City Subway and Kramer’s Central Park Carriage replace railroads. The bills include “Seinfeld” quotes, including “No soup for you.”

  • 2010: Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition

    This edition of Monopoly features the popular Hello Kitty and her friends, her home in London, and the places that make up her world—the school library, playground, bakery, and music theater. Hello Kitty, the enduring cartoon character, is a Japanese bobtail with a red bow and a twin sister named Mimi. She first appeared in 1975. The tokens are from Kitty’s world: her bow, a lunchbox, three apples, a milk bottle, a fish bowl, and Teddy.

  • 2010: John Wayne Edition

    The larger-than-life movie star has his own version of Monopoly, which celebrates a career best known for his portrayal of cowboys. The tokens draw on the symbols of his life on the screen: a cowboy hat, a cowboy boot, a belt buckle, Duke the dog, a stagecoach, and a director’s chair. The locations range from California’s Catalina Island to the Mexican Riviera.

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