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100 worst TV shows of all time

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May 17, 2022
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100 worst TV shows of all time

There is more TV content available today than any single person could ever hope to watch in a lifetime. There are several hundred television channels that air the projects of hundreds more networks and studios around the clock. Simultaneously, dozens of streaming services are busy pumping out original material at a dizzying pace.

Whether you're a TV aficionado or a casual viewer, it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch. Do you spend your precious few spare hours bingeing "The Tiger King"? Do you sink your teeth into a meaty drama like "Ozark" or relax with an odd comedy like "Bob's Burgers"? Is your time better invested in watching a popular current series like "This Is Us," or should you stick with old classics like "I Love Lucy"? While those questions can't be answered for you so you'll know exactly which shows would be the best to watch, this list can tell you which ones aren't worth your time.

Stacker has rounded up the 100 worst TV shows of all time. To make the list, IMDb data on all TV shows was compiled and ranked according to IMDb user ratings, #1 being the worst, as of May 2022. To qualify, the show had to have at least 2,500 votes and be in the English language. Formats like miniseries, reality series, and talk shows, along with regular TV shows on both major and cable networks as well as streaming services are included. Basically, if it airs on TV and isn't a movie, it was considered for the list.

From soap operas like "The Bold and the Beautiful" to competitions like "The Biggest Loser" and everything in between, these are hands down the worst shows on television.

#100. 'Hannah Montana'

- IMDb user rating: 5.1
- Years on the air: 2006–2011

By the end of its run on the Disney Channel, "Hannah Montana" had made the network more than $1 billion, making it, by that metric, one of its best series of all time. The tween audience it was aimed at loved the show, with more than 6.2 million viewers tuning it for its finale. Still, older audiences criticized the show about a pop singer living a double life, saying it was cheesy, unrealistic, and hardly funny.

#99. 'The Real World'

- IMDb user rating: 5
- Years on the air: 1992–2019

The first episode of "The Real World," the reality show that paved the way for all other reality shows, aired on May 21, 1992. For 33 seasons, after agreeing to have their lives taped around the clock, groups of strangers moved into homes all over the world together. In recent years, the ensuing drama went from real tensions between people of various backgrounds and viewpoints to fake and calculated drama designed to drive up ratings. For many, it's this shift in tone that led to their growing distaste for the series.

#98. 'Call Me Kat'

- IMDb user rating: 5
- Years on the air: 2021–2023

Mayim Bialik stars in this sitcom about a 39-year-old single woman who uses her wedding fund to open up a cat cafe in Kentucky. Lighthearted and unwaveringly joyful, the series has been criticized for being too moralizing and having flabby storytelling, characteristics even Bialik's delightful performance can't overcome.

#97. 'A.N.T. Farm'

- IMDb user rating: 5
- Years on the air: 2011–2014

A Disney Channel sitcom aimed at tweens, "A.N.T. Farm" followed a child prodigy and her three friends who were placed in a special program that allowed them to skip middle school and go straight to high school. The show was pretty typical Disney fare, but many viewers believed it was too close in subject matter to shows like "Hannah Montana," which had just ended, and a half-hearted attempt to cling to a quickly fading golden era.

#96. 'The Equalizer'

- IMDb user rating: 5
- Years on the air: 2021–present

A spinoff of the mid-2010s Denzel Washington movies, "The Equalizer" is a crime drama series about an enigmatic woman who acts as the unofficial guardian angel for New York City residents who have nowhere else to turn. The action-packed series, which stars Queen Latifah, is denigrated by critics for its predictable scripts and cookie-cutter plotlines.

#95. 'Firestarter 2: Rekindled'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2002

Try to keep this straight: "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" was a TV miniseries that acted as a sequel to the 1984 movie "Firestarter" which, in turn, was based on the 1980 novel by Stephen King. King had no hand in this adaptation, which is often viewers' biggest complaint. The TV show paid very little attention to its source material, negating its original ending and changing many details, resulting in a show that may have been OK on its own, but was a mess as a part of this series.

#94. 'Camping'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2018

An adaptation of a British series of the same name, "Camping" is about a group of friends and family members who spend a weekend in the woods to celebrate a 45th birthday. Despite having an incredible ensemble cast, the show was slammed for how awful its characters are—underdeveloped, petty, stupid, and childish—making it hard for audiences to root for any of them.

#93. 'Deal or No Deal'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2005–2019

Hosted by Howie Mandel, the biggest claim to fame for "Deal or No Deal" is its connection with British royal Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who worked as a model on the show for a single season. The show's eventual drop in viewers and ratings was through no real fault of its own—it was simply getting beat out by newer, more exciting game shows like "Celebrity Family Feud" and "American Gladiators." After going on hiatus in 2009, new episodes began broadcasting in 2018.

#92. 'Are You There, Chelsea?'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2012

"Are You There, Chelsea?" was a one-season NBC sitcom based on comedian Chelsea Handler's memoir "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea." While the book is filled with Handler's biting humor, the show was merely peppered with a handful of weak, generic jokes, a far cry from what fans were expecting. Ultimately, it was the predictable "chick flick" tropes and plotlines that torpedoed the show, getting it canceled before talk of a season two had even begun.

