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Top party schools in every state

  • Georgia: University of Georgia

    Georgia: University of Georgia

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 2

    Location: Athens, GA

    Acceptance rate: 54%

    Net price: $14,956

    University of Georgia not only knows how to throw down by Georgia’s standards, but by national standards as well — the Bulldogs are ranked second among all college partiers. The biggest parties revolve around the weekend in which their football team goes head-to-head with the University of Florida Gators.

  • Florida: Florida State University

    Florida: Florida State University

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 5

    Location: Tallahassee, FL

    Acceptance rate: 58%

    Net price: $16,506

    Florida State University’s social scene revolves mainly around sports — with football game days being the rallying points. Students love to tailgate and party when ESPN College Game Day broadcasts its show at the school, few things get fans in the mood to celebrate than a winning team.

  • Delaware: University of Delaware

    Delaware: University of Delaware

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 35

    Location: Newark, DE

    Acceptance rate: 70%

    Net price: $15,894

    Delaware may be one of the smallest states, but its ability to throw a good party shouldn’t be underestimated. The University of Delaware has an A+ party scene grade, thanks to events like St. Patrick’s Day and homecoming weekend.

  • Connecticut: Yale University

    Connecticut: Yale University

    Party scene grade: A

    National party scene rank: 133

    Location: New Haven, CT

    Acceptance rate: 6%

    Net price: $18,319

    Just because it’s an Ivy League school doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to party. The academically rigorous University is Connecticut’s biggest party school, with flagship events such as Spring Fling, where big-name artists like A$AP Ferg perform. One of the school’s biggest events, the 80’s-themed “Safety Dance,” was even canceled in 2012 because it became too rowdy.

  • Colorado: University of Colorado - Boulder

    Colorado: University of Colorado - Boulder

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 26

    Location: Boulder, CO

    Acceptance rate: 77%

    Net price: $22,727

    Students at the University of Colorado - Boulder lean into the holiday spirit, with the biggest parties surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and 4/20 (Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana, after all). The big rivalry football game against the Colorado State Rams, known as the Rocky Mountain Showdown, is also a popular time to let loose.

  • California: University of Southern California

    California: University of Southern California

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 34

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Acceptance rate: 17%

    Net price: $32,932

    University of Southern California’s proximity to downtown Los Angeles would seem like it would attract students looking to go out, but for the most part, Trojans have enough social events on campus. Besides rallying around football games, students go out Wednesday through Saturday, and tend to stick to the Greek Row, where they throw down at frat parties.

  • Arkansas: University of Arkansas

    Arkansas: University of Arkansas

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 36

    Location: Fayetteville, AR

    Acceptance rate: 63%

    Net price: $15,411

    Going out is a regular occurrence at the University of Arkansas, and there tends to be a range of options for students. Most of the biggest parties, like Row Week, happen during the latter half of the week through the weekend around the fraternity houses.

  • Arizona: Arizona State University

    Arizona: Arizona State University

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 40

    Location: Tempe, AZ

    Acceptance rate: 83%

    Net price: $13,007

    In 2002, Arizona State University was listed as Playboy’s #1 party school. Though it no longer holds that title, and was — to the chagrin of some students —  left off of the Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools list, this Arizona school retains its high marks it terms of its ability to party (and is Niche’s 40th party school in the nation). Students say that they can find parties to go to every day of the week. The largest parties are during Halloween and during rivalry games versus the University of Arizona.

  • Alaska: University of Alaska Southeast

    Alaska: University of Alaska Southeast

    Party scene grade: C

    National party scene rank: Not nationally ranked

    Location: Juneau, AK

    Acceptance rate: 49%

    Net price: $8,719

    Overlooking a lake in Juneau, University of Alaska Southeast’s beautiful campus is the perfect backdrop to let loose. However, when it comes to the national average, Alaska’s schools are relatively low-key partiers. Students in Alaska tend to revolve their social activities around taking advantage of the outdoors (perhaps taking a few beers with them for the campfire).

  • Alabama: University of Alabama

    Alabama: University of Alabama

    Party scene grade: A+

    National party scene rank: 12

    Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

    Acceptance rate: 53%

    Net price: $20,133

    Much of U of A’s social life is wrapped up in its legendary football team. Alabama’s Crimson Tide has won a whopping 17 national championships since 1892, including five in the last decade.  Last year, the team only lost once to Auburn, finishing the regular season 11-1.

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