Where people in every state are moving to

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July 9, 2018
Updated on July 19, 2018

Where people in every state are moving to

Whether people are moving for love, work, or Manifest Destiny, America is considered one of the most mobile countries in the world. According to the Census Bureau, 11.2% of the total U.S. population moved homes in 2016. But where are these Americans moving to?

To find out where people from every state are moving, Stacker analyzed the American Community Survey's 2016 data. For all 50 states and Washington D.C., they identified the top five most popular states where people are relocating to. Each state is ranked by the total number of Americans who moved to that state in 2016, with the most people moving to the #1 spot. It's important to note that the American Community Survey figures are estimates, and therefore a 90% margin of error exists.

California and Texas are the two most popular states to move to, appearing in the #1 spot seven and six times, respectively. Whether you're looking to move, or wondering where all of your neighbors are heading, check out the top states people are moving to from every state.

#51. Alabama

Most people leaving Alabama in the past year went to:
#1. Georgia, with 18,276 people moving
#2. Florida, with 11,353 people moving
#3. Tennessee, with 7,683 people moving
#4. Texas, with 6,915 people moving
#5. Louisiana, with 5,658 people moving

Alabamians tend to favor their southern roots when looking for new homes. Some people may choose to move to Georgia because it’s a sports-lovers paradise, with professional basketball, baseball, and the Masters Augusta National Golf Club.

#50. Alaska

Most people leaving Alaska in the past year went to:
#1. Washington, with 5,374 people moving
#2. California, with 4,206 people moving
#3. Utah, with 2,350 people moving
#4. Texas, with 2,257 people moving
#5. North Carolina, with 2,059 people moving

Alaskans may be trying to maintain a taste of their former home when they move out of state to Washington. Washington State boasts cold weather, outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, and beautiful coastlines.

#49. Arizona

Most people leaving Arizona in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 33,757 people moving
#2. Texas, with 20,322 people moving
#3. Colorado, with 13,015 people moving
#4. Washington, with 12,801 people moving
#5. Florida, with 10,312 people moving

Whether they’re trying to avoid the desert heat or get a taste of California’s friendly residents, people from Arizona are most frequently heading west to the Golden State. It’s no wonder, as most of the California coast hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime, while weather in Phoenix averages 104 degrees in June.

#48. Arkansas

Most people leaving Arkansas in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 11,986 people moving
#2. Missouri, with 8,523 people moving
#3. Oklahoma, with 7,396 people moving
#4. Tennessee, with 5,583 people moving
#5. California, with 4,282 people moving

People moving from Arkansas to Texas will find good jobs, a family-friendly atmosphere, and wide-open spaces. Cheap land prices in Texas make it easier for families to start their lives in their new home.

#47. California

Most people leaving California in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 69,945 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 64,756 people moving
#3. Washington, with 51,485 people moving
#4. Nevada, with 45,482 people moving
#5. Oregon, with 43,804 people moving

Californians are migrating in droves to the Lone Star State. A move to Austin alone offers some of the best barbeque in America, live music on every corner, and no income tax.

#46. Colorado

Most people leaving Colorado in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 22,540 people moving
#2. Texas, with 21,596 people moving
#3. Washington, with 13,012 people moving
#4. Arizona, with 11,895 people moving
#5. Florida, with 9,880 people moving

Despite a high cost of living and formidable traffic, Colorado residents are still choosing California as their new home away from home. Known for its progressive ideas, Hollywood celebrities, and palm-lined beaches, California is the most populous state and continues to grow each year.

#45. Connecticut

Most people leaving Connecticut in the past year went to:
#1. New York, with 16,339 people moving
#2. Florida, with 15,285 people moving
#3. Massachusetts, with 11,229 people moving
#4. North Carolina, with 7,425 people moving
#5. Pennsylvania, with 6,629 people moving

Connecticuters are moving to the Empire State more often than any other in the U.S. Less than two hours away from Connecticut, New York attractions like Times Square, Broadway, and neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy charm millions of visitors each year.

#44. Delaware

Most people leaving Delaware in the past year went to:
#1. Maryland, with 5,674 people moving
#2. Pennsylvania, with 5,168 people moving
#3. Florida, with 3,143 people moving
#4. Texas, with 2,012 people moving
#5. New Jersey, with 1,809 people moving

People aren’t moving far from Delaware, as most are establishing their new residence to the west in Maryland. There, people can explore the Chesapeake Bay to the east and the mountains to the west. And when they get hungry, Maryland transplants can enjoy the state’s famed steamed crab and oyster trail.

