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Taylor Swift: The throwback songs that made her famous

  • Taylor Swift: The throwback songs that made her famous

    Taylor Swift is such a huge pop star today, with 10 Grammys on her shelf, a new album out, and the news documenting her every move. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that the 28-year-old came from humble beginnings, making her first country hits out of Nashville, Tennessee when she was only 16.

    T-Swift has enjoyed a 12-year career so far, with over 100 songs that have served as snapshots of her life, making up a scrapbook of the ups and downs of being a teenager and growing up. Stacker decided to throw it back to some of the first songs that made America (and eventually the world) fall in love with the singer-songwriter. From happy days to heartbreak, see which songs made T-Swift into the top artist she is today.

  • #50. “Clean” (2014)

    The album 1989 was Taylor Swift’s first break into pure pop, which grabbed the attention of people beyond country fans for the first time. “Clean,” is her collaboration with British singer Imogen Heap.

  • #49. “Wildest Dreams” (2014)

    This track off 1989 is a dreamy love song that featured a larger than life music video filmed in Botswana and South Africa. Scott Eastwood stars as her 20s-era lover.

  • #48. “Out of the Woods” (2014)

    “Out of the Woods” is rumored to be about her former boyfriend and ex-One Directioner Harry Styles, who had their ups and downs and apparently once suffered a snowmobile crash.

  • #47. “Style” (2014)

    Another song about Harry Styles, “Style” is about the kind of happy, optimistic, magnetic energy you can feel with another person when you start your relationship.

  • #46. “Bad Blood” (2014)

    “Bad Blood” is rumored to be about Swift’s beef with Katy Perry. The song’s music video shows Swift with a gang of girlfriends, all dressed up as superheroes ready to fight a villain (played by Selena Gomez).

  • #45. “Blank Space” (2014)

    This song is maybe one of Swift’s most famous off of 1989 and shows off her ability to laugh at herself. “Blank Space” is almost a parody about the different rumors and stories crafted about Swift by the media.

  • #44. “Shake It Off” (2014)

    Tied for first place as the most famous song off of 1989, “Shake It Off” is the super fun dance lead single about being yourself and “shaking off” the bad energy that can come from other people who try to get you down.

  • #43. “The Lucky One” (2012)

    The next few songs are from Swift’s album Red, which all were about the ups and downs of relationships and heartbreak she felt when she was in her early twenties. Swift told Us Weekly this song was about how a lot of people think people who become famous are lucky, but it’s “the girl who runs away from the fame who is really the lucky one in the end.”

  • #42. “Begin Again” (2012)

    “Begin Again” is about the first date you go on after a bad breakup. The song and the video were nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Country Song and the CMT Music Award for Female Video of the Year.

  • #41. “Safe and Sound feat. The Civil Wars” (2012)

    Taylor Swift added more fame to her belt when she was tapped to make a song for the Hunger Games series. She recorded the song with the popular folk duo The Civil Wars, who have since broken up.