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History of Monopoly through 50 unique editions

  • 2019: Frozen II Edition

    This edition draws on the Disney Frozen II movie, with property taken from scenes in the movie. Players travel through Arendelle with one of the six character tokens, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven; use Elsa’s powers to create ice and snow; and draw double rent when they land on a snowflake.

  • 2019: Ms. Monopoly Edition

    The first to celebrate women entrepreneurs, this edition of Monopoly offered a new character on the cover—Ms. Monopoly. Unlike her counterpart Mr. Monopoly, who is a real-estate mogul, Ms. Monopoly invests in female entrepreneurs. Her addition is appropriate given that many believe the game’s creator was Elizabeth Magie. Her game was actually meant as a protest against monopolists such as John D. Rockefeller.

  • 2019: Lambskin Leather Edition

    A luxury British version from Aspinal of London, this edition of Monopoly has been nicknamed the “Park Lane” of Monopoly sets, a reference to the road that borders Hyde Park and one of its properties. Handmade in England, the board is red and black lambskin, the box of black hide leather. The houses, hotels, and tokens are all made from pewter.

  • 2019: Game of Thrones Edition

    Based on the television series, this edition features “Game of Thrones” locations from the seven kingdoms as players move around the board. Instead of houses and hotels, there are holdfasts and castles, and tokens taken from the sigils of the houses in Westeros. A musical stand plays the “Game of Thrones” theme song.

  • 2019: Black Panther Edition

    The “Black Panther” edition of Monopoly features characters and locations from the movie—from the Warrior Falls Challenge Pool to the Tribal Council Room in the Golden City. Players explore Wakanda with T’Challa as they move around the board making alliances. Players are given tasks by Kimono Beads cards and Heart-shaped Herb cards.

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  • 2019: Toy Story

    The “Toy Story” version of Monopoly is based on all four of the movies, and features tokens of their characters, Andy’s Toy Chest Cards, and Birthday cards. The six Toy Story character tokens include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie.

  • 2019: Longest Game Ever

    This Monopoly game is designed to be long, from the long game board with 66 properties and only one die. The game does not end until someone owns every property. With tortoise and hare tokens, the game also does not allow auctions, but does award cash for landing on free parking.

  • 2020: For Sore Losers Edition

    This version turns things upside down, with players earning money by going bankrupt or landing in jail. Sore Loser coins are awarded when players pay taxes or rent. A large Mr. Monopoly token gives players a leg up and lets them travel around the board collecting money. The slogan on the box cover says it all: Don’t get sad. Get even!

  • 2020: Swarovski Edition

    The 85th anniversary edition of Monopoly is studded with more than 2,000 of the iconic Swarovski crystals. A limited edition of 500 games, the Swarovski marries two enduring symbols of wealth. It is played on a tempered glass game board with gold and silver foil and colored stones on each property. The gold colored tokens include a special 85th edition ring token.

  • 2020: Shinola Detroit Edition

    Featuring such Detroit icons as the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Opera House, and Woodward Avenue to The Lodge, this version of Monopoly celebrates a city with a long industrious heritage that is proudly on the rebound. The luxury version of the game features a mahogany board, oak houses, and hotels and plated zinc tokens.

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