#43. District of Columbia

Most people leaving District of Columbia in the past year went to:
#1. Maryland, with 19,754 people moving
#2. Virginia, with 8,692 people moving
#3. California, with 6,319 people moving
#4. New York, with 3,042 people moving
#5. Pennsylvania, with 1,908 people moving

Most people leaving Washington D.C. aren’t moving across the country, but are merely taking a quick drive over to Maryland. Baltimore is just 40 miles from the nation’s capital and boasts thriving art culture and nightlife, making it the “urban jewel of Chesapeake Bay.”

#42. Florida

Most people leaving Florida in the past year went to:
#1. Georgia, with 44,846 people moving
#2. North Carolina, with 32,234 people moving
#3. Texas, with 31,145 people moving
#4. California, with 25,354 people moving
#5. New York, with 23,515 people moving

Georgia handedly takes the #1 spot as the state where the most Floridians are moving. According to research studies, Atlanta was ranked among the world's top cities with the highest quality of life; residents can explore the past at the Atlanta History Center or get some fresh air on a stroll through Midtown's Piedmont Park.

#41. Georgia

Most people leaving Georgia in the past year went to:
#1. Florida, with 39,578 people moving
#2. North Carolina, with 24,882 people moving
#3. Alabama, with 23,008 people moving
#4. Tennessee, with 16,367 people moving
#5. South Carolina, with 16,234 people moving

With sprawling beaches, family-fun amusement parks, and beautiful wildlife preserves, it’s not hard for Georgians to make the move south. Florida is the third most-populous state and has the highest amount of coastline in the continental U.S.

#40. Hawaii

Most people leaving Hawaii in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 14,239 people moving
#2. Nevada, with 6,067 people moving
#3. Washington, with 4,497 people moving
#4. Texas, with 3,630 people moving
#5. Virginia, with 3,548 people moving

Hawaiians tend to migrate to their closest stately neighbor when moving to the mainland. Whether settling in one of California’s many beach towns, or taking up residence in a major metropolitan hub like Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaiians can expect great food and great weather wherever they choose to move in California.

#39. Idaho

Most people leaving Idaho in the past year went to:
#1. Washington, with 11,619 people moving
#2. Utah, with 9,520 people moving
#3. Oregon, with 4,576 people moving
#4. California, with 3,598 people moving
#5. Arizona, with 2,775 people moving

People from Idaho may be moving to Washington State for a healthier lifestyle. According to the 2017 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report, Washington is the ninth-healthiest state, with residents reporting high rates of physical activity and fewer deaths from cancer.

#38. Illinois

Most people leaving Illinois in the past year went to:
#1. Wisconsin, with 31,323 people moving
#2. Indiana, with 29,883 people moving
#3. Missouri, with 25,906 people moving
#4. Florida, with 23,319 people moving
#5. Texas, with 21,848 people moving

Illinois residents may be starting their new life in Wisconsin for the “gemütlichkeit;” a German word meaning friendship, warmth, and good cheer. Along with the promise of good neighbors, Wisconsin offers massive lakes, cold beer, and delicious cheese curds.

#37. Indiana

Most people leaving Indiana in the past year went to:
#1. Illinois, with 15,203 people moving
#2. Florida, with 14,370 people moving
#3. Ohio, with 11,578 people moving
#4. Kentucky, with 10,990 people moving
#5. Michigan, with 10,775 people moving

With the beautiful countryside of Galena and chic city vibes in Chicago, Illinois can satisfy anyone on the move. Chicago alone is capable of attracting the masses to Illinois: The city is littered with Michelin-starred restaurants, and the views of Lake Michigan are enough for people to extend their vacation into a new life.

#36. Iowa

Most people leaving Iowa in the past year went to:
#1. Illinois, with 9,541 people moving
#2. Florida, with 6,630 people moving
#3. Texas, with 6,600 people moving
#4. Nebraska, with 5,863 people moving
#5. Missouri, with 5,799 people moving

Illinois takes the top spot for another Midwestern state. With a move from Iowa to Illinois comes arts and culture, professional sporting teams, and the Great Lakes.

