Biggest multi-level marketing companies in the world

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March 18, 2019
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Biggest multi-level marketing companies in the world

There is something to be said for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), even though the mere mention of the industry raises questions about how it operates. Remember, Tupperware got its start in the living room of one seller persuading loved ones and neighbors to buy products with the signature burping lid. Though the company, founded in 1946, remains one of the world's largest MLMs, it is part of an industry some say promotes pyramid schemes, with pressure to sell and recruit.

Every year since 2010, Direct Selling News (DSN) has conducted surveys on publicly traded companies and participatory privately traded companies. The research, which usually begins in December, is compiled into the DSN Global 100, a list of the top 100 direct-selling (network marketing) companies in the world based on revenue.

To participate in the DSN Global 100, a company must submit a net revenue number validated by the CEO and certified by a qualified agent. DSN does not request confidential financial documents and asks a company only to reveal the annual revenue number that will allow it to be ranked. Stacker's research into the DSN data found that some of the MLMs in the top 50 have seemingly questionable pasts, while others do, in fact, provide avenues to personal financial success.

Telling the good MLM from the bad is easy for some of the companies on the list that have used cancer-stricken children to sell their products, or that have been charged with racketeering. A number of companies in the top 50 are celebrated for empowering women, although some media outlets have questioned those assertions. Overall, the Direct Selling Association estimates that MLM workers, including those MLMs covered in this gallery, earn an annual median income of just $2,500 per yer.

The ranking criteria include net sales revenue from direct selling operations before commissions and without value-added tax. Some companies that might otherwise be included are not listed because they declined to participate or did not respond in time.

Read on to find out DSN's top 50 MLM companies in the world ranked by 2017 revenue.


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#50. Resgreen

- Revenue: $326 million
- Year founded: 2003
- Country: Canada

Toronto-based Resgreen, formerly called Uranium Hunter Corp., acquires, explores, and develops African uranium mining properties. Resgreen's sales crew is given the option to own up to a 100% undivided right, title, and interest in the company according to Bloomberg. African uranium is in high demand, with about 45 countries considering nuclear power plants.

#49. Nature's Sunshine

- Revenue: $342 million
- Year founded: 1972
- Country: USA

The Utah-based marketer and distributor of dietary supplements including herbs, minerals, vitamins, and personal care products, sells on a "health-to-home" basis. In this method of direct sales, members share their Nature's Sunshine experiences with friends and neighbors to attract new customers and distributors. In 2009, after a three-year class action lawsuit, Nature's Sunshine settled for $6 million for alleged insider trading and securities fraud.

#48. For Days

- Revenue: $383 million
- Year founded: 2017
- Country: USA

This Los Angeles-based multi-level marketer's model thrives on its simplicity. For Days' four-step program promotes recycling T-shirts to reduce landfill waste. To establish membership in For Days' "closed loop" system, participants must first pay a membership fee ($38 for one shirt, up to $340 for 10) and then order recycled, certified organic cotton T-shirts. Once the initial startup fee is paid, members have the forever option of swapping any shirt at anytime (even if it's been dyed, ripped, or otherwise altered) for $8. For Days recycles all swapped-in T-shirts into new products.

#47. Pro-Health

- Revenue: $400 million
- Year founded: 2007
- Country: China

China-based Pro-Health has made millions off its healthy home products, food items, beauty products, and daily care items since its founding in 2007. While many doctors have sounded off on the questionable ethics of selling nutritional products through multi-level marketing, Pro-Health has shown the MLM sales model for for nutraceuticals—healthy foods with medicinal benefits—to be highly profitable.

#46. LegalShield

- Revenue: $457 million
- Year founded: 1972
- Country: USA

Selling legal service products through MLM in the United States and Canada has yielded great gain for LegalShield, incorporated under the name Sportsman's Motor Club in 1972. The company has pioneered pre-paid legal plans for individuals, and the Oklahoma-based company has grown into a highly respected brand among its growing membership base. DSN reported on LegalZoom's record-breaking memberships and app downloads.

#45. Rolmex

- Revenue: $459 million
- Year founded: 2001
- Country: China

Person-to-person sales of Rolmex products, including cosmetics, kitchenware, and wellness products, have profited many of the company team members for 10 years. The company was featured in the book "Be a Network Marketing Leader" as one of the top network marketing companies worldwide, suggesting the business methods and sales of Rolmex are thriving in the multi-level marketing industry.