#91. 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2003–2012

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" follows the titular Dog, his late wife Beth Chapman, and other assorted family members who work as bail enforcers, as they run around Hawaii or their native Colorado scooping up those who are trying to skip out on bail. The show has garnered criticism from those who believe the criminals are depicted unfairly, as well as those who believe the quasi-legal position shouldn't be given this type of legitimizing platform. 

#90. 'The X Factor'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2011–2013

From the beginning, the American version of the United Kingdom's "The X Factor," a talent competition show, was plagued with problems. The chemistry between the ever-rotating panel of judges was never quite right and it couldn't seem to find a dynamic, relatable host. Also, several amateur contestants were actually outed as successful professionals in their fields. Ultimately, the show was never able to find its stride and was unceremoniously canceled after three seasons.

#89. 'Dog With a Blog'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2012-2015

In the first episode of "Dog With a Blog," the newly minted siblings of a blended family find out their dog can talk, and it's all downhill from there. Even for the Disney Channel, this series is pretty far-fetched, and many of its jokes and plotlines are recycled from earlier series.

#88. 'Cory in the House'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2007–2008

A spinoff of the golden age Disney Channel show "That's So Raven," "Cory in the House" followed the two Baxter men as they moved into the White House to become the personal chefs for the president. While not altogether a horrible premise, the show lacked the magic and humor that made its predecessor such a standout.

#87. 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2008–2013

Brenda Hampton, the creator of "7th Heaven" was also the mastermind behind "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," a show about a pregnant high schooler and her journey into motherhood. Fans and critics alike didn't care for the show's soap opera feel or its depiction of teenagers as nothing more than sex-obsessed creatures. Much like "7th Heaven," there was also a feeling the show was too preachy and tried to sell storylines that were thin at best.

#86. 'Inhumans'

- IMDb user rating: 4.9
- Years on the air: 2017

When "Inhumans" premiered in 2017, one Guardian critic dubbed it "the TV disaster of the year." The Marvel Universe show centered around the Inhuman Royal Family, a lesser-known group than, say, The Avengers, and one that's not as important when it comes to understanding and enjoying the alternate world. Even before its two-episode IMAX debut, the show failed to generate any real buzz, and with hardly anyone tuning in, it was quickly canceled.

#85. 'The Guardians of Justice (Will Save You!)'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2022

On the surface, this Netflix original seems like a surefire hit. A satire of classic superhero tales, it follows a group of crusaders attempting to prevent World War IV and unravel the mysteries behind the death of their leader, Marvelous Man. However, many viewers lamented its lack of cohesion, complaining that the story tried too hard to make a point, neglecting to develop a plot, characters, or good acting along the way.

#84. 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2018–2020

A reimagined version of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" story, "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sees the anthropomorphic superhero gang work to access certain mystical ninja powers in an effort to save New York City from evil. The animated children's series received a slew of low ratings largely because it was so different from the original in animation style, tone, and plotlines.

#83. 'Emmerdale Farm'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 1972–present

Set in a fictional Yorkshire village, "Emmerdale Farm" is a British soap opera that has gone from a slice-of-life farm story to an "EastEnders" spinoff in the five decades it's been on the air. It seems viewers who rate this show poorly do so because of that major slip in tone and focus—arguing the series favors cheap, tasteless storylines these days over more nuanced, intentional plotlines.

#82. 'Fish Hooks'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2010–2014

An animated Disney Channel series about three anthropomorphic fish, "Fish Hooks" has been compared to Nickelodeon's "Spongebob." But while the aquatic subject matter may be similar, this show falls far flatter in execution. According to critics, "Fish Hooks" has sloppy animation, pointless storylines, and nonexistent humor—not exactly hallmarks of a popular show.

#81. 'Star Trek: Renegades'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2015–2017

"Star Trek: Renegades" has a unique backstory—it's essentially fan fiction, a largely crowdfunded series that was submitted to—and rejected by—CBS before finding its home on the internet as a 12-episode per season miniseries. It follows a small group of the Voyager crew that, convinced its leadership has been infiltrated by enemies, attempts to find out who is messing with the ship and why. Reviews of the show were decidedly mixed, with the most vocal critics bemoaning its lack of consistency, as writing, special effects, and acting abilities were all over the place.

#80. 'Singapore Social'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2019–present

This Netflix original is an unscripted reality series that follows six privileged Singapore residents as they "defy expectations and traverse the tricky terrain of career, family, and romance." It was touted as a "The Hills" watch-alike, but in reality, it's a poorly edited mess of moments from the cast members' lives that lacks any kind of clearly defined storyline. To make matters worse, there's really nothing about the cast members that feels relatable or likable.