#35. Kansas

Most people leaving Kansas in the past year went to:
#1. Missouri, with 19,812 people moving
#2. Texas, with 10,670 people moving
#3. Oklahoma, with 6,048 people moving
#4. Colorado, with 4,634 people moving
#5. Nebraska, with 3,393 people moving

Missouri easily takes the cake as the state where the most people from Kansas are moving to, with almost double the number of people moving to Missouri than to the #2 slot. Most new residents will be surprised to learn that Missouri is known as the Cave State, as it has more than 6,300 recorded underground caves.

#34. Kentucky

Most people leaving Kentucky in the past year went to:
#1. Tennessee, with 12,562 people moving
#2. Ohio, with 10,952 people moving
#3. Indiana, with 9,978 people moving
#4. Florida, with 8,588 people moving
#5. Texas, with 7,090 people moving

Home to Elvis Presley, the birthplace of country music, and the gateway to the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has more to offer than meets the eye. Tennessee is just a short move south from Kentucky, and has enough history and culture to entertain all of its new residents.

#33. Louisiana

Most people leaving Louisiana in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 27,998 people moving
#2. Georgia, with 6,951 people moving
#3. Mississippi, with 5,777 people moving
#4. Florida, with 5,375 people moving
#5. California, with 4,933 people moving

More people move to Texas from Louisiana than the remaining top five states combined. Whether it’s the southern charm, the football, or the barbecue, Texas is a favorite for those looking to move out of the Pecan State.

#32. Maine

Most people leaving Maine in the past year went to:
#1. Massachusetts, with 3,360 people moving
#2. New Hampshire, with 3,353 people moving
#3. Florida, with 2,859 people moving
#4. Tennessee, with 2,799 people moving
#5. California, with 2,513 people moving

In 2017, Massachusetts ranked #1 as the healthiest state in the U.S. People moving from Maine can benefit from the Bay State's low obesity rates and high numbers of mental health providers. Historic landmarks also surround Massachusetts' newcomers, from the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere's home.

#31. Maryland

Most people leaving Maryland in the past year went to:
#1. Virginia, with 28,394 people moving
#2. Pennsylvania, with 19,747 people moving
#3. Florida, with 17,648 people moving
#4. District of Columbia , with 12,778 people moving
#5. California, with 10,637 people moving

Virginia is for lovers of beaches, history, and the outdoors. Virginia transplants may fall in love with the state after visiting Virginia Beach’s oceanfront, seeing the Potomac from Washington’s Mount Vernon, and hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

#30. Massachusetts

Most people leaving Massachusetts in the past year went to:
#1. New Hampshire, with 21,063 people moving
#2. Florida, with 19,882 people moving
#3. New York, with 17,877 people moving
#4. California, with 14,062 people moving
#5. Rhode Island, with 9,077 people moving

People can take a break from the hustle of Massachusetts life with a move to New Hampshire. Known for its quaint towns and expansive wilderness, New Hampshire is a great home for outdoor enthusiasts or for those trying to appreciate life’s serenity.

#29. Michigan

Most people leaving Michigan in the past year went to:
#1. Florida, with 19,530 people moving
#2. Ohio, with 13,107 people moving
#3. California, with 11,442 people moving
#4. Texas, with 10,036 people moving
#5. Indiana, with 8,950 people moving

People from Michigan may be migrating south for warmer weather. Florida’s white-sand beaches along the Keys are an enticing change compared to Michigan’s below-freezing winter temperatures.

#28. Minnesota

Most people leaving Minnesota in the past year went to:
#1. Wisconsin, with 18,036 people moving
#2. North Dakota, with 11,684 people moving
#3. California, with 10,897 people moving
#4. Iowa, with 7,633 people moving
#5. Texas, with 6,795 people moving

Most people from Minnesota should feel right at home in Wisconsin, as both states are known for being notoriously cold, incredibly kind, and full of football fanatics. Winters in Wisconsin can bring an average of 50 inches of snow, but in the summers, new residents of the state can enjoy not one, but two Great Lakes.

#27. Mississippi

Most people leaving Mississippi in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 8,825 people moving
#2. Tennessee, with 8,739 people moving
#3. Louisiana, with 8,208 people moving
#4. Alabama, with 7,602 people moving
#5. Florida, with 6,621 people moving

People leaving Mississippi tend to stay in the South, with Texas barely beating out Tennessee and Louisiana. Texas offers the same southern comfort and access to the Gulf Coast as Mississippi, but newfound Texans will find novel experiences being surrounded by the Great Plains and bordering Mexico.