#44. Scentsy

- Revenue: $468 million
- Year founded: 2004
- Country: USA

Scentsy founders Orville and Heidi Thompson took the biggest financial risk of their lives to start their own business. Since recruiting in-home sales consultants to create a direct-sales business of aromatic wax bars, the duo has widened its products to kitchen soaps, bath bombs, laundry soaps, and perfumes. The company pays it forward by assisting non-profits, including Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation—although not always to its workers, many of whom (like most other MLMs) more often than not do not turn a profit working for this MLM.

#43. AdvoCare

- Revenue: $472 million
- Year founded: 1993
- Country: USA

NFL quarterback Drew Brees is the poster boy for AdvoCare dietary supplements, but the famous football player may have not been the best choice, according to an ESPN report that noted "only a tiny fraction of AdvoCare members earn anything close to a modest income." Two prior Advocare distributors filed a class-action lawsuit against the company in 2017, alleging Advocare and its top-athlete endorsements are a pyramid scheme.

#42. Golden Days

- Revenue: $518 million
- Year founded: 1991
- Country: China

The days of the gluten-free craze are helping Golden Days turn a profit marketing Sesame Snacks and Paleo Bars. Touting a "wide range of delicious products that are absolutely bursting with flavour" on its website, the China-based company has become popular for distributors who hope to promote healthy living while also making some extra monthly income.

#41. Miki

- Revenue: $535 million
- Year founded: 1966
- Country: Japan

Miki was touted as one of the top multi-level marketers to work for in the personal care and household products field. Headquartered in Japan, Miki made its mark selling supplements derived from prune extracts, along with household products. With marketers in Malaysia and Taiwan, Miki is expanding into Eastern Asia.

#40. Arbonne International

- Revenue: $553 million
- Year founded: 1980
- Country: USA

Like many other health and beauty direct-sales companies, Arbonne consultants earn money by selling and enrolling members, and by auto-shipped products that create recurring commissions. Arbonne International, which promotes its use of all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients, has been widely criticized for formulating some items without full disclosure and for its overall MLM business model.

#39. Plexus

- Revenue: $562 million
- Year founded: 1992
- Country: USA

Plexus makes millions every year selling meal plans and supplement shakes, with its sales team members—also called "ambassadors"—also shedding pounds while making money (according to the company website). Plexus additionally joined with Plexus Charities to create Nourish One, a program that donates to Feeding America for every Plexus Lean bag sold.

#38. Faberlic

- Revenue: $563 million
- Year founded: 1997
- Country: Russia

Faberlic, Russia's largest direct seller of cosmetics and perfumes with its own production facilities, sells kitchenware, home décor, and wellness products. Faberlic is also involved with clothing sales and production, recently embarking on a project to unite fashion design startups with new media and marketing startups.

#37. Hualin

- Revenue: $577 million
- Year founded: 1994
- Country: China

Multi-level marketing medical firm Hualin caught the attention of federal investigators in China in early 2019, according to the South China Morning Post. From false claims that its herbal supplements can cure cancer and diabetes to accusations of being a pyramid scheme, Chinese authorities detained senior members of Hualin. Additionally, the company's massage device was implicated in a man's death by electrocution in 2017.

#36. PM International

- Revenue: $632 million
- Year founded: 1993
- Country: Germany

PM International has promoted its dietary supplement line based on two words: simple and successful. Its most popular product, FitLine, has promoted PM International across the world since it was established. Selling wellness products in 35 countries, PM International was featured in DSN for its 2017 annual sales of $632 million—a full 37% higher than the previous year.

#35. Amorepacific

- Revenue: $681 million
- Year founded: 1945
- Country: South Korea

Even though the Korea Herald reported Amorepacific skincare brand and sales development were down in February, the South Korea-based skincare product line still made the top 35 on the DSN list. Amorepacific prides itself on being the only cosmetics company in the world to grow, harvest, and use its own green tea for up to 140 of its patented product formulas.

#34. Yofoto

- Revenue: $696 million
- Year founded: 2004
- Country: China

A healthy lifestyle and a career opportunity are what Yofoto offers through the sale of its product formulas based on traditional Chinese medicine. In 2018, Yofoto partnered with Canada-based RepliCel, which develops aesthetics and orthopedics technology to commercialize tendon regeneration and skin rejuvenation cell therapies. That corporate synthesis is expected to only help Yofoto grow.

#33. Team National

- Revenue: $719 million
- Year founded: 1997
- Country: USA

Collective buying power in Team National, which provides membership savings in 20 industries, is where it is at for thousands who sell the company's services. Through an optional earnings program, members of Team National see savings on national brands, including MetLife, Aflac, and Despite Team National receiving some bad Better Business Bureau reviews, it has managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars from those who remain loyal to the company.