#79. 'Aftermath'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2016

A post-apocalyptic tale from the SyFy network, "Aftermath" is about a family struggling to survive through the natural disasters and alien invasions that mark the end of the world. The one-season Canadian show had truly over-the-top storylines but no real character development, resulting in a series that couldn't connect with viewers.

#78. 'The Apprentice'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2004–2017

Less than two decades ago a former U.S. president was hosting a reality show where contestants were tested and judged on their business acumen. Donald Trump handed over the show's reins to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he announced his presidential candidacy in 2015. While "The Apprentice" got off to a fantastic start, the number of viewers dropped quickly, and producers struggled to find a way to reinvent the show.

#77. 'Shake It Up'

- IMDb user rating: 4.8
- Years on the air: 2010–2013

Another Disney Channel show, "Shake It Up," was actress Zendaya's breakout vehicle. The show, which was fairly popular in its time, is about two best friends (Zendaya and Bella Thorne) who also happen to be professional dancers. The series was the #1 cable show for viewers 6–11 and 9–14 when it was canceled in 2013. Adults, however, didn't see the charm in it—instead, seeing only the poor acting, disrespectful characters, and tiresome dance numbers.

#76. 'Bad Girls Club'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 2006–2017

Pitched as a social experiment in which a group of rebellious, confrontational women is put together in a house for several months in an attempt to moderate their behavior, "Bad Girls Club" is a long-running, unscripted reality series. The episodes are filled with fights that are both physical and verbal, unacknowledged privilege, and a whole lot of swearing, which has led most viewers to label the show as trashy and tasteless.

#75. 'Flash Gordon: A Modern Space Opera'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 2007–2008

Loosely based on the Flash Gordon comics, the sci-fi series "Flash Gordon: A Modern Space Opera" follows the superhero as he embarks on a journey to another dimension and fights against an evil dictator. Audiences didn't appreciate the story's updates, writing, or the poor acting abilities demonstrated by many of the main characters.

#74. 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 2004–2006

An MTV reality show, "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" followed a group of high schoolers living in one of the most expensive counties in the country as they went about their day-to-day lives and fought with each other. Essentially a show about nothing, the ever-rotating cast flaunted its wealth, argued over the most meaningless things, and threw party after party that only included the "cool" kids.

#73. 'Hardcore Pawn'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 2009–2015

The truTV response to "Pawn Stars," "Hardcore Pawn" follows the day-to-day operations of another family-owned pawn store, American Jewelry and Loan. Unlike the cast of the first show, the Gold family is grating to watch, with seemingly no real respect for its customers or for each other. The group dynamic is distracting enough for viewers that it ruined the entire show.

#72. 'EastEnders'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 1985–present

While not all soap operas are the same, many of them share the same features: low-quality production values, bad acting, repetitive storylines, and over-the-top drama. "EastEnders," a British soap that's been on the air since 1985, is among them. This particular series focuses on the residents of Albert Square in London's East End.

#71. 'Dancing With the Stars'

- IMDb user rating: 4.7
- Years on the air: 2005–present

On the competition show "Dancing With the Stars," celebrities are paired with professional dancers and spend the season learning routines in various dance styles while being eliminated one-by-one each week. A spinoff of a BBC show titled "Strictly Come Dancing," this concept was original, once upon a time, but has lost its thrill over the years.

#70. 'Angela Anaconda'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 1999–2002

A uniquely animated children's TV series that put out three seasons over the course of 10 years, "Angela Anaconda" follows the day-to-day antics of an 8-year-old girl named Angela. Despite winning over critics at the time—The Sydney Morning Herald named it the best kid's show of 2001—modern audiences have a more negative reaction to it, hating on the animation style, simple storylines, and underdeveloped characters.

#69. 'Haunted'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 2018–present

Netflix sold "Haunted" as a paranormal documentary series in which people who had experienced supernatural events told their original stories. It turns out, most of those stories are eerily similar to existing horror films or have no hard evidence such as police reports or news stories to back them up, leaving viewers to deduce that they aren't real-life experiences, but rather entirely fictional ones—which makes the whole show a lot less interesting.

#68. 'Hollyoaks'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 1995–present

This British soap is very similar to "Emmerdale" in that it centers on the local population of a small village, and is full of over-the-top storylines. According to regular soap opera viewers, the acting in this series is far worse than in other, similar serials, resulting in its incredibly low rating.

#67. 'Jonas'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 2009–2010

At the height of their career, the Jonas Brothers landed a Disney Channel sitcom, which they've since called "the biggest regret of their career." An obvious cash grab by the network, it's clear there was very little care put into the production or trajectory of the show, and it ended after only two seasons.

#66. 'Too Hot to Handle'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 2020–present

Amid the coronavirus lockdown in early 2020, Netflix released its newest reality show about a group of sex-crazy singles locked in a mansion and vying for a $100,000 prize—that can only be won if they all abstain from any form of intimate physical contact. Stir-crazy audiences binge-watched the series, while simultaneously complaining that it was vapid, voyeuristic, and ridiculous. 

