See the most extreme temperatures in Washington history

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April 11, 2022

See the most extreme temperatures in Washington history

On July 9, 2021, California's Death Valley reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to an automated measuring system there, representing one of the highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet. The world record, also recorded at Death Valley, was 134 degrees in July 1913.

More than 210 degrees Fahrenheit separates the highest and the lowest temperatures on record in the United States, the third-largest country in the world. As some states are infamous for having blistering hot summers, others become inundated by winter storms and frigid cold. The contiguous U.S. had its warmest meteorological summer (June-August) on record in 2021, according to NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

Stacker consulted 2021 data from the NOAA's State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) to illustrate the hottest and coldest temperatures ever recorded in each state. Each slide also reveals the all-time highest 24-hour precipitation record and all-time highest 24-hour snowfall.

Keep reading to find out your state's record, or see the national list here.

Washington by the numbers

- All-time highest temperature: 120° F (Hanford on Jun. 29, 2021)
- All-time lowest temperature: -48° F (Winthrop 1 WSW on Dec. 30, 1968)
- All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 14.26 inches (Mount Mitchell #2 on Nov. 23-24, 1986)
- All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 65 inches (Crystal Mountain Ski Resort on Feb. 24, 1994)

Crystal Mountain, the biggest ski resort in Washington State, is located in the Cascade Range, only two hours away from Seattle. After breaking records for the highest snowfall within 24 hours in 1994, the resort was covered in more than 7 feet of snow within a week in February 2019. A full 31.5 inches of snow fell In a single day.

Continue below to see the most extreme temperatures in the history of other states in your region.

Idaho by the numbers

- All-time highest temperature: 118° F (Orofino on July 28, 1934)
- All-time lowest temperature: -60° F (Island Park on Jan.18, 1943)
- All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 7.17 inches (Rattlesnake Creek on Nov. 23, 1909)
- All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 31 inches (Anderson Dam on Dec.18, 1967)

Rattlesnake Creek in Elmore County was recorded on Nov. 23, 1909, to have received the most rainfall of 7.17 inches in one day. In April 2019, several residents in the nearby community of Stites woke up to the sight of their homes and neighborhoods covered in more than a foot of water that had accumulated within an hour early in the morning.

Oregon by the numbers

- All-time highest temperature: 119° F (Moody Farms Agrimet on Jun. 29, 2021 and Pelton Dam on Aug. 10, 1898)
- All-time lowest temperature: -54° F (Seneca on Feb. 10, 1933)
- All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 11.77 inches (Nehalem 9 NE on Nov. 6, 2006)
- All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 47 inches (Hood River Experiment Station on Jan. 9, 1980)

On June 29, 2021, Moody Farms Agirmet tied Pelton Dam for the hottest summer day ever recorded in Oregon. Pelton Dam set the record first in 1898. 

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