#32. Juice Plus

- Revenue: $730 million
- Year founded: 1979
- Country: USA

Juice Plus formulates up to 30 fruits and vegetables into orchard, garden and vineyard blends, and made millions in 2017 through the sale of dietary supplements, which the company promotes as contributing to increased heart health, reduced stress, and improved immune systems. The claims have been questioned by the National Council Against Health Fraud, and the Complaints Resolution Panel for the Therapeutic Goods Administration Advertising Code Council ruled in 2007 that statements on Juice Plus' website were in violation of Australia's Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. 

#31. Stream

- Revenue: $737 million
- Year founded: 2004
- Country: USA

Stream consultants since 2004 have seen a continuous flow of cash from the sale and use of energy and wireless sources, identity theft protection, roadside assistance, and even virtual MDs. Membership packages, which promise to fit any budget and lifestyle, are sold by national, presidential, and executive directors, most of whom are married couples. A deceptive advertising complaint was filed in 2018 with the Federal Trade Commission against Stream by Ad watchdog ( gathered in excess of 120 deceptive income claims by the MLM company—including false stories of members covering their children's college tuitions debt-free and others jet-setting around the world.

#30. Yandi

- Revenue: $740 million
- Year founded: 2011
- Country: China

Yandi, headquartered in Zhu-zhou, China, sells nutritional and cleaning products in eight China provinces through a person-to-person campaign. Less than a decade old and under the helm of executive Huang Jialin, the company has managed to land at #30 on the DSN list, suggesting its multi-level marketing methods are on point.

#29. Quanjian

- Revenue: $786 million
- Year founded: 2004
- Country: China

The dietary supplement company Quanjian today is embroiled in controversy, with allegations that it marketed its products to a 4-year-old cancer patient and her family, promising them a secret cure. The child's father took her off all other treatments and instead gave her Quanjian products, all the while the company used photos of the girl for its own promotional materials. After several months of foregoing doctors' suggestions, the 4-year-old's condition worsened, she was returned to the hospital, and eventually died. Since the scandal broke, some of the company's products have been removed from some e-commerce platforms. Through it all, though, Shu Yuhui, founder and chairman, managed to bring in $786 million in revenue.

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#28. Market America

- Revenue: $820 million
- Year founded: 1992
- Country: USA

Despite facing federal racketeering charges for allegedly targeting Chinese immigrants to sell products ranging from pet care to cosmetics, Market America still made millions. In 2017, two former California consultants for the company claimed in a 46-page complaint that the company encouraged them to sell supplements overseas. On the other hand, Glassdoor, a website for employees to anonymously review companies, shows many Market America employees giving the North Carolina-based company great reviews.

#27. Isagenix

- Revenue: $958 million
- Year founded: 2002
- Country: USA

Isagenix made $958 million in 2017 with its promise of health, wealth, and happiness through the use and sale of the company's meal replacement packages and supplements. While the company has kept its promise for many, Men's Health magazine reported in January that consumers should save their "money and disappointment" on the meal-replacement system.

#26. Yanbal International

- Revenue: $971 million
- Year founded: 1967
- Country: Peru

Peru-based Yanbal International has been recruiting jewelry, perfume, and cosmetic sales team members for 52 years and has 400,000 women selling Yanbal products in 10 countries. The company also has a research and development center and a jewelry design team in the United States, an ingredient lab in France, and several worldwide factories and distribution centers.

#25. Telecom Plus

- Revenue: $979 million
- Year founded: 1998
- Country: UK

Telecom Plus, an energy and communications company, has successfully been selling gas, electric, broadband, and mobile services since before the turn of the 21st century. However, the Guardian reported in 2017 that as the parent company of the Utility Warehouse, another energy and communications company, Telecom Plus promises prospective employees more profitable earnings then they will ever see.

#24. Longrich

- Revenue: $1.0 billion
- Year founded: 1991
- Country: China

Longrich, a China-based company peddling health and beauty products, conducts its own research and development and employs more than 10,000 people, with thousands more serving as distributors globally who earn income congruent with sales volume. The MLM business saw $1 billion in revenue in 2017 with sales in more than 60 countries.

