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History of Monopoly through 50 unique editions

  • 2010: Dinosaur Edition

    The excitement over the dinosaurs starts with the tokens: a T. rex skull, a dinosaur egg, a triceratops skull and claw, a footprint, and a skeleton. Buy and sell the spinosaurus, velociraptor, or stegosaurus as players explore the world of these long-gone behemoths through illustrations of dinosaur species.

  • 2011: Green Bay Packers Collector’s Edition

    This version of Monopoly looks like a football field, with a yellow Green Bay Packers’ helmet in the center. It features some of the team’s classic moments, such as Super Bowl XXXI and the game played against the Chicago Bears on Nov. 5,1989; its players such as Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Earl “Curly” Lambeau, and Gilbert Brown; and legendary coach Vince Lombardi.

  • 2013: The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition

    The “Wizard of Oz” version includes a pop-up 3D center board, the first in a Monopoly game. Like the movie, the game’s board begins in sepia and turns into color. Red dice match Dorothy’s red slippers and the six tokens represent the movie’s characters: the Scarecrow diploma, Toto, the Cowardly Lion medal, the Tin Man’s heart, the witch’s hat, and finally the ruby slippers.

  • 2015: 80th Anniversary Edition

    The game is still going strong 80 years after the first edition of Monopoly was released. At the time, CNN reported that Monopoly had sold more than 275 million copies. A few other fun facts: It has been translated into 47 languages and is played in 114 countries. The 80th anniversary edition commemorates the anniversary with tokens from the 1930s through the 2000s.

  • 2015: Marvel Avengers

    In this version, you play as one of The Avengers. Iron Man, the Wasp, the Hulk, Thor, the Ant-Man, and Captain America collect power when they pass go, which can be used to save properties. The goal is to save each property from the villains. Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Villain cards in this Marvel version of the classic game.

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  • 2016: Ultimate Banking Edition

    This is Monopoly in the modern world of real estate, where property values rise and fall, transactions are cashless and instant, and bank cards track each player’s wealth. Rents can rise and fall as well, properties can be auctioned, and make sure the market doesn’t crash.

  • 2016: Star Wars

    This special themed edition of Monopoly allows players to build a galactic empire, moving around the board in ships to buy locations from the “Star Wars” films—Hoth, Tatooine, and Kashyyyk, for example. An added bonus: Players can use the Force to swap and collect extra money.

  • 2017: Super Mario Bros Collector’s Edition

    Based on the Nintendo game about the invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario’s quest to save the princess and the kingdom, this edition provides six custom-designed tokens of Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Super Mushroom, and 1-up Mushroom. The board features the world of the Mario Bros.

  • 2018: Disney Princess Edition

    This version of Monopoly transports Disney princesses to the game board, with four Disney princess tokens and magic kingdoms to build. Each player takes on the role of a Disney princess as they travel the board buying such properties as Mulan’s Shan-Yu School and Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Ride.

  • 2019: Friends Edition

    The “Friends” television series inspired the places and characters of this version of the game. Players move around the board as Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey as they experience Monica and Chandler’s wedding and other iconic moments. Houses have become coffee mugs, while hotels are sofas. The Chance and Community Chest cards are named after the well-known apartments of the series—Apartment 19 and Apartment 20. Tokens include a handbag, sweater vest, pizza, chef’s hat, guitar, and dinosaur.

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