#65. 'The I-Land'

- IMDb user rating: 4.6
- Years on the air: 2019

A Netflix original series about a group of violent crime prisoners who have been put on a deserted island together as a form of rehabilitation, "The I-Land" was "the laughingstock of the internet" according to Entertainment Weekly. Advertised as a new version of "Lost," nothing about this show, from the acting to the editing to the scripting came even remotely close to holding a flame to the classic show.

#64. 'RoboCop: Prime Directives'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2001

The problem with creating a TV series based on a beloved, cult-classic film, is that the show hardly ever lives up to fans' expectations—which is exactly the problem with "RoboCop: Prime Directives." The short-lived series follows a much older RoboCop as he confronts his nemesis, RoboCable, then joins forces with him to save humanity.

#63. 'Category 7: The End of the World'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2005

A follow-up to the equally awful miniseries "Category 6: Day of Destruction," "Category 7: The End of the World" is about a superstorm that threatens to end life on planet Earth. There's nothing inherently wrong with that plotline, in fact, it could be quite enjoyable if the production leaned into the camp and over-the-topness of it all. Instead, the creatives behind this show tried too hard to make it seem realistic, which is more than can be said for the choppy script and low production values.

#62. 'The Real Housewives of New York City'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2008–present

"The Real Housewives of New York City" was Bravo's second installment of "The Real Housewives" franchise. The New York City bunch has been characterized as the most vicious and shallow cast out of them all. Many find it too ridiculous to keep up with, but the show worked for many seasons before it was rebooted in 2023.

#61. 'The Last Templar'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2009

It seems as if "The Last Templar," a miniseries about an archeologist in search of lost artifacts pertaining to the medieval Knights Templar order, can't decide what it wants to be—a romantic drama, an action-adventure story, or a New Age inspirational program. Despite the fact that it stars Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, this adaptation of the Raymond Khoury novel is a miss thanks to its scattered feel.

#60. '10.5'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2004

"10.5" was a two-episode miniseries about a string of devastating earthquakes that rock the western coast of the United States. Stemming from a long tradition of disaster-inspired entertainment like "Earthquake," "10.5" could have been good in theory, except for the fact that producers spent more of their budget on special effects than they did on the script. Still, the lead actors Kim Delaney and Beau Bridges managed to deliver noteworthy performances.

#59. 'Dance Moms'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2011–2019

"Dance Moms," a Lifetime TV reality show about the Abby Lee Dance Company, brought us Maddie Ziegler and JoJo Siwa, but, according to detractors, little else. Abby Lee Miller, the dance instructor, comes across as a bully, the mothers are self-absorbed, and the passive-aggressive drama between the two parties is often extreme.

#60. 'Charmed'

- IMDb user rating: 4.5
- Years on the air: 2018–2022

The CW, formerly The WB, ordered a reboot of its hit series "Charmed" in 2018. While the central concept is the same—it follows three sisters-turned-witches who are fated to protect humanity from forces of evil—the show has an entirely new cast. Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery took over for Shannen Doherty/Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, in a move by producers that Milano called "disrespectful." After four seasons, the second attempt was canceled in May 2022.

#57. '10.5: Apocalypse'

- IMDb user rating: 4.4
- Years on the air: 2006

A follow-up to the 2004 series "10.5," "10.5: Apocalypse" follows a series of natural disasters that are triggered by an apocalyptic-level hurricane. This miniseries has almost the exact same problems as the original—too much time spent on special effects and too little spent on story or character development.

#56. 'Sanjay and Craig'

- IMDb user rating: 4.4
- Years on the air: 2013–2016

"Sanjay and Craig" is an animated kid's series about the adventures of a boy and his talking snake. Those who dislike the show point to its lack of plotline and abundance of body humor as the reasons for rating it so low.

#55. 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'

- IMDb user rating: 4.4
- Years on the air: 2007–2009

One of TLC's first big hits, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is a reality series that centers on the Gosselin family, with their set of twins and sextuplets. The show was fairly popular when it first aired and it ultimately turned the family into tabloid celebrities. Negative audience reviews reveal changing attitudes about putting children out there for public entertainment without their consent. 

#54. 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2008–present

Unlike its New York City counterpart, the cast of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is perceived in a much better light by audiences. While there is still plenty of drama and infighting, the show receives more criticism for its pointlessness than it does for its nasty cast of characters.

#53. 'Charlie's Angels'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2011

A remake of the wildly popular '70s series of the same name, "Charlie's Angels" follows three women—a cat burglar, a car thief, and a dirty cop—who, in a bid to turn their lives around, agree to work for the mysterious Charlie Townsend, fighting crime. Critics complained the show felt half-baked at best—lacking any of the humor, camp, or substantial plotlines that would make it worth a watch.

#52. '4400'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2021–2022

A refresh of a 2004 series of the same name, "4400" imagines what would happen if 4,400 undervalued, overlooked, and marginalized people, who had disappeared over the course of a century, all returned on the same day, reappearing exactly as they were and with no idea of what had happened to them in the interim. The series' showrunners wanted to tell the story from a Black perspective this time around. The show was canceled in May 2022 after only one season.