#23. USANA Health Sciences

- Revenue: $1.05 billion
- Year founded: 1992
- Country: USA

Boasting more than $1 billion in revenue selling dietary supplements and skincare products, Utah-based USANA Health Sciences is one of the top beauty and wellness companies in the MLM industry. Founded by microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA Health Sciences was named the Top Rated Direct Selling Brand by DSN in March.

#22. DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd

- Revenue: $1.10 billion
- Year founded: 1995
- Country: Malaysia

After studying the positive effects of the Reishi mushrooms on the human body, DXN Marketing CEO and founder Dr. Lim Siow Jin created a company that is still thriving 24 years later. Now the largest market leader for medicinal mushrooms, Malaysia-based DXN Marketing sells other products, including water treatment systems in the United States, Mexico, Peru, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

#21. Belcorp

- Revenue: $1.14 billion
- Year founded: 1968
- Country: Peru

The Peruvian cosmetics giant boasts a network of more than 800,000 consultants in 14 countries, including the United States. A feud between founding brothers Eduardo and Fernando Belmont hasn't slowed sales, as Belcorp pulled in $1.14 billion in 2017. The brothers' other company, Yanbal, came in at #26 on DSN's list of the top multi-level marketers.

#20. Ambit Energy

- Revenue: $1.15 billion
- Year founded: 2006
- Country: USA

In just a little over a decade, Dallas-based Ambit Energy has turned into a $1 billion company selling electric and natural gas services person-to-person. The company, which was named Inc. magazine's Fastest Growing Company in 2010, has since expanded, reaching markets in Canada and Japan. That growth has not come without controversy: Many who have bought into Ambit's "discounted" energy rates have later complained of spiked rates without warning; and multipla class action lawsuits have been brought against Ambit for overcharging.

#19. Pola

- Revenue: $1.22 billion
- Year founded: 1929
- Country: Japan

The Japanese cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition company counts more than 150,000 salespeople across its 13 markets. Despite being one of the older companies on the list, Pola tries to remain on the cutting edge of cosmetics, announcing in 2018 it would be releasing the first full cosmetics line aimed at men.

#18. Jeunesse

- Revenue: $1.30 billion
- Year founded: 2009
- Country: USA

Jeunesse co-founder Wendy Lewis was named one of DSN's Most Influential Women in Direct Selling for 2017. Along with her husband, Randy Ray, Jeunesse has grown from its Lake Mary, Fla., roots into a cosmetics and wellness powerhouse, reaching 140 markets and employing more than 600,000 salespeople while pulling in $1.3 billion in 2017 alone.

#17. New Era

- Revenue: $1.33 billion
- Year founded: 1995
- Country: China

New Era joins other Chinese MLM's in the DSN top 20, carving out $1.33 billion in revenue in 2017. The company's line of cosmetics, health care, and cleaning products reaches 14 markets around the globe.

#16. Rodan + Fields

- Revenue: $1.50 billion
- Year founded: 2007
- Country: USA

Dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields made quite a name for themselves among respected skincare users with their eponymous skincare line. The dermatologists sold and then bought back the company from Estee Lauder, and now have high-performing sales groups that use social media to sell the products with personal before and after shots.

#15. Young Living

- Revenue: $1.52 billion
- Year founded: 1993
- Country: USA

As the name of the essential oils company suggests, Young Living promotes rejuvenation through essential oils derived from plants grown on highly regulated, Young Living farms to ensure quality control over the company's products. Young Living admitted to trafficking rosewood oil and spikenard oil without permits before paying almost $800,000 in a plea agreement in 2017.


- Revenue: $1.54 billion
- Year founded: 2003
- Country: Malaysia

Health and wellness products are how Sun Hope made more than $1.5 billion in revenue during 2017. The company claims have 400,000 salespeople who profit off of a single-level marketing model for its dietary supplements, cleaning products, and personal care items.

#13. Oriflame Cosmetics

- Revenue: $1.54 billion
- Year founded: 1967
- Country: Luxembourg

While selling more than $1.5 billion in cosmetics in 2017, Oriflame Cosmetics was reported to have been shut down in Iran and accused of being backed by a spy agency. The bad headlines, however, did not hurt the sales of Oriflame's famous Essentials Nourishing Night Cream or the Luxembourg-based company that landed #13 on the DSN list.

#12. JoyMain

- Revenue: $1.58 billion
- Year founded: 2000
- Country: China

An inexplicable rise in the JoyMain's penny stock stopped trading for the Joymain International stock in 2015, but it did not stop the company—which makes health and wellness products—from bringing in billions in 2017. The next year JoyMain made so much money that it treated its sales team to a trip to Australia.