#26. Missouri

Most people leaving Missouri in the past year went to:
#1. Kansas, with 22,577 people moving
#2. Illinois, with 16,251 people moving
#3. Texas, with 13,946 people moving
#4. Florida, with 11,656 people moving
#5. California, with 7,580 people moving

Missourians turn to their western neighbor when looking to move out of state. Newcomers to Kansas should make sure to check out the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Great Bend wildlife refuges.

#25. Montana

Most people leaving Montana in the past year went to:
#1. Washington, with 4,707 people moving
#2. Oregon, with 2,827 people moving
#3. Arizona, with 2,414 people moving
#4. Texas, with 1,974 people moving
#5. Utah, with 1,637 people moving

No matter where they move, people from Montana are likely to find themselves in the company of more people than ever before, as Montana is one of the least populous states in America. Washington State’s population is seven times that of Montana; its snow-capped Cascade Mountains and the beauty of Puget Sound are likely enough to convince Montanans to make the move out west.

#24. Nebraska

Most people leaving Nebraska in the past year went to:
#1. Iowa, with 6,812 people moving
#2. Texas, with 6,201 people moving
#3. Colorado, with 3,050 people moving
#4. Kansas, with 2,821 people moving
#5. Missouri, with 2,764 people moving

Situated between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Iowa is the ideal next home for Nebraskans. Family-friendly communities and rolling plains are not the only things Iowa has to offer, as the greater Des Moines area boasts entertainment, culture, and family fun.

#23. Nevada

Most people leaving Nevada in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 24,656 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 7,350 people moving
#3. Texas, with 6,499 people moving
#4. Utah, with 5,181 people moving
#5. Colorado, with 4,366 people moving

It’s no competition for which state accepts the most transplants from Nevada. California deals out a nice break from the expansive Nevada desert with endless beaches, beautiful farmland, and impressive mountain ranges.

#22. New Hampshire

Most people leaving New Hampshire in the past year went to:
#1. Massachusetts, with 10,579 people moving
#2. Maine, with 5,649 people moving
#3. Florida, with 5,292 people moving
#4. Vermont, with 3,285 people moving
#5. New York, with 2,044 people moving

Residents of New Hampshire and Massachusetts tend to trade places when starting a new home. Massachusetts offers the relaxed, ocean lifestyle in Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, while also showcasing the non-stop nature of the city in Boston.

#21. New Jersey

Most people leaving New Jersey in the past year went to:
#1. Pennsylvania, with 40,118 people moving
#2. Florida, with 33,966 people moving
#3. New York, with 33,747 people moving
#4. California, with 11,988 people moving
#5. North Carolina, with 11,706 people moving

People from New Jersey seem to think the East Coast is the best coast, with four of the top five states on this list located near the Atlantic. Lovers of history and culture unite in Pennsylvania, as the state boasts landmarks like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, while also being known for killer cheesesteaks and Sylvester Stallone.

#20. New Mexico

Most people leaving New Mexico in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 13,041 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 9,453 people moving
#3. California, with 8,087 people moving
#4. Colorado, with 5,073 people moving
#5. Florida, with 3,091 people moving

Families moving from New Mexico can look forward to the desert terrain and the Spanish influence in their new home in Texas. People can literally breathe easier after their move to Texas once they’re acclimated to the lower altitude.

#19. New York

Most people leaving New York in the past year went to:
#1. Florida, with 60,472 people moving
#2. New Jersey, with 48,558 people moving
#3. California, with 40,877 people moving
#4. Pennsylvania, with 40,208 people moving
#5. North Carolina, with 29,702 people moving

New Yorkers may be trying to avoid the four seasons with a move to Florida. Opting for sandy beaches, lush nature preserves, or a warmer life closer to the equator are some of the reasons why thousands of people may want move to Florida each year.

#18. North Carolina

Most people leaving North Carolina in the past year went to:
#1. South Carolina, with 30,447 people moving
#2. Florida, with 28,726 people moving
#3. Virginia, with 22,598 people moving
#4. Georgia, with 17,750 people moving
#5. California, with 14,268 people moving

North Carolina is the only state in the U.S. to have the most people moving to South Carolina. Its southern counterpart flaunts vacation homes and golf courses in Myrtle Beach, pastel-colored buildings in Charleston, and historical plantations in Fort Sumter.

