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Top party schools in every state

  • Top party schools in every state

    Many schools tout their high average GPAs, beautiful campuses or competitive admission rates. However, few can boast a rich campus social life as a distinguishing feature. While academic rigor is arguably one of the most important facets of college life, four years of all work and no play can take a tremendous toll on some students. In fact, taking regular breaks from work has been shown to boost productivity (within good reason, of course).

    Using 2018 data collected from Niche, Stacker’s list reveals colleges with the best party scene in each state. Stacker’s ranking for each school’s party scene is based on access to nightlife, athletic culture, Greek life, and student polling data. For each school, Stacker also included the “party scene grade,” national party scene rank, location, acceptance rate, and net price (average annual cost for a student to attend, after financial aid). Our list is alphabetical, and starts from Alabama to Wyoming.

    See which school in your state was ranked highest for its ability to play hard (and in some cases, work hard as well).

  • Wyoming: University of Wyoming

    Wyoming: University of Wyoming

    Party scene grade: B+

    National party scene rank: 396

    Location: Laramie, WY

    Acceptance rate: 95%

    Net price: $13,155

    During the weekend, the University of Wyoming has parties that range from house bashes to large-scale frat parties. Students get especially rowdy around homecoming, Halloween, and finals week.

  • Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin

    Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 13

    Location: Madison, WI

    Acceptance rate: 53%

    Net price: $15,874

    The University of Wisconsin has a special Halloween tradition in the form of Freak Fest. Students buy tickets and gather on Madison’s State Street for the area’s largest Halloween party and music festival.

  • West Virginia: West Virginia University

    West Virginia: West Virginia University

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 6

    Location: Morgantown, WV

    Acceptance rate: 76%

    Net price: $10,814

    Students are welcomed to the West Virginia University campus each fall with FallFest, a large gathering over five days where people can enjoy concerts, film marathons, and dance parties.

  • Washington: Washington State University

    Washington: Washington State University

    Party scene grade: A

    National party scene rank: 82

    Location: Pullman, WA

    Acceptance rate: 72%

    Net price: $17,815

    At Washington State University, Halloween is such a big social event that it has turned into “Halloweek,” where students dress up in different costumes every day and prolong the holiday as long as they can.

  • Virginia: University of Virginia

    Virginia: University of Virginia

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 25

    Location: Charlottesville, VA

    Acceptance rate: 30%

    Net price: $15,945

    At the University of Virginia, Foxfield Races reigns king of all celebrations. The bi-annual event features students breaking out their preppiest attire and partying before the horse races at the Spring Foxfield Race Meet.

  • Vermont: Champlain College

    Vermont: Champlain College

    Party scene grade: A

    National party scene rank: 151

    Location: Burlington, VT

    Acceptance rate: 70%

    Net price: $38,370

    Champlain College students enjoy to party hardest during a school-sponsored event called the “Winter Snowball Dance,” as well as during the end of finals when classes are over for the school year.

  • Utah: University of Utah

    Utah: University of Utah

    Party scene grade: A-

    National party scene rank: 245

    Location: Salt Lake City, UT

    Acceptance rate: 76%

    Net price: $11,322

    University of Utah’s Crimson Nights bring students together during the first week of school. Students host parties, participate in school-sponsored activities, and get free food. Students also tend to party before the big rivalry football game against Brigham Young University, dubbed the “Holy War.”

  • Texas: University of Texas - Austin

    Texas: University of Texas - Austin

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 7

    Location: Austin, TX

    Acceptance rate: 40%

    Net price: $16,010

    During RoundUp weekend, Greek fraternities and sororities at the University of Texas - Austin  host the biggest parties and performers at their houses. Students can also delight in crawfish boils per Southern tradition.

  • Tennessee: Vanderbilt University

    Tennessee: Vanderbilt University

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 30

    Location: Nashville, TN

    Acceptance rate: 11%

    Net price: $23,150

    Every spring since 1971, Vanderbilt University’s Rites of Spring has rallied students together for fun and star-studded slates of musical performances. Gucci Mane, DNCE, and Cheat Codes made appearances this year.

  • South Dakota: University of South Dakota

    South Dakota: University of South Dakota

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 29

    Location: Columbia, SC

    Acceptance rate: 68%

    Net price: $19,913

    Besides Greek Life, pride at University of South Dakota is showcased during the weeklong campus tradition, Dakota Days. Students participate in a parade and many night parties during D-Days (also known among students as Hate State Week — a dig against their rivals at South Dakota State University).

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