#51. 'The X Factor UK'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2004–2018

Created by Simon Cowell, "The X Factor UK" is a British music competition series a la "American Idol." The main complaint about the once-popular show is that it had run its course long before it was finally canceled, trying to drag out its predictable, formulaic bits a few seasons too many.

#50. 'Uncle Grandpa'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2010–2017

A show without any real plot, the best way to describe the animated comedy "Uncle Grandpa" is as a show about a magical being who is an uncle and grandpa to everyone and travels around the universe in his magical RV helping people. The humor in the show has been described as bizarre, dumb, and weird—and while it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea, the series managed to gain somewhat of a cult following.

#49. 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond'

- IMDb user rating: 4.3
- Years on the air: 2020–2021

The third series in "The Walking Dead" franchise, "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" is set in Nebraska and follows a group of young adults who are the first generation to come of age in the "after" times, 10 years post-apocalypse. Despite being initially excited about a new installment in the franchise, fans were disappointed in the spinoff's melodramatic tone and the subpar acting of its teenage leads.

#48. 'Allen Gregory'

- IMDb user rating: 4.2
- Years on the air: 2011

Jonah Hill created and starred in "Allen Gregory," an animated series about a precocious 7-year-old and his family. Hill's involvement may have excited fans, but reviewers slammed the show, with The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman writing that it had "no real point, looks cheap, [and] has a crazy, vague ending."

#47. 'American Idol'

- IMDb user rating: 4.2
- Years on the air: 2002–present

"American Idol" paved the way for other modern talent competitions on TV, from "The Voice" to "The X Factor" to "America's Got Talent." Unfortunately, the series hasn't been able to keep up with these other shows, instead, holding on to the same generic formula.

#46. 'Big Brother'

- IMDb user rating: 4.1
- Years on the air: 2000–present

When the first season of "Big Brother" hit the airwaves in 2000, it was a totally novel concept—a bunch of strangers settling into a house together for three months, while their every move is captured by hidden cameras. Initially, the ensuing drama was lighthearted and fun, but all of these years later, it's become more hateful and tired.

#45. 'V.I.P.'

- IMDb user rating: 4.1
- Years on the air: 1998–2002

The tagline for the late '90s series "V.I.P." was "action never looked so good." Starring Pamela Anderson as a hot dog stand employee turned bodyguard, the show was a campy, cheesy spoof of other popular detective shows. While certainly far from a quality piece of television, it can be a fun romp for those in the mood for something lighthearted.

#44. 'Dora the Explorer'

- IMDb user rating: 4.1
- Years on the air: 2000–2019

One of the most popular characters in children's TV, "Dora the Explorer" is also one of the only Latina characters in children's TV. In each episode, she takes toddlers along on an adventure to help a friend or rescue an animal, teaching them a few Spanish words throughout. While the show is innocent and educational enough, it gets a bad rap for being loud, repetitive, and mind-numbingly boring for anyone over 4.

#43. 'Pandora'

- IMDb user rating: 4.1
- Years on the air: 2019–2020

This CW sci-fi series, about a girl in the year 2199 who finds herself training to defend Earth from alien invaders, is considered one of TV's biggest flops in recent years. The low-budget series doesn't feel as if it has a point—there's no mystery to be unraveled, no relationships to follow, no drama to overcome, not even a central storyline to follow—leaving nothing substantial for viewers to hold on to in the end.

#42. 'Mulaney'

- IMDb user rating: 4
- Years on the air: 2014–2015

Stand-up comedian and former "Saturday Night Live" writer John Mulaney played a fictionalized version of himself in this single-season Fox sitcom. The show was generally panned by critics who disliked how directly it tried to copy "Seinfeld."

#41. 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'

- IMDb user rating: 4
- Years on the air: 2009–present

The New Jersey chapter of the "Real Housewives" series gets criticized for the exact same reasons as all of the other Bravo shows. Critics and audiences say the drama is over-the-top and possibly scripted, the women are narcissistic and unlikable, and the show is vapid.

#40. 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'

- IMDb user rating: 4
- Years on the air: 2006–2022

The first of the "Real Housewives" shows, "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was inspired by the popular mid-2000s drama "Desperate Housewives." Accused of being partially scripted and the most boring series of the franchise, audiences have largely stopped watching this iteration in favor of its more exciting sister shows.

#39. 'Caillou'

- IMDb user rating: 3.9
- Years on the air: 1997–2018

An educational children's show, "Caillou" chronicles the adventures of the eponymous 4-year-old as he explores the world around him. In theory, the show delivers lessons to preschoolers about the way the world works, but in reality, some viewers argue it just teaches them how to be whiny and disobedient.

#38. 'Dr. Phil'

- IMDb user rating: 3.9
- Years on the air: 2002–2023

Similarly to Kate Gosselin, Dr. Phil is often the biggest problem on his own show. Not an actual doctor, Phil McGraw is a "self-styled mental health expert" who has been called out for his gross mishandling and manipulation of the guests and stories featured on his show.