#17. North Dakota

Most people leaving North Dakota in the past year went to:
#1. Minnesota, with 10,745 people moving
#2. California, with 2,664 people moving
#3. Texas, with 2,026 people moving
#4. Washington, with 2,021 people moving
#5. South Dakota, with 1,858 people moving

According to U.S. News, Minnesota is the second best state for quality of life—right under North Dakota. Minnesotans report having a strong sense of social connectedness and a healthy environment.

#16. Ohio

Most people leaving Ohio in the past year went to:
#1. Florida, with 29,655 people moving
#2. Michigan, with 16,222 people moving
#3. Kentucky, with 13,426 people moving
#4. Indiana, with 13,303 people moving
#5. Georgia, with 11,319 people moving

Ohioans aren’t afraid of bold changes in their moves, trading in their Midwestern lifestyle for a pair of flip-flops and a tan. Florida is more than just sandy beaches and amusement parks though: Families can check out NASA’s Kennedy Space Center or local nature parks when looking for things to do.

#15. Oklahoma

Most people leaving Oklahoma in the past year went to:
#1. Texas, with 30,532 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 7,494 people moving
#3. California, with 6,023 people moving
#4. Arkansas, with 5,773 people moving
#5. Kansas, with 5,607 people moving

Like many other Americans, Oklahomans are following suit and are flocking to Texas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2017, six of the top 10 counties with the highest population growth in the U.S. were in Texas.

#14. Oregon

Most people leaving Oregon in the past year went to:
#1. Washington, with 32,384 people moving
#2. California, with 18,919 people moving
#3. Arizona, with 9,279 people moving
#4. Texas, with 3,704 people moving
#5. Colorado, with 3,473 people moving

People from Oregon tend to stick to the Pacific Northwest when moving states. Washington State is an outdoor-lovers dream: With three national parks, 120 state parks, Puget Sound, and the Pacific Ocean, it’s not hard for families in Washington to opt to go outside.

#13. Pennsylvania

Most people leaving Pennsylvania in the past year went to:
#1. Florida, with 30,258 people moving
#2. New Jersey, with 23,566 people moving
#3. New York, with 22,933 people moving
#4. Ohio, with 14,425 people moving
#5. Virginia, with 14,122 people moving

Despite being home to alligators and hurricanes, Florida takes the #1 spot five times on Stacker's list. According to U.S. News, Florida ranks third in the country for fiscal stability and seventh in the nation for education.

#12. Rhode Island

Most people leaving Rhode Island in the past year went to:
#1. Massachusetts, with 9,776 people moving
#2. Florida, with 4,894 people moving
#3. Connecticut, with 3,255 people moving
#4. California, with 2,265 people moving
#5. Texas, with 1,361 people moving

Among Massachusetts’ many draws, the state is ranked #1 in education, and #5 for health care and crime, according to U.S. News. And if movers are looking for high-quality higher ed, Massachusetts is home to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard.

#11. South Carolina

Most people leaving South Carolina in the past year went to:
#1. North Carolina, with 32,088 people moving
#2. Florida, with 15,904 people moving
#3. Georgia, with 11,199 people moving
#4. Virginia, with 8,354 people moving
#5. Texas, with 7,969 people moving

Residents of the Carolinas choose to stay within the Carolinas when moving from one state to the next. When moving to North Carolina, families have three main regions to choose from: the central Piedmont region—home to NASCAR and wine country; the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains in the west; and the coastal communities of the east, featuring quaint towns and miles of sand.

#10. South Dakota

Most people leaving South Dakota in the past year went to:
#1. Minnesota, with 5,127 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 2,408 people moving
#3. North Dakota, with 2,377 people moving
#4. Colorado, with 1,735 people moving
#5. Nebraska, with 1,617 people moving

Residents from both of the Dakotas pick Minnesota for their interstate move most often. Minnesota is home to the nation’s largest shopping mall—the Mall of America—which features shopping, dining, and an indoor amusement park.

