Do you know Wisconsin's official state symbols?


Do you know Wisconsin's official state symbols?

Each state in America boasts its own culture, history, and natural beauty. To represent such diversity, people from these states have chosen their own set of symbols and customs. Specific flags, songs, mottos, flowers, and even fruits commemorate the uniqueness of individual states. Some of these symbols border on the bizarre: Texas, for example, has made the Dutch oven its official state cooking pot. Other symbols are more universal, like state birds.

Many people remember learning about their states' history back in elementary school. But can you still remember your state bird? How about your state flower? To test your state knowledge, Stacker compiled a list of symbols in Wisconsin.

Clue: Wisconsin state fish

Clue: Long and lean, it's easy to mix up this fish with the northern pike. Commonly nicknamed the musky, it is a member of the pike family—the longest of them all, in fact—and it's relatively rare in the United States.

Answer: Wisconsin state fish

Answer: Muskellunge

Clue: Wisconsin state mammal

Wisconsin has two state mammals, one of which is the white-tailed deer. The other is an expert digger that uses this ability to search for prey such as gophers and moles. They’re reportedly able to dig through 2 inches of concrete.

Answer: Wisconsin state mammal

- State mammals: American badger, white-tailed deer

Clue: Wisconsin state song

Although it also recognizes a state waltz and a state ballad, Wisconsin's official state song was written by William Purdy. Lawmakers enshrined it into law in 1959.

Answer: Wisconsin state song

- Answer:
--- State song: "On, Wisconsin!"
--- Ballad: "Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams"
--- Waltz: "The Wisconsin Waltz"

Clue: Wisconsin state insect

Dances of this species include the waggle dance, the round dance, the jerking dance, and the vibration dance. It has at least 29 subspecies, all of which are cross-fertile.

Answer: Wisconsin state insect

- State insect: European honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Clue: Wisconsin state tree

Wisconsin’s state tree is a popular choice: three other states honor this tree’s brilliant red leaves, hardy wood, and syrup. The tree was officially chosen by Wisconsin schoolchildren in 1893 and reaffirmed by a second vote in 1948.

Answer: Wisconsin state tree

Answer: Sugar maple (Acer saccharum)

Clue: Wisconsin state bird

This bird was voted the state’s symbol by schoolchildren in the 1920s and made official in 1949. In 1971 the state added another bird to its roster: the Mourning Dove, as its official symbol of peace.

Answer: Wisconsin state bird

Answer: American robin

Clue: Wisconsin state flower

This flower was chosen to represent Wisconsin because of its ability to thrive in the state's wet climate and woodland environment. Chosen by Wisconsin schoolchildren in 1908, this flower was not officially designated as such until 1949. The flower has five purple petals, with three upper and two lower petals.

Answer: Wisconsin state flower

Answer: Wood violet

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