#37. 'The Simple Life'

- IMDb user rating: 3.9
- Years on the air: 2003–2007

Heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie starred in this mid-2000s reality show that primarily highlighted how out of touch with reality the two wealthy women were. The first season of "The Simple Life" brought in 13 million viewers each week, but now viewers are quick to point out how problematic the show was. Hilton and Richie come across as mean-spirited and exploitative, poking fun at the lives of the regular people who were kind enough to open their homes to them.

#36. 'Troy: Fall of a City'

- IMDb user rating: 3.9
- Years on the air: 2018

For as many hits as the streaming network Netflix has had, it's had an equal number of flops: "Troy: Fall of a City" is one of them. An original take on the Trojan War and a number of Greek myths, the show has interesting ideas, but its execution is off, leaving the series with bland characters and choppy dialogue.

#35. 'Hannity'

- IMDb user rating: 3.8
- Years on the air: 2009–present

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity hosts this political talk show on Fox news five days a week. Its overwhelmingly low ratings seem to be based on Hannity's unpopular views, and the many racist, sexist theories he spouts.

#34. 'Stargate Origins'

- IMDb user rating: 3.8
- Years on the air: 2018

"Stargate Origins" is an installment in the "Stargate" franchise, which includes the 1994 film and the series "Stargate SG-1." The first series was well-received by fans, but this second attempt at expanding the story and its universe is almost unanimously despised. Even die-hard fans can't get past the poor acting and low-budget look of the series, never mind the storyline, which goes completely against many of the world's established tenets.

#33. 'Skins'

- IMDb user rating: 3.8
- Years on the air: 2011

When MTV set out to remake the hit British show "Skins," the network was sure it would have a hit on its hands. The scripted series followed a group of teenagers in their last two years of high school, engaging in reckless behaviors like underage drinking, drug use, and unsafe sex. The show just didn't register with audiences here the way it did across the pond, especially when the Parents Television Council accused MTV of child pornography, citing the fact that many of the actors shooting explicit sex scenes were under 18. MTV canceled the series after a single season.

#32. 'Barney & Friends'

- IMDb user rating: 3.8
- Years on the air: 1992–2010

A childhood classic, "Barney & Friends" taught children lessons about friendship, imagination, and kindness for nearly two decades. The big purple dinosaur was a wholesome role model for young kids, and parents have long felt comfortable allowing him to entertain their children via the TV screen for 30 minutes at a time. The low ratings of the show tend to reflect adults' annoyance with the repetitive and basic nature of children's programming, rather than any real issues with the show's content or production values.

#31. 'Bill Nye Saves the World'

- IMDb user rating: 3.7
- Years on the air: 2017–2018

Once America's favorite scientist, television personality Bill Nye found his newest show "Bill Nye Saves the World" being torn apart online after Netflix released its first season. People's reasons for disliking the show varied wildly, from some worrying that Nye wasn't going deep enough into issues like climate change and alternative medicine, to others rejecting the basic scientific theory he discussed.

#30. 'Teletubbies'

- IMDb user rating: 3.7
- Years on the air: 1997–2001

When production for the toddler show "Teletubbies" wrapped in 2001, there were a grand total of 367 episodes, just over one for every day of the year. Executives for the show decided that since the turnover rate for their intended audience was so rapid, no further episodes would be needed. The frequency of repetition, then, might be one reason parents seem to dislike this series so much.

#29. 'Jersey Shore'

- IMDb user rating: 3.7
- Years on the air: 2009–2012

Sold as "MTV's wildest reality show," "Jersey Shore" followed a group of young adult Italian Americans from New York and New Jersey as the cast spent summers working and partying in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. While the show had a major influence on American pop culture, it was also slammed by critics who felt it gave Italian Americans and the Jersey Shore a bad rap, or who did not approve of the group's use of the terms "guido" and "guidette."

#28. 'The Jerry Springer Show'

- IMDb user rating: 3.6
- Years on the air: 1991–2018

"The Jerry Springer Show" brought out some of the worst of humanity. The talk show covered what were, at the time, sensational topics like extramarital affairs and queer sexuality, and fights between guests with different opinions often broke out after Springer's interviews. To save his own career, Springer distanced himself from the show toward its end, saying things like "I would never watch my show. I'm not interested in it."

#27. 'The Hills'

- IMDb user rating: 3.6
- Years on the air: 2006–2010

A spinoff of "Laguna Beach," "The Hills" followed its original star, Lauren Conrad, as she moved to Los Angeles to attend fashion school and intern at Teen Vogue. One thing that's never been made clear is whether it was a scripted reality show or actual reality. This blurriness is likely one of the main factors that have kept the show in such low favor with viewers.

#26. 'Teen Mom'

- IMDb user rating: 3.5
- Years on the air: 2009–present

Four young mothers share the ups and downs of parenthood on the classic MTV reality series "Teen Mom." While the show doesn't shy away from sharing the more difficult parts of raising children, many folks feel it glorifies teen pregnancy and sends the wrong message to teens. In 2022, MTV merged the series—then called "Teen Mom OG"—with "Teen Mom 2" for a new series called "Teen Mom: The Next Chapter."