#9. Tennessee

Most people leaving Tennessee in the past year went to:
#1. Georgia, with 20,161 people moving
#2. Florida, with 18,647 people moving
#3. Texas, with 15,565 people moving
#4. Kentucky, with 12,132 people moving
#5. Mississippi, with 10,017 people moving

In 2016, Georgia solidified its position as the most likely place for people to relocate to from Tennessee. Families will find plenty of kid friendly attractions throughout the state, including the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, and the World of Coca-Cola.

#8. Texas

Most people leaving Texas in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 39,109 people moving
#2. Florida, with 31,153 people moving
#3. Oklahoma, with 28,060 people moving
#4. Louisiana, with 21,925 people moving
#5. Colorado, with 20,725 people moving

People from California and Texas, the two most popular states on the list, trade states with each other. Houston and Dallas are two of the most populous and largest-gaining metropolitan areas in the U.S., making them potential hubs for Californians looking to start their new lives, but California boasts a blend of business, culture, and nature that is hard to resist.

#7. Utah

Most people leaving Utah in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 11,114 people moving
#2. Arizona, with 9,979 people moving
#3. Texas, with 9,082 people moving
#4. Idaho, with 7,405 people moving
#5. Washington, with 5,404 people moving

California is the likeliest home for Utah residents looking for a change. California is a melting pot of diversity, most evident in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco—both of which have a vibrant culture and a foodie culture.

#6. Vermont

Most people leaving Vermont in the past year went to:
#1. New York, with 3,895 people moving
#2. Massachusetts, with 3,226 people moving
#3. New Hampshire, with 2,789 people moving
#4. Florida, with 1,627 people moving
#5. Connecticut, with 1,131 people moving

When moving out of Vermont, Americans like to keep to the East Coast. New residents of New York will quickly learn the state is known for more than just New York City. In New York, people can vacation in the Hamptons, marvel at Niagara Falls’ beauty, and take a trip to Long Island beaches.

#5. Virginia

Most people leaving Virginia in the past year went to:
#1. North Carolina, with 35,641 people moving
#2. Florida, with 29,485 people moving
#3. Maryland, with 23,926 people moving
#4. Texas, with 19,660 people moving
#5. California, with 14,348 people moving

Virginians regularly migrate south, with three of the five top states on the list falling south of the Mother of States. North Carolina isn’t a far move from Virginia, making it easier for friends and family to visit each other regularly on either side of the state line. Much like Virginia, North Carolina has a diverse landscape, ranging from Atlantic beaches to the Appalachian Mountains.

#4. Washington

Most people leaving Washington in the past year went to:
#1. California, with 27,973 people moving
#2. Oregon, with 24,207 people moving
#3. Texas, with 14,335 people moving
#4. Arizona, with 13,897 people moving
#5. Idaho, with 9,303 people moving

Washington residents forgo the rainy Pacific Northwest for sunny California most often. While Oregon is a close second, the Golden State is too hard to pass up. It’s a state full of contradictions as it offers cityscapes and rural farm towns, mountains and valleys, and the ocean and deserts.

#3. West Virginia

Most people leaving West Virginia in the past year went to:

#1. Ohio, with 8,726 people moving
#2. Virginia, with 6,618 people moving
#3. Maryland, with 4,744 people moving
#4. Florida (tie), with 3,979 people moving
#4. Pennsylvania (tie), with 3,979 people moving

West Virginians tend to move north to Ohio more than any other state. People who love the water will love Ohio’s northern border, Lake Erie, while sports lovers will experience year-round entertainment with professional soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey teams.

#2. Wisconsin

Most people leaving Wisconsin in the past year went to:
#1. Minnesota, with 18,683 people moving
#2. Illinois, with 15,595 people moving
#3. Florida, with 11,298 people moving
#4. California, with 7,354 people moving
#5. Arizona, with 6,736 people moving

When they can forgo the football rivalry, Wisconsinites enjoy the move to Minnesota. Beyond being the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is known for its friendliness, low unemployment rates, and of course, its frigid winters.

#1. Wyoming

Most people leaving Wyoming in the past year went to:
#1. Colorado, with 3,657 people moving
#2. Idaho, with 3,030 people moving
#3. California, with 2,674 people moving
#4. South Dakota, with 2,047 people moving
#5. Nevada, with 1,686 people moving

Whether moving to the Mile High City or to rural Colorado, newcomers from Wyoming can expect to see some exceptional natural landscapes. From the ski-lovers heaven in Aspen, to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado’s natural beauty is hard to beat.

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