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100 worst horror movies of all time, according to critics

  • #80. The Snowman

    Metascore: 23

    Director: Tomas Alfredson

    Year: 2017

    Based on the best-selling novel, this 2017 mystery thriller stars Michael Fassbender as detective Harry Hole. With help from a new recruit (Rebecca Ferguson), Hole tries to stop a weather-obsessed serial killer from striking before the next snowfall. Director Tomas Alfredson would later attribute the movie's many shortcomings to the fact that he was unable to shoot 10–15% of the script during production.


  • #78. Cannibal Holocaust (tie)

    Metascore: 22

    Director: Ruggero Deodato

    Year: 1980

    Years before “The Blair Witch Project” took the country by storm, this inventive horror flick included (fake) footage of Amazonian cannibals feeding on a documentary film crew. The movie stirred up plenty of controversy and quickly became a cult sensation, due to its realistic depiction of gruesome murder. According to Metacritic, that doesn't mean it's actually any good.  


  • #78. Maniac (tie)

    Metascore: 22

    Director: William Lustig

    Year: 1980

    Bolstered by its psychological underpinnings and creepy synth music, this would-be-generic slasher flick distinguishes itself from the herd thanks to legions of horror buffs. As a result, the story of a crazed killer with mommy issues has retained a cult following over the years. If the professional critics are anything to go by, however, viewers might want to watch the 2012 remake instead.


  • #77. Dark House

    Metascore: 22

    Director: Victor Salva

    Year: 2014

    Filmmaker Victor Salva struck horror movie gold with the “Jeepers Creepers” franchise, but that didn't stop this 2014 effort from tanking on every conceivable front. It centers on a man with the ability to see exactly how people will die when he touches them. In hopes of finding his father, the man heads to an abandoned mansion deep in the woods, where deadly secrets and tired genre tropes await.  


  • #75. Friday the 13th (tie)

    Metascore: 22

    Director: Sean S. Cunningham

    Year: 1980

    This iconic slasher film might have spawned a full blown franchise, but it's not a very good movie by most cinematic standards. Set in Crystal Lake, the film follows a group of camp counselors as they're stalked by a masked killer. Numerous installments would follow, as would video games, a TV series, countless merchandise, and a 2009 remake.


  • #75. Exists (tie)

    Metascore: 22

    Director: Eduardo Sánchez

    Year: 2014

    At the heart of this 2014 found footage film is a question that's been plaguing mankind for ages: Does Bigfoot exist? As it turns out, he does, and he's not in a particularly good mood. That's bad news for a group of friends, who find themselves being stalked by the hairy beast while camping in the Texas Big Thicket forest.


  • #74. Martyrs

    Metascore: 22

    Directors: Kevin Goetz, Michael Goetz

    Year: 2015

    A controversial French film got an American makeover in 2015, and the result was this lackluster horror drama. In the movie, a former kidnap victim seeks out her abductors and enacts a brutal revenge. After a friend arrives to help clean up the mess, the two become embroiled in a much larger conspiracy.


  • #73. Shark Night 3D

    Metascore: 22

    Director: David R. Ellis

    Year: 2011

    Aiming to capitalize on the killer shark genre, this 3D horror movie sics hundreds of the underwater eaters on a group of vacationers in the Louisiana Gulf. It comes from the director of “Snakes on a Plane,” but fails to deliver the same level of cheesy thrills. Movie critic Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News called it “a boring B-movie that turns up dead in the water.”


  • #72. Black Christmas

    Metascore: 22

    Director: Glen Morgan

    Year: 2006

    In this uninspired remake, a homicidal maniac returns to his childhood home to discover it's been converted into a sorority house. What's a maniac to do but kill off the sorority sisters one by one, and on Christmas Eve no less? The movie goes big on gore and even tries to incorporate a range of psychological themes, but it ultimately fails as entertainment.


  • #70. The Gracefield Incident (tie)

    Metascore: 21

    Director: Mathieu Ratthe

    Year: 2017

    Another clunker from the found footage genre, this 2017 film finds three couples squaring off against an alien presence during a camping trip. The Hollywood Reporter's Frank Scheck said the film was “so formulaic and unoriginal that its poster should accompany the dictionary definition of derivative.”