#25. 'The O'Reilly Factor'

- IMDb user rating: 3.4
- Years on the air: 1996–2017

Another show that is disliked for highlighting racist and sexist views, "The O'Reilly Factor" was a daily political talk show hosted by conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly. The show ran for 21 seasons before being canceled in 2017 when O'Reilly was let go from the Fox network.

#24. 'Batwoman'

- IMDb user rating: 3.4
- Years on the air: 2019–2022

"Batwoman" received incredibly low audience ratings from the jump. But it turns out that might not be entirely the series' own fault. According to Forbes, viewers were flooding IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes with low ratings because of the sexual orientation of the show's lesbian lead, who quit after the first season. So while it's true the show didn't stand out in any major way among other small screen offerings and was canceled after three seasons, the fact it ranks on this list might have more to do with homophobia than just being bad TV.

#23. 'The Naked Brothers Band'

- IMDb user rating: 3.3
- Years on the air: 2007–2009

A mockumentary show about a kid's rock band, "The Naked Brothers Band" starred real-life brothers Alex and Nate Wolff. The Nickelodeon series was a spinoff of a family movie shot several years earlier, which also ended up running on the network. Unfortunately for the Wolff brothers, fans had far less fun watching the show than the duo did making it, and the show only lasted for three seasons.

#22. 'The Bachelorette'

- IMDb user rating: 3.3
- Years on the air: 2003–present

A spinoff of "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette" is a reality dating show where several eligible men vie for the heart of a woman. It's a show you either love to hate or hate to love. Those who dislike it usually cite the forced, and often fake, relationships it produces as well as the over-the-top antics many of the contestants engage in to win the affections of the leading lady.

#21. 'House of Payne'

- IMDb user rating: 3.3
- Years on the air: 2006–2023

A Tyler Perry Studios production about a multigenerational African American family living under one roof, "House of Payne" originally ran from 2006 to 2012 and then was revived on BET in 2020, where it lasted for three seasons. The first rendition of the series was disliked by viewers who thought the characters were flat, the jokes thin, and the acting atrocious. 

#20. 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

- IMDb user rating: 3.3
- Years on the air: 1987–present

A sister show to "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful" premiered in 1987. The soap opera centers around the Forrester family and its fashion line Forrester Creations. Fans consistently rank it low for the very things that qualify it as a soap opera: its cheesy storylines, the improbability of many of its main plot points, the dramatic dialogue, and the over-the-top characters whose existence often makes very little sense.

#19. 'Fanboy & Chum Chum'

- IMDb user rating: 3.2
- Years on the air: 2009–2014

"One of Nickelodeon's worst shows ever," according to ScreenRant, "Fanboy & Chum Chum" is about two wannabe superheroes who create havoc in their dimwitted attempts to stop nonexistent crimes. The show has a pretty solid fan base among those who watched it as kids, but for those without the nostalgia factor, the ugly animation and immature humor make the show too odious to watch.

#18. 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York'

- IMDb user rating: 3.1
- Years on the air: 2011–2012

A spinoff of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," this series follows Kourtney and Kim as they attempt to open up a Dash boutique in New York City. Like the other Kardashian spinoffs on this list, the series is criticized for being shallow and vapid.

#17. '16 and Pregnant'

- IMDb user rating: 3.1
- Years on the air: 2009–2021

An original MTV show, "16 and Pregnant" was the basis for the later spinoff "Teen Mom." In this series, each one-hour episode features a different teenage girl, following her through the late stages of her pregnancy and into her first few weeks of motherhood. While many conservative critics still dislike the show for what they perceive as its glorification of young pregnancy, it's often been suggested it actually slowed the number of teen births by almost 10,000 in its first year on air.

#16. 'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami'

- IMDb user rating: 3.1
- Years on the air: 2009–2013

"Kourtney & Kim Take Miami," also titled "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami," was the first Kardashian spinoff. The show was essentially exactly the same as the family's primary offering, just in a more exotic locale, and people hated it for many of the same reasons: The women come across as shallow and inauthentic.

#15. 'The Bachelor'

- IMDb user rating: 3.1
- Years on the air: 2002–present

The dating show "The Bachelor" has been on the air for two decades. Out of all the couples to have come from those seasons, few have made it work. It's this lack of genuine connection found on the show that has turned many viewers off.

#14. 'The Inbetweeners'

- IMDb user rating: 3
- Years on the air: 2012

MTV attempted another remake of a classic British show the year after "Skins" went off the air: "The Inbetweeners." A coming-of-age sitcom, the one-season show simply didn't click with viewers. It seemed to lack a certain authenticity, something the original show had in excess.

#13. 'Ben 10'

- IMDb user rating: 3
- Years on the air: 2016–2021

A Cartoon Network staple, "Ben 10" is an animated series about a boy who obtains a device that allows him to morph into various alien species. The 2016–2021 iteration of the show was actually a reboot of the early aughts original, and many longtime fans didn't appreciate how greatly the show deviated from that first version.