#11. Coway

- Revenue: $2.05 billion
- Year founded: 1989
- Country: South Korea

Coway, a South Korean company that makes high-grade water filter and air purifier systems, won an award for being among Korea's 100 best companies to work for and receives positive employee reviews on Glassdoor. Add in the $2.05 billion in revenue from 2017 and landing #11 on the DSN list, and Coway remains a strong multi-level marketing operation.

#10. Tupperware

- Revenue: $2.26 billion
- Year founded: 1946
- Country: USA

Who doesn't own some of Earl Tupper's ware? As the leading and patented burp-sealing container in the United States, Tupper's name has been a household staple across the world since World War II when the plastic, airtight containers started selling out in living rooms. Keeping food fresh and women empowered, the company has remained on the DSN top MLM list for, well, as long as freshly thawed fish has been coming straight out of the Tupperware container.

#9. Nu Skin

- Revenue: $2.28 billion
- Year founded: 1984
- Country: USA

Nu Skin is a skincare and wellness company that brought in more than $2 billion in 2017. The Utah-based company was the subject of a Radar Online report about actress Tori Spelling promoting the company because she was "strapped for cash," and questioning its sales and other practices.

#8. Perfect

- Revenue: $2.96 billion
- Year founded: 1994
- Country: China

The name of the company Perfect boldly suggests in seven letters that the company's skincare, household, and wellness products are quintessential. Add in the almost $3 billion revenue in one year made by the multi-level marketer in 2017 and the figures suggest direct-selling products can perhaps achieve that ideal. The company, with an elaborate headquarters in China, founded Project HOPE to provide education to all of China's poverty-stricken children.

#7. Natura

- Revenue: $3.09 billion
- Year founded: 1969
- Country: Brazil

Brazilian cosmetics pioneer Natura has a noteworthy following of small, privately owned businesses worldwide helping it to rake in more than $3 billion in revenue in 2017. The cruelty-free production company is doing so well for itself, it was able to beat all other bidders for L'Oréal's The Body Shop, a cosmetics and body care line. Natura's business practices, according to Forbes magazine in 2015, made it among the most ethical companies in the world.

#6. Mary Kay

- Revenue: $3.25 billion
- Year founded: 1963
- Country: Germany

Pink Cadillacs and cosmetics on bathroom counters worldwide scream Mary Kay, one of the most famous MLMs of all time. While staying ranked among the top 10 MLMs worldwide, Mary Kay is also making a name for itself in the medical skin care field, presenting research at the 20th World Dermatology Congress.

#5. Infinitus

- Revenue: $3.92 billion
- Year founded: 1992
- Country: China

Infinitus's mother company, Lee Kum Kee, was founded in 1888 and has been creating ancient Chinese health formulas ever since. The company is one of China's top employers four years running. The company has managed to stay profitable compared with some of its brethren in the health care business.

#4. Vorwerk

- Revenue: $4.19 billion
- Year founded: 1883
- Country: Germany

The oldest MLM on the list, Vorwerk sells a mishmash of products ranging from household appliances to cosmetics. A Vorwerk 2017 annual report touts strong numbers for a business that started with one entrepreneurial family, and after 134 years in business now has 645,461 employees.

#3. Herbalife

- Revenue: $4.40 billion
- Year founded: 1980
- Country: USA

The bronze of Olympic DSN rankings goes to Herbalife, a popular sports nutrition and weight management company headquartered in California. Like many popular MLM's, Herbalife has been criticized by disgruntled former sellers who claim they lost money to the "sham" company. HBO host John Oliver sounded the alarm about the company and others in a 30-minute takedown on MLMs 2016.

#2. Avon Products Inc.

- Revenue: $5.70 billion
- Year founded: 1886
- Country: USA

No longer just a thin booklet dropped at the front door, Avon is now a hot stock closely watched by investors for its famous cosmetic line. The second-oldest MLM on the list recently made headlines for its in-house content study that promises to produce up to 12,000 pieces of content annually for Avon beauty entrepreneurs. Award-winning actress Olivia Wilde was hired to promote the Amour fragrance.

#1. Amway

- Revenue: $8.60 billion
- Year founded: 1959
- Country: USA

There are MLMs, and then there's Amway. The household and personal product goliath employs more than 17,000 people worldwide, generating nearly $3 billion more in revenue than #2 Avon. The company was founded by the late Rich DeVos, who also owned the NBA's Orlando Magic (and whose son, Richard Devos Jr., is married to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos), and Jay Van Andel.

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