#12. 'Mind of Mencia'

- IMDb user rating: 3
- Years on the air: 2005–2008

The only stand-up comedy show on the list, "Mind of Mencia" ran on Comedy Central for four seasons. Rumored to be the network's replacement for "Chappelle's Show," the style of humor and comedic timing on "Mencia" just couldn't match that of Dave Chappelle, leaving many fans annoyed with the series. It didn't help matters that Mencia was accused of ripping off material from other comedians.

#11. 'Chad'

- IMDb user rating: 2.8
- Years on the air: 2021–present

"Saturday Night Live" alum Nasim Pedrad plays a 14-year-old boy named Chad, who tries to navigate high school, his cultural identity, and his mom's dating life in this comedy. While the comedy was a hit with some viewers, others didn't connect with its off-putting humor and over-the-top antics. Still, it lives on; Roku acquired "Chad" for Season 2, premiering in 2024.

#10. 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

- IMDb user rating: 2.7
- Years on the air: 2007–2021

One of the longest-running reality shows in the country, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has followed the personal lives and careers of the Kardashian-Jenner family for 20 seasons. Many people didn't care for the show because the characters came across as spoiled and shallow, the storylines and dialogue seemed scripted, and very few of the family members were respected for their talent beyond the hustle.

#9. 'The Goop Lab'

- IMDb user rating: 2.5
- Years on the air: 2020

This Netflix docuseries was intended to bring Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, Goop, to a wider audience. Instead, it turned many off to the actress/entrepreneur as it became increasingly evident the advice she was touting was medically incorrect, self-indulgent, and classist.

#8. 'Breadwinners'

- IMDb user rating: 2.5
- Years on the air: 2014–2016

Nickelodeon had another flop with this animated series about two ducks who fly around their planet delivering bread. If that plotline sounds boring or poorly thought out to you, you aren't alone in thinking that. And unfortunately, the series' humor does nothing to compensate for its laughable premise.

#7. 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'

- IMDb user rating: 2.5
- Years on the air: 2012–2017

Pint-sized beauty queen Honey Boo Boo made her first television appearance on the TLC show "Toddlers in Tiaras" before earning her own spinoff, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" on the network. The show followed Alana, known as Honey Boo Boo, and her family as they led their day-to-day lives in a small southern town, far from the glamour of the pageant circuit. Critics worried about child exploitation caused by the show and were seemingly vindicated when the series was canceled after Mama June began hanging out with a known child molester.

#6. 'The View'

- IMDb user rating: 2.5
- Years on the air: 1997–present

Created by Barbara Walters, "The View" is a daily talk show that features a panel of women from different walks of life who chat openly about the hot issues of the day. While the concept of having a show that creates room for open dialogue that stems from different perspectives is a good one, in execution it really doesn't work. The conversations are often far from constructive and in many episodes, the chats have even ended in on-screen fights and name-calling.

#5. 'The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange'

- IMDb user rating: 1.8
- Years on the air: 2012–2014

Based on a web series about fruits with human characteristics, "The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange" is the lowest children's show on the list. Even taking into consideration the audience it's aimed at, this series really has nothing to offer. The characters have no personality, the storylines are nonexistent, and the humor is immature at best—each episode is really just 30 minutes of talking heads.

#4. 'My Super Sweet 16'

- IMDb user rating: 1.7
- Years on the air: 2005–2017

If you enjoy seeing spoiled teenagers throw fits about receiving the wrong luxury car after their parents have shelled out several hundred thousand dollars in order to throw them elaborate birthday parties, then "My Super Sweet Sixteen" might be the show for you. If entitled, over-indulged brats aren't your thing, steer clear of this MTV show.

#3. 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

- IMDb user rating: 1.7
- Years on the air: 2009–2016

"Toddler & Tiaras," a TLC reality show about the children's pageant circuit, goes beyond just being bad TV. More than one critic has slammed the show for its sexualization of little girls, after publicity images of children as young as 3 with padded chests and bottoms made the rounds on the internet.

#2. 'A Little Late With Lilly Singh'

- IMDb user rating: 1.4
- Years on the air: 2019–2021

While critics praised the first season of "A Little Late With Lilly Singh," a certain group of viewers did its best to drive it into the ground. Much like with "Batwoman," those who rated it poorly seemed to do so because they are hostile to the political and social perspectives of its Indian Canadian host rather than for any real issue with the show itself. Lilly Singh was the first woman of color to host a network franchise of this sort. NBC canceled the show after its second season.

#1. 'Santa Inc.'

- IMDb user rating: 1.4
- Years on the air: 2021

In this holiday-themed animated adult comedy, Sarah Silverman plays Candy, an elf who has her sights set on becoming the first female Santa Claus. The show, which also stars Seth Rogen, was panned by viewers who hated its over-the-top, raunchy humor and lack of originality.

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